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Download v1.2.0.3 (343.4 KB)


Terranvoa 1.2 is a mod made by Hek.
Mod was reworked for 1.3.5.x / tMod
Many things have been deleted

- More Accessory Combinations (Balanced) (e.g. the Unholy Battering Ram)
- New Moon Lord Expert Drop
- Very few game tweaks
- Pre-Hardmode Daggers and the Acorn Staff
>>>> Still work in progress <<<<

Changelog on my mod thread (

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5 years ago tModLoader v0.10.0.2 Edit | Delete
Terrarian Dreamkeepers
Download v2.3.6.0 (463.9 KB)

Solo Ion

Now you can play as the main cast from the Dreamkeepers graphic novels.
Get started by crafting an artists desk from wood, ink and a harpy feather at a sawmill and place it in a vacent house.
For more info on the Dreamkeepers graphic novel, just Google 'Dreamkeepers'.

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2 years ago tModLoader v0.11.7.5 Edit | Delete
Hotbar Swapper
Download v1.2.2.2 (8.6 KB)

Solo Ion

With this, you can press Caps Lock to swap the top row of your inventory with the second row, and you can double tap a number on your keyboard to swap one item in the corresponding item slot with the one below.
The key for swapping the whole row can now be set in Keybindings. If Caps Lock doesn't work, check that it is bound in keybindings first.
You can also toggle the option to swap an item with just a single button press by pressing O. With this enabled, you will need to click on the items in your hot bar or use your mouse wheel to select different items in your hotbar.

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5 years ago tModLoader v0.10.1 Edit | Delete
Dust and Sound Catalogue tModLoader
Download v0.10 (132.9 KB)


Modding tool which provides a quick way to view dust and sound effects ingame. Craft books with dirt.
Dust: Scroll through listed dust types. Dust is displayed with a scale of 1 and a velocity of 5 in the respective directions. (!) represents dusts that emit light and (.) represents dust that glows or emits very faint light.
Sound: Change both sound effect type and style type. Sound is played at the your location.
See book tooltips for further instructions on use.

NOTE: As of tModLoader 0.9+, sounds are accessed via SoundID - names have been changed to reflect the names given there, where applicable.

Particle 43 - The Shiny Particle

Particle colour and scale appears to influence the intensity and colour of light emitted. The particle doesn't show unless at least one colour value is set to 255.
Initially spawns with light currently available on that tile, meaning it won't appear in darkness (like Mithril Armour's effects).
Usually used with Main.dust[dustIndex].fadeIn with a smaller inital scale, to due to lighting.

Gravity Enabled:
Doesn't slow down, ignores gravity.
Gravity Disabled:
Slows down and disappears faster.

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5 years ago tModLoader v0.10.0.1 Edit | Delete
Download v0.7 (81.2 KB)


(v)Ersion is meant to enhance expert mode cooperative gameplay by increasing the gap between classes, providing each one the weapons and equipment they need to acomplish one given task such as tanking, healing, buffing or attacking.

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4 years ago tModLoader v0.10.1.5 Edit | Delete
All the Walls
Download v1.3 (42.8 KB)


This mod provides new items so that every single vanilla wall is now obtainable and placeable.

Walls that previously would be destroyed upon hammering now drop their respective walls.

In addition, safe walls can now be converted to unsafe variants through crafting.

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2 years ago tModLoader v0.11.7.5 Edit | Delete
Rays Mod
Download v1.0.7 (4.6 MB)

Theray070696 (and jopoje…

Adds a few random things to Terraria.

All textures are WiP because I can't do texture work :(

All mobs with more than 50 health in normal mode (and 100 health in expert mode) have a very low chance of dropping an item that will give you one extra accessory slot!
This item can also be bought from an NPC during a Blood Moon. This NPC can move in at any time if there is housing available.

Each mechanical boss and the Moon Lord also drops an item that does the same as the above item, but each item can only be used once. (Expert Mode only)
Ie: You can use the one from random mobs only once, no more. But you can still you the one from each mechanical boss and the Moon Lord.

Also adds a Music Box with some good music ;)

Alongside that, a couple sounds are played on death. Just for fun!

Respawn time is also 4x shorter.

More to come in the future.

