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No Dust
Download v0.3 (12.3 KB)


Lets you reduce dust.

Provides a config setting for the percentage of dust erased, and a whitelist/blacklist for dust types.

This mod uses IL editing, so it might have compatibility issues with other mods that edit Terraria.Dust.NewDust (if you don't have any issues, don't worry about it).

Planned functionality:
Improved UI

Added Whitelist/Blacklist for certain dust types
Now allows user to only cull a certain percentage of dust

Localizer Package
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Mining Boosters
Download v1.0 (46.6 KB)


Mining Boosters Adds 17 New Accessories for Mining Speed!
7 Pre HardMode...
...3 Pre Plantera...
...2 Post Plantera...
...2 Post Golem...
...1 Post Lunar Events...
...and 2 Post Moon Lord!

Localizer Package
one year ago tModLoader v0.11.8.9 Edit | Delete
Utility Slots
Download v1.3.0 (119.9 KB)


!!! WARNING !!!
Unequip your wings/boots/balloons from the dedicated slots before updating or disabling this mod, or before installing WingSlot with it!


This mod adds dedicated utility slots for accessories that are all must-haves, so you can focus your remaining slots on your character build.
Obviously this will have an impact on balance, so I'm working on adding a config option to disable the reforge modifiers on the utility accessories to not give too many stats.

* Changed to determining item type from Identifiers, preventing mod accessories from fitting into the slots (both incorrectly, or correctly)
* Added a function to Call for interop mods to add their items to the check for these slots

* Added a config to disable prefixes (reforge modifiers) on UtilitySlot items

* Implemented compatibility with WingSlot, the original mod, so having both installed works as intended.
* Known Bug: Visual desync occurs when using _any_ of these items in multiplayer. The game functions fine, but players will appear to rubber band.


This mod was built on top of the Wing Slot mod by abluescarab. Below is their full description of the mod, kept for posterity and credit:


This mod adds a dedicated wing slot to the inventory. Now includes a config file! Access it from the in-game Mod Configuration.

* Left-click a set of wings or a dye, then place it in the slot.
* Right-click to equip wings.
* Shift-right-click to equip wings in the vanity slot.
* Right-click vanity wings to swap with equipped wings.
* Left-click the eye icon on the equip slot to toggle visibility.

[Known Issues]
* Yoraiz0r's Spell eye glow doesn't work
* Wings and character movement while flying will not display correctly in multiplayer
* Custom location will sometimes move off screen when resizing window (use mod config to reset if needed)

* Blockaroz for the fantastic mod icon!
* jopojelly for code that draws a slot to the left of the dyes; for fixing various other bugs
* Boffin for TerraUI
* Zsashas for bug report (custom dye incompatibility)
* VVV101 for released updated version
* vizthex for suggesting slot location option
* jofairden for suggesting mod compatibility right-click overrides
* direwolf420 for fixing the mod for 0.11.5 and adding getequipslotitem & other mod.Call()s
* Lastprismer for the Chinese translation

v1.8.4 2022-01-28
* Fix: Items will drop correctly on death

v1.8.3 2022-01-17
* Allows resetting the custom panel location if it goes offscreen
* Fix: Slots display on the correct equipment page

v1.8.2 2022-01-14 (HOTFIX)
* Fix: Items in custom slots should not disappear on joining multiplayer

v1.8.1 2022-01-13 (HOTFIX)
* Added Chinese translation (thanks Lastprismer!)
* Fix: Eye icon has correct visibility after reloading game
* Fix: Loot bags/boxes should no longer be allowed in the slots

v1.8.0 2022-01-12
* Added custom location option
* Added moveable panel
* Added translation files (make a pull request if you want to translate the mod!)
* Fix: Wings and dye will be dropped if character dies in Mediumcore or Hardcore

v1.7.3 2019-11-10 (HOTFIX)
* Fix: mod.Call() keywords should work (again)
* Fix: Cancelling mod loading won't crash the game

v1.7.2 2019-11-10 (HOTFIX)
* Fix: mod.Call() keywords work

v1.7.1 2019-11-10
* Fixed version number

v1.7.0 2019-11-10
* Fix mod for 0.11.5
* Implemented tModLoader ModConfig
* Add getEquipSlotItem and similar mod.Calls

