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Decadent Skills
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Decadent Skills is currently in Alpha and will be updated regularly.
(If you find any sort of problem or bug, please do let me know about it in my discord server.)


> A total of 152 Skills
- Melee Skill Tree (45 Skills)
- Ranged Skill Tree (68 Skills)
- Magic Skill Tree (39 Skills)

> A total of 5 Abilities
- Rogue Resolve and Echo Eruption (Melee)
- Haste Streak and Repeat Replica (Ranged)
- Starfall (Magic)

> Leveling system, killing enemies gives EXP based on their max health and defense

-V0.117 Alpha-

+ Added a Magic Skill Tree with 39 skills
+ Added Starfall, a magic ability. Unlockable and upgradable inside the Magic Skill Tree
+ Fixed multiple problems with various Skills
+ Balance changes to numerous Skills
+ Added a buff icon for Ranged Replica

Note: I'm tired.

-V0.116 Alpha-

+ Added/Fixed multiplayer compatibility, most things should work while playing with friends now
+ EXP Gained from killing enemies is weaker and more consistent
+ Respeccing now increases the amount of EXP needed to Level up by 5%
+ Changed a Repeat Replica upgrade that was nearly identical to another Repeat Replica upgrade.
+ Fixed multiple errors with Skills working even when they haven't been unlocked
+ Fixed Ability Cooldown upgrades, they no longer immediately refresh abilities
+ Nerfed healing gained from most healing-based Skills
+ Increased cost of certain powerful Skills
+ Nerfed a lot of Skills that were too powerful

Note: If you were using the previous version then you might need to respec or use a Destabilizer for some of the fixes to kick in.

-V0.115 Alpha-

+ Added 32 new Skills to the Ranged Skill Tree
+ Added Repeat Replica, a ranged ability which replicates the ranged weapon you're using for a short time
+ Significantly increased EXP Gain for the Ranged Skill Tree
+ Reworked how Skills increase ranged fire rate
+ Balance changes to some Skills
+ Fixed some text not fitting in their respective places

Personal Note: If you're planning on fully completing the Ranged Skill Tree, don't. You need ~135-140 Levels, don't do that to yourself...

-V0.114 Alpha-

+ Added a Ranged Skill Tree with 36 skills
+ Added Haste Streak, a ranged ability. Unlockable and upgradable inside the Ranged Skill Tree
+ Added Destabilizer, a craftable item that completely resets everything involving Skills.
+ Fixed typos in Skill descriptions
+ Changed appearance of Healing Streaks
+ Balance changes to some Skills

-V0.113 Alpha-

+ Added a Respec button to reallocate your skill points
+ Fixed UI being usable even when it's invisible
+ Reduced amount of EXP needed to level up
+ Increased amount of EXP gained per kill

-V0.112 Alpha-

+ Added 21 new Skills to the Melee Skill Tree
+ Added Echo Eruption, a melee ability. Unlockable and upgradable inside the Melee Skill Tree
+ Added a keybind for Ability Two
+ Fixed a lot of phantom sounds coming from invisible UI
+ Rogue Resolve life steal and other healing skills now only work with melee weapons
+ Every 5th Level now gives 2 Skill Points
+ Many fixes for broken Skills and values

-V0.111 Alpha-

+ Leveling up is now slightly easier.

-V0.11 Alpha-

+ Removed unneeded files to slim down the mod size.

-V0.01 Alpha-

+ Class Picker, but only melee will work for now.
+ Melee Skill Tree with 24 skills.
+ Rogue Resolve, a melee ability. Unlockable and upgradable inside the Melee Skill Tree.
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