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The Chicken Stave
Download v0.2 (456.5 KB)


Adds a Chicken Stave as a Moon Lord drop to Terraria. Themed around the chickens from the Mod of Redemption.

Unfortunately, it isn't druid class, as I couldn't figure out how to use a class from another mod.

Changes v0.2:
- Fixed damage and crit on Chicken Stave

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Crimsanity Weaponry (AKA Yeethaw Arsenal)
Download v1.9.2.1 (407.6 KB)

ChemAtDark & DirgeofSwans

Previously known as Yeethaw Arsenal, we now have a team name: Crimsanity!

Newest Update:
- Fixed an issue causing the Gatling Gunpack to be able to fire bullets even when in a vanity slot, also gave it a resprite and added an extra awesome version of the Gatling Gunpack

Last 3 Updates:
- Added the Gatling Gunpack
- Slightly increased damage output of Lowercase R as it felt too low for its tier, it also only consumes ammo on the last shot instead of the first, additionally added a config option to make the weapon stop saying "bullet" every time it's fired
- Added wooden bullets, meh

You want more weapons?
We've got more weapons!

...Sorry I don't feel like making a better description right now but here's what the mod adds so far:

Slime Bow, coats arrows (including a couple flaming arrow types) in bouncy gel that even bounces off of enemies!
Hyper Scope, a magic weapon that can be charged to fire more powerful shots at the cost of additional mana
Stone Pellets, rebounding heavy bullets that inflict damage and knockback based on velocity, especially powerful at very close range, has an endless pouch variant
Grapeshot, essentially a shotgun blast of stone pellets with 50% reduced damage and does not inflict extra damage at close range, lacks an infinite variant
Valmanway, an upgradable melee weapon that slashes rapidly, cutting your foes to bits!
Flare Boomstick, a better Flare Gun with actual damage, although the flares won't last very long
Pulse Reflector, a device that can reflect projectiles on demand, it looks oddly familiar...
Sidewinder, a strange sniper rifle that hits its target dead on with no regard as to what's between it and its victim. It's quite slow, but if you have a good aim you will be able to swiftly pick targets left and right!
Voodoo Heart, a strange accessory that can reduce the amount of damage the player will take, there is a drawback to this however
Lowercase R, a curious gun that fires the word 'BULLET', therefore able to inflict damage rather quickly, there's something about it that's familiar...
Wooden Bullets, relatively cheap bullets that break into sharp wooden fragments
Gatling Gunpack, a unique device strapped to the back that fires bullets as you fly, perfect for jetpack joyrides! It's very expensive and impractical, but who cares when you've got a freakin' machine gun jetpack?

More to come soon!

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imkSushi's Mod Add-On
Download v0.4.1.0 (160.4 KB)


imkSushi's Mod Add-On is a work in progress intended to add support for different mods

Currently Adds:

- Full Support for More Chest Loot Mod

- Spirit Mod Support for imkSushi's Mod Loot Swap Tokens for all bosses and more.

- Thorium Mod Support for imkSushi's Mod Loot Swap Tokens for all bosses.

- Hey Sabenator, everything is going good adding recipes. Yes I do understand spell checking :). Just Trying to figure out how to make something drop from a certain biome, I can do it from vanila biomes like jungle or Hallow but not Spirit Mod Asteroid or Briar Biome


- Support for Calamity, Mod Of Redemption, Shadows of Abadon, Elements Awoken, Rework of Elemental Unleash, Fernium Mod, and more.

- An NPC

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Julius Mod of Randomness
Download v0.3 (226.7 KB)

Julius DeMicco

This is the best mod ever this stupid bot better friken make this kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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Download v0.3 (330.8 KB)


This mod is incomplete. It has been released to show It's current state so I can receive feedbacks on how I can make It.
If you want more infos, click the Homepage button to go to the mod page.

This mod is an attempt of adding a N Terraria style class system to tModLoader.

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Download v1.0.8.1 (109.2 KB)


Voidic is currently in alpha builds.