v1.6.3 2019-08-17
* Build for tModLoader v0.11.4

v1.6.2 2018-09-16
* Fix: Changed equip override to right-click override and corrected functionality

v1.6.1 2018-09-16
* Fix: Wing modifiers are applied correctly
* Fix: Dyes work with visibility off

v1.6.0 2018-09-15
* Added mod compatibility slot overrides

v1.5.2 2018-06-25 (HOTFIX)
* Fix: Mod is visible in tModLoader again

v1.5.1 2018-06-23 (HOTFIX)
* Fix: Can remove items from slots again

v1.5.0 2018-06-22
Thank you, jopojelly, for making this release possible!
* Added multiplayer functionality
* Fix: Applies correct dust to wings
* Fix: Removed WingSlotPlayer.Initialize() lag
* Fix: Can no longer place multiple dyes in dye slots
* Fix: Can only place wings in wing slots

v1.4.1 2018-05-09
* Fix: Corrected release date in description

v1.4.0 2018-05-09
* Setting to allow equipping wings in normal accessory slot
* Setting to change slots' location

v1.3.2 2018-01-09
* Fix: slots move correctly based on window size

v1.3.1 2018-01-07
* Removed boffin from authors

v1.3.0 2018-01-07
* Moved slots back to main equipment page
* Fix: dyes should apply correctly

v1.2.10 2017-11-06
* Compil

Localizer Package
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Craftable Arkhalis
Download v1.0 (7.5 KB)


Since people were asking for it, here is a standalone mod separated from my Craftable Developer Items mod that let's you craft Arkhalis in tModLoader for 1.3.

To accommodate for it being made in PHM instead of HM, the recipe is not the same as the one found in Craftable Developer Items for tModLoader 1.4.

V1.0: Initial release. Added recipe for the Arkhalis.

Localizer Package
one year ago tModLoader v0.11.8.9 Edit | Delete
Valor Mod
Download v1.0.9.1 (23.7 MB)


The Valor Mod adds:
- 300+ items
- 20+ enemies
- 4 custom boss soundtracks
- 4 pre-HM bosses
- 3 hardmode bosses
- 2 post-ML bosses

- Since there is no current wiki, consider joining the discord server to check out the weapons, accessories, and armor guides for all classes

There are weapons, armor sets, and accessories for all four classes including early-game, mid-game, and late-game. I've been working on this mod since December 2020, and I've decided to continue updating the mod.
It currently lacks polish, but at some point it'll be complete with a final boss and everything.
Regardless, I hope you enjoy playing my own Labor of Love project.

~ HUGE thanks to maicol and _The Exiled Fellow for their amazing soundtracks and sound effects ~

- maicol -

- _The Exiled Fellow -

Valor Mod Discord Server Invite:

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Project tRU
Download v2.2.2.10 (4.6 MB)

tRU Team

The mod doesn't add new content

Обо всех изменениях в русификаторе вы можете узнать на нашем Дискорд сервере
The mod doesn't add new content

Обо всех изменениях в русификаторе вы можете узнать на нашем Дискорд сервере

Localizer Package
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Recipe Browser & Magic Storage Extra
Download v1.1 (22.7 KB)


Allows you to filter items in your magic storage according to the selected item in the Recipe browser.

Magic storage:
Filters if the crafting or the storage panel is open.

Recipe browser:
Filters when the item selected in one of Recipe list, Ingrigient list or Items list.

By default filters by click on item only if the filter hot key is pressed in that moment. That behaviour can be changed in the config.

based on original by Kinoler

Localizer Package
one year ago tModLoader v0.11.8.9 Edit | Delete
Lifeform Radar
Download v1.1 (16.3 KB)


Lifeform Radar is like a Boss Cursor for NPCs that would be detected by the lifeform analyzer.

Localizer Package
one year ago tModLoader v0.11.8.9 Edit | Delete
Mouse Finder Reloaded
Download v1.2 (11.7 KB)


Mouse Finder Reloaded offers various client-side visuals for keeping your cursor easily tracked by the human eye! Check the configuration!

based on Dark-Assassin's Mouse Finder.

Localizer Package
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Download v0.1 (3.3 KB)


Localizer Package
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Conners Addons
Download v0.2.1 (20.1 KB)


A couple of utility items.

