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Terrarian Dreamkeepers
Download v2.3.6.0 (463.9 KB)

Solo Ion

Now you can play as the main cast from the Dreamkeepers graphic novels.
Get started by crafting an artists desk from wood, ink and a harpy feather at a sawmill and place it in a vacent house.
For more info on the Dreamkeepers graphic novel, just Google 'Dreamkeepers'.

Localizer Package
one year ago tModLoader v0.11.7.5 Edit | Delete
Hotbar Swapper
Download v1.2.2.2 (8.6 KB)

Solo Ion

With this, you can press Caps Lock to swap the top row of your inventory with the second row, and you can double tap a number on your keyboard to swap one item in the corresponding item slot with the one below.
The key for swapping the whole row can now be set in Keybindings. If Caps Lock doesn't work, check that it is bound in keybindings first.
You can also toggle the option to swap an item with just a single button press by pressing O. With this enabled, you will need to click on the items in your hot bar or use your mouse wheel to select different items in your hotbar.

Localizer Package
4 years ago tModLoader v0.10.1 Edit | Delete
More Mirrors
Download v1.3 (13.1 KB)


Why settle for the run of the mill magic mirror or ice mirror?

More mirrors adds two new types of mirrors, each with a unique effect.
Only with the radiation of a teleporter, can these mirrors be made.

Localizer Package
3 years ago tModLoader v0.10.1.5 Edit | Delete
Dart Expansion
Download v0.3.0 (133.5 KB)


Dart Expansion adds some additional darts, dart-firing weapons, and dart-related armors throughout the game.

imksushi mod may be useful in the early game.

More information at

Localizer Package
3 years ago tModLoader v0.11.3 Edit | Delete
Second Hotbar
Download v1.0.6 (130.1 KB)


!!! WARNING !!!
Remove all items from the extra hotbar before updating/disabling this mod!


Based in part on Solo-Ion's Hotbar Swapper, Second Hotbar is a mod that (what else?) adds a second hotbar to your inventory screen. This allows the bottom row of the inventory to be used for any items without worrying about arranging them correctly.

* Place items in the desired slot on the second hotbar.
* Press Tab to swap the main hotbar and second hotbar.
* Press Alt plus a hotbar key (default 1-9 and 0) to swap a single item.
* Keys can be changed in the Controls screen.

[Known Issues]
* Multi-colored items, such as gels, appear grey in the added slots
* No tooltip on hover

* Solo-Ion for his original Hotbar Swapper mod
* jopojelly for his SaveCustomData/ReadCustomData code for custom slots
* rsw0x for the fix in v1.0.3

v1.0.6 2019-08-17
* Build for tModLoader v0.11.4

v1.0.5 2019-04-13
* Fixed swap single item hotkey

v1.0.4 2017-07-09
* Compiled for tModLoader v0.10.0.2

v1.0.3 2017-02-08
* Fix: duplicating items on pickup

v1.0.2 2016-12-27
* Fix: pickups are sorted correctly into the hotbar
* Fix: compiled for tModLoader v0.9.0.3
* Updated to latest TerraUI

v1.0.1 2016-10-01
* Fix: compiled for Terraria

v1.0.0 2016-08-07

Localizer Package
2 years ago tModLoader v0.11.4 Edit | Delete
Download v3.0.0.2 (3.7 KB)


In this mod (Crafting+) You will get more crafting recipes!
Update 1.0
Added Recipe for life Fruit [20 Chlorophyte Bars,a 1 LifeCrystal]
Update 2.0
Added recipe for Muramasa [20 Platinum/Gold Bars, 1 Platinum/Gold Broadsword, 10 Sapphires]
Update 3.0
Added Recipe for Hermes Boots [1 Aglet, 10 FallenStars]

Localizer Package
4 years ago tModLoader v0.10.0.2 Edit | Delete
The Ancients Mod
Download v0.1.4.6 (3.5 MB)


The mod is back alive again!

send me a message at terraria community forums if you would like to help with spriting or coding.

this mod currently adds:
-3 partially finished biomes
-45+ items
-3 new bosses
-l new town npc
-5 new npcs

planned content:
-polishing old sprites
-revamping weapons
-revamping bosses
-adding new ores, armor, and items
-working on the dark marsh(partially finished)
-working on the Sayil Biome(finished, but completely redoing and refurbishing)
-adding more npcs for the sayil biome

Localizer Package
4 years ago tModLoader v0.10.1 Edit | Delete
Dylan's Mod
Download v0.6.1.0 (189.9 KB)


A wip mod that adds a little bit of everything

79 New Items
32 New Projectiles
2 New Mobs
1 New Gore
1 New Debuff
1 New Dust
2 New Accessories
3 Modified Vanlla Items
1 New Crafting Station
27 New Recipes For Vanlla Items
11 Vanlla Items Added To Shops
2 New Armors
2 New Ores

Added 13 Items
Added 1 New Recipe For A Vanlla Item
Added 1 New Modified Vanlla Item
Added 2 New Armors
Added 2 New Ores


Added 11 Shop Items


Balance Changes
Added 2 Items and projectiles
Added Gore To Rotting Eyes


Used Bug Spray
Modified A Vanlla Item
Modified A Drop

Localizer Package
5 years ago tModLoader v0.10.0.2 Edit | Delete
Normal Gel For Molotov
Download v0.1.4 (4.9 KB)


Don't you hate it that your beloved Molotov Cockails
require Pink Gel?

