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Multiverse of Memeness (New Pre-Hardmode Content Update)
TheBlackAbyss, SpaceCore, MysticalDuck, and Leros
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The mod originally known as Flex Tape III, has been renamed to Multiverse of Memeness. This is because we are focusing on branching out to other memes and pop culture, other than Flex Seal Products. We will still add Flex Seal content in the future, but we would like to focus on other content.

This mod includes many wacky things like a Phil Swift Boss, A JoJo Boss, the equivilent of Phil Swift as a boss, many JoJo references, other anime related items, lots of video game based stuff, and other meme items, from Pre-Hardmode all the way to post-Moon Lord

Special thanks to Pedro from Flex Seal, for giving us permission to use Flex Seal's assets in our mod!!!

DISCLAIMER: This mod is for parody purposes only and is classified under Section 107 of the United States Copyright Act. I do not own these assets and do not make any financial gain from them.

There is a free craftable item in this mod that opens a menu that links to the mod Discord Server, my YouTube Channel, my Steam group where you can play with me during streams, my Twitch Channel which is where I will stream myself working on the mod, and the Mod Wiki for your convenience(the Wiki is a major WIP). The changelog on the Wiki is always up-to-date however.

Click the Mod Homepage button to also get linked to the Discord Server

This mod adds currently adds:
- 3 bosses
- 1 Town NPC
- 1 Enemy
- 169 items ;)
- Plenty of memes and other stupid stuff that will make you question your sanity

*There are 9 different progression stages of equipment throughout the mod.

Stage 1: Pre-Bosses
Stage 2: Post-Eater of Worlds/Brain of Cthulhu
Stage 3: Post-Will Fast, The Ill Tempered
Stage 4: Post-Skeletron

Stage 1: Pre/Post-Mech Bosses
Stage 2: Post-Golem
Stage 3: Post-Moon Lord
Stage 4: Post-Tape Man, The Angered
Stage 5: Post-Solar Weebclipse and MS Paint Dio

This mod is supposed to be balanced around the Calamity Mod's Post-Moon Lord progression.

All armor in this mod buffs all damage types and increases stats specific to mages and summoners, so it can be utilized by all classes.

This mod is still a WIP and I will be adding more items, progression stages, and other content over time.

*Update changelogs are available on the mod wiki.
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