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one year ago tModLoader v0.11.8.9 Edit | Delete
Fruman Gear
Download v0.3 (11.6 KB)

Fruman baker

Fruman Gear is a pretty cool mod, it adds in a Fruman sword and a Fruman wand+I plan on adding a weapon for every class.
Fruman sword:
Crafted with 10 of every pillar fragment and 10 iron bars at the ancient manipulator.
Fruman wand:
10 luminite bars and 10 iron bars at an ancient manipulator

Localizer Package
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ended's block mod
Download v0.1.1 (22.6 KB)


ended's block mod is a mod that adds a bunch of cool blocks for use of building. It also adds some new crafting stations, and maybe a couple other secret things aswell!

If you make any cool builds using the blocks provided in this mod, please send me an image! I'd love to see what y'all make using this mod!

Localizer Package
one year ago tModLoader v0.11.8.9 Edit | Delete
Tinkerer Plus
Download v0.2 (85.6 KB)


This is the Tinkerer Plus mod! You probably expected some Goblin Tinkerer overhaul. This is not what you're looking for.

This adds many different combinations of weapons and tools:
- Grappling Hook Swords
- Axe Picks (axe + pickaxe = axe pick)

And early game leg-ups to make life easier:
- Quicker running
- Craftable single-use tinkerer's workshop

Localizer Package
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Download v0.10 (133.4 KB)


Mod made by Hubsen.

Destiny is a mod created by a Polish modder. Destiny is the start of something bigger than your usual little mod. I am providing you with a small, barely started demo so you can see what he is striving for. The mod currently contains 45 items. Updates will be frequent.

Destiny page -
fb - Destiny Mod

The texture of one of the shoes was copied from HumanGamer.

Localizer Package
one year ago tModLoader v0.11.8.9 Edit | Delete
Esper Class
Download v1.0 (2.5 MB)


This mod adds a new class by adding telekinetic weapons with their own damage type and resource, psychosis. New weapons, armors, accessories, and three buff potions are added. Current version is supported up to right after defeating Golem, inclunding drops from it. Since this is an alpha, much is subjected to change and there are some known issues. This mod is open source. In general this mod covers...

- New class, the Esper, that deals telekinetic damage.
- Plenty of new weapons.
- 5 new armor sets, plus 8 helmet pieces.
- Some new accessories.

Vanilla changes...

- The Flying Knife is now a telekinetic damage weapon. It also gains a damage bonus if it moves far enough in the same direction.

Known Issues because I either can code it better or can't due to hardcoding...

- Sawblades can get stuck on slopes.
- Shooters (currently the Spitting Sandfish and Super Spitting Sandfish) can be hard to aim when the screen scrolls.
- Gravity Barrier Platform will display even when on the ground. Recommended to toggle accessory visibility off for it.

Future Plans...

- More weapons, armors and accessories.
- Cross mod support to add new weapons and items to fit within the themes of the mods.
- Better balancing.
- Add weapons for the following: 1 more Duke Fishron and Martian Madness, ocean biome chest, 2 Gravity Fragment, and 2 Moon Lord.
- Add Esper buff station.
- Right click function to hold certain Esper weapon types in place.
- Possible Twirlers rework to be unique.
- Possibly custom prefixes.

Change Log...

- 1.0: Updated for tModLoader v0.11.8.9.
- Added Gravity Bouncer, Gravity Twirler, Accretion Disc, and Black Void Engine.
- Added Godly Sawblade (for Loot Bags cross mod).
- Added Tiny Cactuar (for JoostMod cross mod).
- Telekinetic projectiles while being controlled no longer move slower up or down compared to left and right.
- Eldritch Eye Jar damage reduced from 240 to 150 (it was a placeholder), but now the projectiles (but not the jar) can pass through solid tiles.
- Fixed Eldritch Eye Jar not dropping correctly from the Moon Lord on normal difficulty worlds.
- Changed Moon Lord Esper weapon drop rates. Has a 50% chance to drop one of the weapons in normal worlds and 100% chance from treasure bags.
- Added a tooltip to the Gravity Hammer.
- Changed head and chest item sprites for Desert Wanderer and Wyvern Scale armor.
- Betsy Scorcher plays its fire sound 1/3 as often as before.
- Terra Vial Necklace no longer needs any Ectoplasm or Shroomite Bars in its recipe.
- The Flying Knife now actually gains bonus damage as stated in the tooltip from a prior update.
- Added Gravity armor.
- Added Pink Genji Armor (for JoostMod cross mod).
- Added accessories (enchantments) in the style of Fargo's Souls Mod.
- Added Gravity Potion (for MorePotions cross mod) and new charms to go with it (via Luiafk cross mod).
- Wall of Flesh's treasure bag now drops the Giant Gear and Esper Emblem together.
- Jar projectiles now spawn out of jars in true 360 degrees instead of only 4 diagonal directions.
- Spitting Sandfish and Super Spitting Sandfish now can be caught much easier if the player hasn't yet obtained one.