Adds 10 items

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5 hours ago tModLoader v0.11.8.1 Edit | Delete
Jojo's Strange Adventure
Download v0.1.3 (85.4 KB)


Jojo's Strange Adventure is a Terraria addon/mod that adds items and more from the anime.
Features a Hamon Damage system

CHANGELOG ---------

0.1.1 -----
Added Anubis
Added Anubis OverHeavin
Added Testing Stand
Added The Hamon damage class
Added Hamon Slash I II III
Added Hamon Lazer I
Added Hamon Damage Orb I II III
Added Hamon Orb I II III
Added Fork
Added Hamon Fork
Added Sword of Luck
Added Virus Containment Unit

0.1.2 -----

Added Icon (Not Functional)

0.1.3 -----

Pre-Hardmode bosses now drop extra items.

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Nebulas Mod
Download v0.0.3.5 (60.5 KB)


* Thanks for 2k downloads *

The Nebulas Mod (Formerly Lunar Heart) is a medium sized expansion to the Terraria base game. It adds:

* 50 new recipes

* 21 New items

* Many complex crafting trees

Updates: Added the Necklace of Time and Space Added the Eternity Gauntlet Bugfixes Bugfixes The Mech Suit - go anywhere, with style. The lava diving gear can now be upgraded to become the Space Suit - the strogest item in all of Terraria. More stuff is craftable. The Lava Diving Gear, with the most complex crafting tree of the mod! Bugfixes The frog update: rebranding, and frog stuff! Bugfixes Added a new bullet, and nerfed the Mega Healing Potion Added Phantom Bullets that can travel through walls Rubber: Sturdy and flexible, great for all your needs! The Terra update! Now there's a way to craft all the emblems, and WoF drops with the Terra Heart. Balancing Added PlatinumSkin buff and potion Now available on TmodLoader

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7 hours ago tModLoader v0.11.8.1 Edit | Delete
The Eldrich Mod
Download v0.1.2 (169.1 KB)


This mod is a collection of magical items, bosses and enemies!
I recomend using Hero's Mod to access all of the items.
At the moment, you can't get the item through normal gameplay.


Added a large group of testing items

Added a mod icon and Github linking

Removed a few of the testing items

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Gerd's Mod
Download v0.8.8 (10.7 MB)


This mod includes several items for melee and ranger
Note: this mod is inspired by fargo's soul mod
(recomended: luiafk or fargo's both evils with this mod)

0.5: Published

0.6: Added icon
0.6.1: Edited Spine Blade's rarity
0.6.2: Added test mask
0.6.3 : Removed test mask, added my vanity :D
0.6.4: Changed Afterlife Enchantment recipe Added more items, edited description for an advice
0.6.5: Added Gerd's Soul
0.6.6: fixed description of items, added life regen to Life Enchantment and others crafted with it

0.8.1: Added 3 new bosses, for now no bags from them, just for fun, Added new weapons and accessories, and a lot more
0.8.2: Added discord server link
0.8.3: Added new NPC with 2 weapons and 1 accessory
0.8.5: Added The Explorer(Boss)
0.8.6: Final boss of the mod added, new item for summoning all bosses
0.8.7: music added to the mod + new crafting tree for melee weapon

Localizer Package
10 hours ago tModLoader v0.11.8.1 Edit | Delete
COD zombies
Download v1.7.4 (411.1 KB)

snipeparpar, and leechyh…


this mod is being made, and i am new to scripting so this may not be the best mod

COD zombies, a great game that i played as a kid and still play till this day, was play some terraria made a texture pack based on COD zombies, and started to think
what if i make this a mod, and then i well did, but i also am cus im not done, enjoy :)

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13 hours ago tModLoader v0.11.8.1 Edit | Delete
Ancient Terrarian's Journey
Download v0.4.0.1 (27 KB)

Adamantite Shortsword

Welcome to the Adamantite Mod where it adds stuff!

Recent Changes:
Added a boss much more durable then echdeath.


-Sprites made by Nick Perms
-Coded by Myth ShortSword

Localizer Package
14 hours ago tModLoader v0.11.8.1 Edit | Delete
trulybound mod
Download v2.0 (27 KB)


trulybound mod focuses on adding mostly tools and maybye NPCs
this mod will have to be unpublished a re-puplished due to update errors.
this mod would not have been possible without TML teams example mod

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15 hours ago tModLoader v0.11.8.1 Edit | Delete
Toms Stuff
Download v0.2.4 (1.3 MB)

Tom R

Adds a bunch of Stuff I wanted to add and to test around with
Please note that this mod is still a very early version and does not add much yet.
This is my first project so problems that might arise can please be reported on Github here.

