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Everything Deserves a Theme
GoodPro712, Lonely Star
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3 years ago
This mod makes every single theme unique by adding around 20 new tracks.
In vanilla six bosses alone share the Boss 1 Theme for example, with this mod every single boss will have it's own custom composed theme, specifically for this game, often recycling small, or big portions of existing tracks.
(Boss 1 to 5 are still used by one boss respectively, by the one that best fits it in my opinion. Boss 1 - Skeletron, Boss 2 - Wall of Flesh and so on)


Thanks to Overhaul for the code for the checking for a town for the village theme.
Thanks to Lonely Star for all the music and sprites
Mod requested by Lonely Star and coded by GoodPro712

This mod does not replaces themes. This is NOT a music replacement mod. You will still find every theme you love somewhere in the game.

it doesn't end with bosses. Ever noticed how the Forest and Ice Biome have their own Underground themes while The Jungle and The Desert don't? That's right, many new biome themes have been implemented, to make certain areas feel more special, without removing any.

The Party, Frost Legion and Slime Rain got unique themes too.
Hell still plays it's an original theme, but occasionally it'll switch to the Eerie theme it used to have like the Forest and Underground have one alternate theme respectively.

Every Track has it's own music box of course, with Terraria-like sprites - and the vanilla music boxes have been reworked, just so everything fits better together.
One new NPC is added with this mod. The Lonely Vendor, they sell each mod- and vanilla music box for 1 platinum each, because honestly, I want to make sure you get to hear every theme; that's why I made them after all.

DISCLAIMER: I lied about not replacing themes. Three themes are replaced by default but can be toggled off. These three are:
Boss 3 (Destroyer)
Crimson Underground
Corruption Underground

Boss 3 doesn't fit the bosses' atmosphere and underground Crimson is hardly music.
The reason I replaced underground corruption is that, in my opinion, it doesn't fit the zone at all. It's 90% the happy underground theme and slips into corruption occasionally; doesn't feel right. I tried to retain the spirit of the theme, so I made a sort of evil remaster of the underground theme.
Toggle them off if you wish! I won't be mad!

"Why not make all of them toggleable?"- Because that's exactly what this mod is not trying to do. Every theme should feel unique, not just some. the reason the 3 are toggleable is that these are the only three that take another theme out of the game completely.
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