- Removed testing message for Boulders showing their damage scaling.

- 0.9: Lihzahrd Solar armor now requires crafting at a Lihzahrd Furance.
- Lihzahrd Solar Chestplate now gives 40% increased telekinetic velocity.
- Added Gravity Pickaxe, Hamaxe, Axe, Hammer, and Chainsaw.
- Corrected Gravity Fragment rarity from 10 (red) to 9 (cyan).
- Hallowed accessories now only take 5 Hallowed Bars to craft instead of 10. Reforge value also dropped to 2 gold from 5 gold.
- Cambrian armor is now crafted at an anvil instead of a loom.
- Fixed some tooltips due to either not being constant with others (for True Goldropper compared to other canisters) or incorrect (Bowling Ball making mention of being consumable).
- Standardized the Wyvern Scale Vest to give 30% increased velocity for both throwing and telekinetic instead of different values.
- Renamed Psy Rockets to Psi Rockets.
- The rest of the non-sawblade projectiles janky collision should be fixed.
- Updated Boss Checklist support to correctly show all item drops that were missing from the previous update.
- Canister projectiles getting wider should no longer touch tiles beyond 10 pixels.
- Hallowed Lotus Petals now cost 3 Hallowed Bars instead of 5 and adjusted sell price accordingly.
- Psychosis meter when under the Psyched Out debuff will now animate even if the time of day counts differently.
- Boulder projectiles lose horizontal velocity slower.
- Boulder projectiles no longer despawn on collision while being controlled.
- Added Gravity Furniture in style of the 1.4 fragment furniture se

Localizer Package
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Sloome calamity addition (read desc)
Download v1.5.3.6 (9.2 MB)


UPDATE: sloome has been ported to 1.4 but won't be out due to calamity and bugs

Adds a post boss rush super boss

This is not to be confused with catalyst mod calamity addition "A FAR more superior addition than this"

boss summon only works when SCal and Exo mechs are defeated

Playing multiplayer has horrific results

music (in the final remix by GaMetal) suggested by DMolRod

Localizer Package
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Calamity Clicker Expansion
Download v1.0.1 (84.6 KB)


This is a small mod made by me to add 5 extra clickers and 1 accessory into the game for post moon lord content.
Currently adds: Profaned Clicker, Cosmic Clicker, Auric Clicker, Exo Clicker, and Genesis Clicker. As well as the Elemental Clicking Glove.
Requires Clicker Class, Withertaco's clicker addon and Calamity to work.

V 1.0.1
- Added Description

Localizer Package
one year ago tModLoader v0.11.8.9 Edit | Delete
Rijam's Mod
Download v1.0.5.3 (4.1 MB)


Rijam's Mod is a bunch of random additions created by Rijam. This mod is mostly made as a learning experience, but feel free to check it out! Recipe Browser is highly recommended.



4 Town NPCs
- Fisherman: sells bait, fish, fishing rods, and more. From my Fisherman NPC mod for 1.4
- - Arrives after the Angler has been rescued and there are 5 or more Town NPCs.
- Harpy: sells sky related items and a few extra things.
- - Find her in the sky.
- Interstellar Traveler: sells information items and weapons. Has a quest system.
- - Arrives if the player has an Odd Device in their inventory (Post-Evil Boss).
- Hell Trader: sells Underworld related items.
- - Spawns randomly in the Underworld, can move in in Hardmode.

154 new items and weapons throughout the game's progression.
- 33 weapons: 6 Melee, 8 Ranged, 8 Magic, 13 Summoner.
- 12 ammo types.
- 32 accessories.
- 8 armor pieces.
- 12 vanity items + 3 dyes.