Fixed Ranged weapons not using ammunition bug
Added the "Moonlords Minigun" a post moonlord minigun that shreds through anything.
Added the "Explosive Arrow" which explodes on impact with enemies.
Added "The Undercover" a weapon originating from deep down the Jungle in Hardmode that fires poisoning Ammo.
Added the "Martian Caller" an item to spawn the Martian Madness

Jake request; Scythe of Corruption no longer makes ears bleed (Volume decreased)

Added a new Pre-Hardmode magic weapon called the "Kindling"

Added First Aid Kit, a reusable healing item
Added the Hunters Gun, rumored to be lost in the Corruption

Localizer Package
15 hours ago tModLoader v0.11.8.1 Edit | Delete
Download v0.1.3 (105.5 KB)

OLPiiPOP & Ulv

AEM is a work in progress and not nearly done mod with very much glitches and bugs

Localizer Package
18 hours ago tModLoader v0.11.8.1 Edit | Delete
AxelErikMod(No name yet)
Download v0.1.2 (104.3 KB)

OLPiiPOP & Ulv

AEM is a work in progress and not nearly done mod with very much glitches and bugs

Localizer Package
19 hours ago tModLoader v0.11.8.1 Edit | Delete
Another RPG Mod
Download v1.5.1.6 (2.8 MB)


And another RPG mod !

Rpg mod that add Level, Stats, Skill tree, Item leveling, ennemies rank, modifier, and heavily customizable !!

Join Discord : ! (link also on webpage)

Changelog :
Fix Level cap not applying correctly for bonus level
Reboost Hardmode ennemies HP
MP Desync should be less common (not fixed)
Bonus Level from world should no longer ignore NPC LImit Growth
fix rare crash
slight increase do boss HP pre-hardmode
fix mp name bug
fix MP sending player date freeze
disabling player module should apply correctly to some perk and class bonus now
Fix minor bug that made some perk/class bonus apply when Player Rpg Module was disabled
Fix boss having WAY TO MUCH hp before hardmode
Boosted non-boss Health in Hard mode
Fixed DemonEater Working on each hit
Fixed Armor Breaker Modifier for NPC


HUGE balancing Edit, ennemies are overall more powerfull as you advance into the game
Limit NPC Growth now world correctly, and use the higgest level player for mp (reset when relaunching server)
Ennemeis with OVERLY high def should no longer have crazy levels

Item :
Modifier count has been hugely reduced on accesories and weapon
Nerf Vampiric aura modifier healing speed
Added a cap on bonus damage from buff/debuff modifier
Rarity has been balanced, mythical is now realy realy rare, legendary is also itself quite rare
Also fixed BossKilled impact on rarity roll
Entering Hardmode also improve item rarity chances
Fixed ItemTree 0/0 when sharing item in multiplayer

Config :
Added a config option to limit npc scaling based on a percent of your level
Added Config to use custom skill tree (could have lot of issue for MP)
Added config to disable rarity on boss
Added config for world level gain on boss kill (no longer influenced by ascending cap)
Added 3 new config option for NPC Growth, On boss, On Hard mode, and on hard mode Percent, allowing finer tuning for your moded crazy let's play

Added /WorldRPGInfo Command to display some info on the world (mainly for debug)

untest : should correctly display other player max health, may also fail miserably

Localizer Package
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Extra Recipes
Download v0.1 (13.9 KB)


Extra Recipes adds 40 new Recipes for Vanilla Items.

If you have any suggestion for a recipe you can post it on
You can also see what recipes there are on the thread.

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20 hours ago tModLoader v0.11.8.1 Edit | Delete
Download v0.1 (9 KB)


OpStartWepons is a pretty cool mod, it has a sord that is also a puc and axe

Localizer Package
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Shadow Retrieve
Download v0.0.0.30 (34 KB)

Tanbarun, Tervanis

Shadow Retrieve is a new mod from polish team.
Actually Shadow Retrieve have:

- 4 weapons (One yoyo Post moon-lord)
- 1 accessory

Enjoy and wait for new updates :>

Localizer Package
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