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Elements Awoken
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Elements Awoken aims to add to the experience playing Terraria.
30+ new enemy NPCs and banners to collect
900+ new items
2 pre-hardmode Bosses, 7 hardmode bosses, 4 post moonlord boss
3 minibosses and 1 event miniboss
Unique music tracks for each and every boss and event in the mod!
2 new town NPCs
1 new post moonlord event

Do you have an idea for the mod? Want to contribute somehow? Come join our discord!

Be sure to download the 'Elements Awoken Music' pack if you want the mods music or alternatively download 'EA Retro Music' for the old music

Donations are on the forum allowing you to get your own custom weapon, accessory or armor set with your name on it!

Hope you enjoy playing my mod :)

- removed toy slime boss music and boss head
- fixed vanilla asset loading (hopefully, please tell me if not fully fixed)
- Important
- Made Planter Box's count as a platform: this could come with side effects, please report any
- Additions
- Pebleer Banner
- G O R E
- Globule Cannon's sprite is now correct
- A special Hive Crate caught in honey with some special items
- Honeysuckle
- Honeycrest- the first EA shortsword
- Honey Cocoon
- Majestic Hivefin which caught in honey which restores 120 mana
- Infernace has a spawning animation
- Changes
- Made Majesty's projectile look better
- Voidite can now be smelted by the Auto Smelter II
- Changed Starstruck (the bow) to Thundering Recurve
- Arid Hat now increases mana by 40
- Increased sell prices of Toy items
- Decreased sell prices of Desert items
- Nerfed Chaotron Impaler
- Nerfed Manashard Longsword
- Lowered Awakened Mode spawnrates:
- 15% more normally
- 30% more after a shadow orb has been smashed or EoC has been defeated
- 50% more after Skeletron has been defeated
- Lowered by 25% in the Jungle
- Renamed Glass Heart to Fragile Heart due to confusion with SoA
- Further reduced magma slimes magma damage
- Reworked Blazeguard
- Renamed Discordant Bars to Chaotron Alloy and gave it a tooltip
- Renamed Discordant Ore to Chaotron Ore
- Renamed Chaos Heart to Chaosporidic Heart
- Renamed Discordant Arrow to Chaotron Arrow
- Renamed other Discordant things to Chaotron
- Renamed Discordant Potion to Chaosporidic Brew and indicated it is currently unobtainable
- Radiant items now inflict starstruck
- Buffed Nightfall and reworked visuals
- Changed some debuff effects
- Buffed Deimos and allowed its projectiles to go through walls for 1 second after spawning
- Buffed T1 Ancient Weapon
- Void Essence now looks different when dropped by the Void Leviathan
- Modified Obsidious's human forms last phase slightly
- Made phase 1 Azana take 2x damage
- Azana now makes warning lasers before creating the infection pillars
- Sky Crate's have a 33% chance to drop a Sky Mill
- Renamed Stinger to Scepter of the Tortured
- Renamed Scorpion Blade to Protector's Edge
- Renamed Chitin Staff to Mother's Magic
- Renamed Pincer to Defender's Recurve
- Bug Fixes
- Permafrost now treats planterboxes like platforms
- Putrid Armor no longer poisons town npcs
- Flask of Extinciton is now crafted with a voidite bar instead of luminite ore
- Fixed multiple recipes being crafted at the wrong station
- Shadow Dodge no longer prevents Fragile Heart to killing the player
- Item magnet no longer picks up Nebula Armour pickups
- Ancient Amalgamate now deals contact damage
- Exliture eyes now despawn
- Azana doesnt get stuck in her dash state anymore
- Fixed Great Lens not drawing
1.3.13- The Radiant Frost Update
- Some adjustments and clean up of multiple sections of code, please report any bugs that may have come with this
- Added Pebleers and Stoneers in place of Puffs. They only spawn 350 blocks away from spawn
- Radiant Rain- A post Azana rain event that has a 25% chance of happening instead of normal rain
- Heat Sink- T7 energy material
- Boost Drive
- Hyper Drive
- Infernace death animation and secret
- Wasteland secret :)
- Force Barrier got reworked and now has a recipe, so its basically an addition :)
- A better warning for the first boss prompt
- Arid Armour (desert set)
- Venom Gland now has a small visual on the arm
- Eldritch Keepsake in honour of the celestials
- Giant Toad that spawns in the jungle. Lick.
- Plasma Thrower
- Zapmaster 9000
- Imbalancer
- Particle Accelerator
- Putrid items and armor (Rotted Reaper armor)
- Glass Heart for all the no-hit challenges
- Rain Meter to show how much longer it will be raining for. Purchasable from the merchant
- G O R E
- Removed Puffs
- The
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