Some QoL changes
- Town NPCs sell more things.
- Fisherman NPC.
- Interstellar Traveler and Fisherman sell information items.

Some cross mod support:
- Support for Census - Town NPC Checklist.
- Harpy sells some items from other mods.
- Town NPC cross mod dialog.

Known Issues:
- Summoner's Glove is a little buggy, details in its tooltip.

The code is open source if you extract the mod!

Basic wiki on the mod's GitHub:

- Added a config option to enable/disable the Town NPCs' cross mod dialog and selling cross mod items.
- Fixed an issue with the Harpy's dialog.

- Hell Trader now only spawns on Obsidian Brick, Hellstone Brick, or platforms
- Hell Trader's spawn rate is decreased if Eye of Cthulhu or Skeletron have not been defeated.
- Fixed Sir Slush's AI in multiplayer.
- Fixed Eye of Cthulhu and the Treasure Bag dropping Bloody Arrows in Corruption worlds.
- Corrected one of the recipes for the Citadel.
- Buffed the Solyo, now spawns a projectile in the sky when it hits something.
- Added Hailfire Boots
- Added Quietus magic sword
- Fixed Timon's Axe's projectiles dealing double the damage and knockback as they should have.
- Added six "whips": Belt, Vile Whip, Vicious Whip, Sulfuric Whip, Festive Whip, and Stardust Whip
- Made the Slime Rain ever so slightly more interesting in Hardmode by adding a Spiked Green Slime and Flying Purple Slime.
- Gave the Unconscious Harpy knockback resistance.
- Added Evil Arrows, a combination of Unholy and Bloody Arrows.
- Added Fire Breathing Pack
- Added Charm of Life
- Fixed Snowman Muscle and Sir Slush showing the Frost Moon icon instead of the Frost Legion icon (just a visual bug).
- Added Sunplate Pillar Block
- Added Reef-Cola

- Added Sulfur Torch, Sulfur Arrow, Sulfur Dart, Sulfur Bullet, Flask of Sulfuric Acid
- Added Flower of Hailfire
- Added two new accessories: Stellar Shield and Citadel
- Nerfed Spectre Dart. Now pierces 2 times instead of 4 and has a 30% damage reduction per pierce.
- Nerfed Luminite Dart. Now pierces 4 times instead of 6 and has a 25% damage reduction per pierce.
- Nerfed Shroomite Dart. Now has a 10% damage reduction per pierce.
- Nerfed Chlorophyte Dart. Now has a 10% damage reduction per pierce.
- Added a new pet: Fluffalo summoned with a Fluffalo Egg
- Added a banner for Sir Slush
- Fixed banners missing their tooltips

- Nerfed Spectre Dart. Now pierces 4 times instead of 6 and has a 25% damage reduction per pierce.
- Nerfed Luminite Dart. Now pierces 6 times instead of 9.
- Made Burglar's Ring harder to craft.
- Hell Trader now sells the Lava Charm and Plummer's Hat.

- Hell Trader now sells the Unholy Trident
- Pharaoh set and Ancient set are now armor sets instead of vanity
- New armor set: Infernic armor. A magic focused armor with some summoner support
- New magic weapon: Sulfuric Incursion
- Two new melee weapons: Timon's Axe and Hammer of Retribution
- Five new accessories: Rose of Fire and Ice, Different Bundle of Balloons, Too Many Balloons, Too Many Horseshoe Balloons, and Yoyo Backpack
- A new pet: Snugget summoned with an Interesting Sphere

- Arms Dealer now sells Bloody Arrows
- Eye of Cthulhu Treasure Bag now drops Bloody Arrows while in a Crimson world
- Bloody Arrows now do 2 more damage than Unholy Arrows, but have a 7% damage penalty when piercing.
- Nerfed the Interstellar Pistol: Damaged reduced to 23 from 25
- Added a new enemy: Sir Slush. Spawns in during the Frost Legion.
- Added a new vanity item: Sir Slush's Top Hat.
- Harpy now sells White Feather from Shadows of Abaddon and Talon from Thorium
- Strange Rolls no longer give Ex

Localizer Package
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Fire Mod
Download v0.1 (4.8 KB)


adds living fire block recipe

Localizer Package
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