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5 years ago tModLoader v0.10.0.2 Edit | Delete
Download v0.5.0.1 (8.1 KB)


This mod adds some Stuff :)
Version 0.1 APLHA
- Added QuickStart Axe
Version 0.2 ALPHA
- Added QuickStart Pickaxe
Version 0.3 Beta
*Updated from tModloader v0.8.3 to*

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4 years ago tModLoader v0.10.1.4 Edit | Delete
Insight Reborn
Download v2.0.3 (62.5 KB)

abluescarab, shockah, Bo…

Insight Reborn allows you to see the first 8 items in a chest just by mousing over it. Based on shockah's mod Insight.

Now includes the X-Ray Goggles accessory! You can enable/disable needing the goggles in the mod configuration file (Documents\My Games\Terraria\ModLoader\Mod Configs\InsightReborn.json). Craft X-Ray Goggles at a workbench + chair with 2 lenses and 2 rubies.

v2.0.3 2019-08-17
* Build for tModLoader v0.11.4

v2.0.2 2017-11-06
* Compiled for tModLoader v0.10.1

v2.0.1 2017-07-26
* Fix: dictionary "duplicate key" error

v2.0.0 2017-07-26
* Added X-Ray Goggles accessory
* Added option to require X-Ray Goggles

v1.1.4 2017-07-09
* Compiled for tModLoader v0.10.0.2
* Fix: works in multiplayer

v1.1.3 2016-12-22
* Compiled for tModLoader v0.9.0.3

v1.1.2 2016-10-01
* Compiled for Terraria

v1.1.1 2016-08-07
* Fix: Swinging weapons is now possible when the popup is open

v1.1.0 2016-08-04
* Added stack numbers to item slots

v1.0.2 2016-08-04
* Fix: souls now animate correctly in the item slots

v1.0.1 2016-08-04
* Fix: items in popup will now change when chests are close together

v1.0.0 2016-08-04

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3 years ago tModLoader v0.11.4 Edit | Delete
Second Hotbar
Download v1.0.6 (130.1 KB)


!!! WARNING !!!
Remove all items from the extra hotbar before updating/disabling this mod!


Based in part on Solo-Ion's Hotbar Swapper, Second Hotbar is a mod that (what else?) adds a second hotbar to your inventory screen. This allows the bottom row of the inventory to be used for any items without worrying about arranging them correctly.

* Place items in the desired slot on the second hotbar.
* Press Tab to swap the main hotbar and second hotbar.
* Press Alt plus a hotbar key (default 1-9 and 0) to swap a single item.
* Keys can be changed in the Controls screen.

[Known Issues]
* Multi-colored items, such as gels, appear grey in the added slots
* No tooltip on hover

* Solo-Ion for his original Hotbar Swapper mod
* jopojelly for his SaveCustomData/ReadCustomData code for custom slots
* rsw0x for the fix in v1.0.3

v1.0.6 2019-08-17
* Build for tModLoader v0.11.4

v1.0.5 2019-04-13
* Fixed swap single item hotkey

v1.0.4 2017-07-09
* Compiled for tModLoader v0.10.0.2

v1.0.3 2017-02-08
* Fix: duplicating items on pickup

v1.0.2 2016-12-27
* Fix: pickups are sorted correctly into the hotbar
* Fix: compiled for tModLoader v0.9.0.3
* Updated to latest TerraUI

v1.0.1 2016-10-01
* Fix: compiled for Terraria

v1.0.0 2016-08-07

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3 years ago tModLoader v0.11.4 Edit | Delete
The Ancients Mod
Download v0.1.4.6 (3.5 MB)


The mod is back alive again!

send me a message at terraria community forums if you would like to help with spriting or coding.

this mod currently adds:
-3 partially finished biomes
-45+ items
-3 new bosses
-l new town npc
-5 new npcs

planned content:
-polishing old sprites
-revamping weapons
-revamping bosses
-adding new ores, armor, and items
-working on the dark marsh(partially finished)
-working on the Sayil Biome(finished, but completely redoing and refurbishing)
-adding more npcs for the sayil biome

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5 years ago tModLoader v0.10.1 Edit | Delete
Celestial Weaponry
Download v0.7.3.1 (1.8 MB)


Currently features:

Added Libra's HE Daggers from Mental Omega.

Because the floor is lava.

This mod intends to add weapons and items from various media such as anime and other video games!