This Mod solves that by replaceing the Ping Gel in the
Molotov Cocktail recipe with normal Gel.

That's it.

If you have a suggestion for something I could/should
add/change or found bugs (although I don't think that
such a small mod could have bugs) you can send me a
tweet @KonradStuwe.

0.1.1 - Updated to tmodloader v0.9.1

0.1.2 - Updated to tmodloader v0.9.2

0.1.3 - Updated to tmodloader v0.9.2.3
- I also want to thank you for over 2000 downloads! :)

0.1.4 - Updated to tmodloader v0.10.0.2
- Big thank you for over 3000 downloads!

Localizer Package
5 years ago tModLoader v0.10.0.2 Edit | Delete
Celestial Weaponry
Download v0.7.3.1 (1.8 MB)


Currently features:

Added Libra's HE Daggers from Mental Omega.

Because the floor is lava.

This mod intends to add weapons and items from various media such as anime and other video games!

Localizer Package
3 years ago tModLoader v0.10.1.5 Edit | Delete
Download v2.6.1.1 (88.5 KB)



Adds durability limits to weapons and armor. Formula for computing durability (approx. # of uses):
- Sell value of = x, Avg hits per second = y:
0.5 * ( (y/4 * x^1.54) / (5 + x) ) + 50
- Value of valueless items:
(dmg * y/4 * 1000 + def * 1000) * rarity
- Increases 2x if item is a tool or armor.
- Repair items via. reforging, armor via. smithing.
- Items permanently degrade with repairs.
- Config file in Documents/My Games/Terraria/ModLoader/Mod Configs/

Localizer Package
8 months ago tModLoader v0.11.8.5 Edit | Delete
Download v2.1.1.1 (98.3 KB)


Player can now be injured and receive permanent health loss.
- Formula for max health loss (m=current max hp, n=damage):
((0.75 + (m/400)) - n / 20), in 5 unit chunks
- Falls afflict movement impairment.
- Low health incurs bleeding.
- 4 new accessories added.
- 3 new consumables/potions added.
- Use the Hamstar's Helpers control panel for settings.

Localizer Package
2 years ago tModLoader v0.11.5 Edit | Delete
Download v2.1.1.2 (62.3 KB)


Adds lives. Works only for softcore or mediumcore players.
- Craftable 1-Ups: Life Fruit/Crystal + Guide Voodoo Doll + 15 Gold Coins
- v1.5 update: 1 life left = Last life
- Config file in Documents/My Games/Terraria/ModLoader/

Localizer Package
2 years ago tModLoader v0.11.6.2 Edit | Delete
Miner 49er
Download v0.7 (5.6 KB)


Miner 49er first version, adds mattock as a tool. For mining, hammering, and axing. Gets better as you do it. Starts you out slower than vanilla. Shows numbers when you mine. Works well with "Learn by Doing"
.6 made the mattock a little better.
.7 updated to tmodloader 10.

Localizer Package
5 years ago tModLoader v0.10.0.2 Edit | Delete
Download v0.0.9.70 (52.7 KB)



Localizer Package
4 years ago tModLoader v0.10.1.4 Edit | Delete
The Cookie Mod (Food & Much More!)
Download v0.5.1 (3.8 MB)

Danew Dr, CookieBiscuit …

[The Cookie Mod (Food and Much More!) v0.5.1]

After much discussion amongst the dev team, we have decided that the mod is in need of a complete overhaul and, put simply, restart. We have many reasons for this which will be discussed further both on the discord and forum page. Also on the discord you can find the complete changelog for this update
The forum page and discord will keep a copy of this version of the mod once the first version of the restart is released
The rest of the description will remain slightly outdated, especially regarding specific numbers
Thankyou for all your support over the years, and we can't wait so see where the mod goes into the future!

Welcome to the Cookie Mod! This is a mod heavely influenced by the youtuber Happy Days (though non-Happy fans can find something to love aswell) developed currently by three people:
Danew Dr
Cookie Biscuit
Warren Mark

This mod is still work-in-progress so some things may not be completely balnced (*cough* values *cough*) and many sprites still need changing. We would love some more active spriters and/or coders to speed up development and overall make the mod better!
Enough of me blabering away here's what the mod has instore,
Now with:
Enough content to take you all the way to hardmode
+ 230 total items inculding:
61 basic items (Including tools, accesories and buff "drinks")
38 pieces of armor
26 placeable items
104 weapons
+ A new class: the cook class (currently only has enough content until hardmode)
+ 1 new biome (that's kinda barren at the moment)
+ 3 bosses (with boss checklist support)
+ 1 new town NPC (spawns in after EoC is defeated, sells more items after defeating pre-hardmode bosses)
+ 9 new enemies (2 excluding boss spawned enemies)
Changes to 3 vanilla items (bottled water, honey & bowl of soup)

Version History:
v0.5.1: Changelog Avaliable on the discord
v0.5.0: Updated to tmodloader v0.10.1.3
Boss checklist Support
Merge w

Localizer Package
3 years ago tModLoader v0.10.1.5 Edit | Delete
Download v1.1.6 (70.5 KB)


This mod adds 24 new items!

