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Guns and Things
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Guns and Things adds in Guns and some other things!

Hey, it has been a while. This mod will no longer be supported, you may see some updates here and there but they're some additional touches before being completely abandoned. 1.4 GunsAndThings may have less content for now but will be receiving updates.

Weapons: M231, Karambit and AA-12.
Materials: Book piece, Bullet, Drum Magazine, Grip, Gun Barrel, Gun Base, Gun Magazine, Gun Muzzle, Gun Stock, How to AA-12 Book, Iron Sight, Pencil, Plastic and Rubber.
Unused Materials: Sniper Scope.
Accessories: Crit Master, Juggernaut Equipment, Power Hungry. and Speed Demon.

Update list:
v69.420 (Go crazy ahhh go stupid ahhh)
The mod is now open source.
Added homepage. (Once I make a wiki and it doesn't get deleted for whatever reason, I will put it at the bottom of the list)

v1.3.0.3 (AA-12 change and slight fix)
AA-12 with birdshot now has double spread compared to the regular AA-12.
AA-12 with birdshot should now have 4% > 0% critical strike chance if you have nothing that increases critical strike chance.
Changed AA-12 tooltips.
Crit Master and Juggernaut Equipment had a bigger number than their actual sprite in the code.

v1.3.0.2 (Drop rates added, Speed Demon change, Juggernaut Equipment change and other)
Pencil now has a 25% chance of dropping from Skeletron Prime.
Speed Demon has a 1% chance of being dropped by Bone Lee.
Speed Demon acceleration has been increased but speed has been decreased.
Changed Speed Demon tooltip.
Juggernaut Equipment now has 500 aggro.
Changed Juggernaut Equipment tooltip.
Changed mod display name.
Changed author.
Fixed description errors.
Removed changes that never applied.

v1.3.0.1 (Quick fix)
Changed Bullet sprite. (Power Hungry sprite has Bullet with different colours)

v1.3 (Final major update)
Added in AA-12 with 2 other variants.
Added in 4 accessories.
Added in some materials.
Karambit has been massively buffed to make up for the short range.
Changed all crafting recipes.
Sniper Scope is unobtainable in change of being sold for 1 platinum.
You can obtain the M231 and AA-12 from the Arms Dealer shop after defeating Plantera.
Changed all item rarity. (Based on how early it can be obtained)

v1.2.4 (Karambit change, M231 change, Knife Blade change and Gun Magazine change)
Karambit is Auto Swing again.
Karambit now finishes its attack in 42 > 15 frames.
Karambit now deals 80 damage.
Karambit now sells for 40 Gold coins instead of 35.
Changed the Karambit's sprite. (It is now less uglier)
Changed the Karambit's tooltip.
Changed the M231's Tooltip. (Including other ones with Attachments)
Knife Blade now deals 8 damage.
Changed the Knife Blade's Tooltip.
Gun Magazine now requires 20 Bullets.

v1.0 (Release)
Added in M231 and Karambit.
Added in Plastic, Rubber, Grip, Gun Barrel, Gun Base, Gun Magazine, Gun Muzzle and Gun Stock.
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