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3 years ago tModLoader v0.10.1.5 Edit | Delete
Download v2.1.1.5 (113 KB)


Adds stamina. Running, jumping, and other activities now require pacing.
- Fatigue: Expending stamina adds temporary max stamina loss
- Exercise: Fatigue buildup increases non-temp. max stamina
- 2 new potions, 6 new accessories
- Fallen Stars recover small stamina amounts on use
- Bottled Water recovers fatigue
- Config file in Documents/My Games/Terraria/ModLoader/Mod Configs/Stamina Config.json

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one year ago tModLoader v0.11.8.4 Edit | Delete
Miner 49er
Download v0.7 (5.6 KB)


Miner 49er first version, adds mattock as a tool. For mining, hammering, and axing. Gets better as you do it. Starts you out slower than vanilla. Shows numbers when you mine. Works well with "Learn by Doing"
.6 made the mattock a little better.
.7 updated to tmodloader 10.

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5 years ago tModLoader v0.10.0.2 Edit | Delete
Download v0.0.9.70 (52.7 KB)



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4 years ago tModLoader v0.10.1.4 Edit | Delete
Download v0.1.8 (63.3 KB)


Mobs will have a chance to drop a lottery ticket. When used in a
Extractinator, it has a chance to drop various items.

See the homepage for a detailed prize table.

Made with love and Emacs on GNU/Linux.

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5 years ago tModLoader v0.10.0.2 Edit | Delete
Geronimo's Tinkerings
Download v1.2 (23.4 KB)


This mod is basically a huge collection of stuff that people want, including myself. For now it only does a couple of things but this will definitely expand in the future. Features can be enabled/disabled to your liking in the config files (right now, the more controversial changes are disabled by default). Look on the Terraria forums thread for a list of changes.

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5 years ago tModLoader v0.10.0.2 Edit | Delete
Utility Bombs Reborn
Download v0.2.5 (116.4 KB)

dtim, direwolf420

# Utility Bombs Reborn #
Adds various types of bombs to the game, craftable at a workbench (except for fill bomb).
These bombs affect tiles or walls within their explosion radius.

* Fill bomb & dynamite
* Wall bomb & dynamite
* Water bomb & dynamite
* Evaporation bomb & dynamite
* Hell bomb & dynamite

Version 0.2.1:
* Port to tModLoader v0.10.1.5
Version 0.2.2:
* Added sticky variants of most items (Recipe: bomb/dynamite + 1 Gel, by hand)
* Added config option to make bombs that create tiles un-slope touched tiles
* Changed dirt bomb & dynamite to fill bomb & dynamite
* Uses items from your inventory now, and not just dirt
* Crafting recipe changed to bomb/dynamite + 10/20 dirt + 10/20 stone at an alchemy table or bottle
Version 0.2.4:
* Port to tModLoader v0.11.5 (integrated ModConfig)
* Evaporation bombs now evaporate all liquids, not just water
Version 0.2.5:
* Port to tModLoader v0.11.7.5
* Added wall bomb/dynamite, places a bomb at your cursor and destroys only walls (Recipe: bomb/dynamite + 5/10 dirt + 5/10 stone at a workbench)

Visit the Mod's Homepage for even more info

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2 years ago tModLoader v0.11.7.5 Edit | Delete
The Lunatic
Download v1.4.1 (391.3 KB)


This mod adds one important missing component to Terraria: A central motivation. Namely, hurrying to save the world. Literally.

Incidentally (maybe), please welcome our friendly newcomer to the town roster: The Lunatic. Who is he? Is he a he? Why does he want masks? Will his bake sale idea ever take off? Is that unearthly increasing orange sky tinge normal? Play this mod to find out!

If for some reason you're finding the struggle to quell those pesky seismic tremors a bit much (or else too little), feel free to tone things down in the config file, found in 'Documents/My Games/Terraria/ModLoader/Mod Configs/The Lunatic Config.json'.

...did I mention there's an excellent, one-of-a-kind reward waiting for you at the end of your quest? No cheating!

- You'll need a relatively fresh world to play this. The Lunatic won't spawn if you've killed any of the main bosses.
- You'll get warnings before the end comes. Talk to the Lunatic for more information.
- Once time runs out, the apocalypse begins. It is permanent for any given world.
- Protip: Try to keep this guy safe. Like any town NPC, there's no telling when he'll return, if you don't.

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3 years ago tModLoader v0.11.5 Edit | Delete
Emoji Support
Download v0.2.1.1 (1.1 MB)


Adds Emoji support to ingame chat. Use by typing "[e:poop]" in chat.

Browse emoji keywords by searching using the visual keyboard to the right of the chat bar. Click button to expand.

Localizer Package
4 years ago tModLoader v0.10.1.3 Edit | Delete
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