1.1.6: new sprites, fixing some hitboxes

Localizer Package
2 years ago tModLoader v0.11.7.4 Edit | Delete
Download v1.0.6 (27.4 KB)


Adds a two-in-one Nimbus mount.

When it is not raining, the Nimbus is fluffy and cute. When it rains, the Nimbus becomes an angry Cumulonimbus. In both forms, the mount has unlimited hover flight similar to the Cosmic Car Key.

The Nimbus is crafted from a Nimbus Rod, 100 Cloud, and 100 Soul of Flight.

Shares a homepage with my main mod.


* added icon


* Github integration
* tModLoader v0.10.1.4


* Updated for tModLoader v0.10.1.3


* Updated for tModLoader v0.10.1


* fixed crafting bug that was affecting other mods (introduced in v1.0.1)


* compatibility with tModLoader v0.10.0.1

Localizer Package
4 years ago tModLoader v0.10.1.4 Edit | Delete
Download v1.0.5 (36.1 KB)


This mod contains a few light pets (I will add more over time). Each pet has 150% brightness and passively reveals treasure (slightly better than the best vanilla light pet). Entering /reveal will toggle the passive ability on/off. This setting is saved on the character so you do not need to toggle each time you play.

Lantern Spirit:
Crafted from 1 Robe (20 Silk at a Loom), 1 Caged Lantern (found in Dungeon), 1 Carriage Lantern (found in Dungeon), and 1 Obsidian Lantern (found in Underworld).

Majora's Mask:
Crafted from 1 of each boss mask up to and including Duke Fishron.

Cog Vortex:
Crafted from 100 cogs.

Shares a homepage with my main mod.


* icon
* Github integration
* tModLoader v0.10.1.4


* tModLoader v0.10.1.3


* tModLoader v0.10.1


* fixed crafting bug that was affecting other mods (introduced in v1.0.1)


* tModLoader v0.10.0.1


* tModLoader v0.9.2.1


* added shading to Cog Vortex so it dyes better
* tidied code to simplify adding more light pets (tell me what you'd like to see added!)


* add Majora's Mask and Cog Vortex


* add Lantern Spirit

Localizer Package
4 years ago tModLoader v0.10.1.4 Edit | Delete
Energy Orbs (BETA) - Spin Update 1
Download v0.7.40 (317.6 KB)



=== v0.5 ===
* Added 5 levels of Grenade Guns
* Added consumable items:
- Enchanted Blaze
- Grenade Burst (2 levels)
- Star Burst
* Added staffs:
- Star Staff
- Blaze Staff
* Added Defender Sword and Bow (damage is based on max health and defense)

== v0.5.0.1 ==
* Added Discord link

== v0.5.1 ==
* Rebalanced Pickaxes and Swords

== v0.5.2 ==
* Added 5 levels of Energy Bow (finally!)
* Rebalanced Energy Bows damage

= v0.5.2.1 ==
* Discord update 2

== v0.5.3 ==
* Added Magicstone, Magic Crystal and Magicstone Sword (suggested by Shadow618)
* Added Dark Metallum and Dark Mettalum Sword (suggested by Parash)

= v0.5.3.1 ==
* Rebalanced orb crafts

= v0.5.3.2 =
* Bugfixes

== v0.5.4 ==
* Added Saturn Bars
* Added Saturn Pickaxe and Rod
* Added E-Orbs, dropping with 20% chance from any mob with >20 HP
* Added E-Rod, crafted from 120 E-Orbs
* Discord item now has damage and shoots special bullets!
Special thanks for Parash, TheMysticSword and KandyMan!

== v0.5.5 ==
* Added E-Gun, crafted from E-Orbs and Souls of Light
* Now E-Rod is crafted from 150 E-Orbs
* Added The Fire Beast staff

= v0.5.5.1 =
* Now E-Gun deals 29 damage (instead of 20), but now Souls of Sight are required

== v0.5.6 ==
* Added Nuclear Orbs. You can get them after beating Plantera
* Added Nuclear Gun with homing projectiles
! Special thanks to TheMysticSword for coding Nuclear Projectile

== v0.5.7 ==
* Added Energy Armor
* Rebalanced Discord
* Added Life Orb and Healer+ Orb

== v0.5.8 ==
* Added first NPC ever!!! It is Snowman!

=== v0.6 ===
* Added Star armor
* Added Star pickaxe, hamaxe, sword and bow
* Added Starfall
* Added Spiky Shield
* Added The Fastest Pickaxe Ever
* Rebalanced E-Gun speed

===== v0.7 =====
* Update to Modloader 0.10
* Remade Sprites (thanks to IDima24)
* Finished all En

Localizer Package
4 years ago tModLoader v0.10.0.2 Edit | Delete
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