Details of 1.4 Crafting Recipes (Check Config!)

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1.4 Crafting Recipes (Check Config!)
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This mod changes some 1.4 recipes (and item stats) into the 1.3 Modloader! With this mod, it takes less materials to craft items, and you can craft previously unavailable items, such as the Band of Starpower in a Crimson world!
Visit the Homepage to view all changes!

Check the config to disable features you don't like!

NOTE: 1.4 tModLoader is released, so I won't be updating this mod anymore (or not as much). I will probably make a 1.4 QoL mod, but we'll see :)

Current changes:
-Basic Dye materials give 2 Dye >
-Hardmode Bars are cheaper
> // >
-Pre-Hardmode Bar recipes are cheaper >
-Platforms don't require Crafting Stations
-Added serveral uncraftable items, such as:
+ > // + >
+ > // + >

-Almost ALL weapons have their stats equivelant to 1.4.4
-Trident gives off light when used underwater

-Almost ALL Armor pieces and sets have their stats equivelant
to 1.4.4, for example:
reduces spawn rates
has a thorns effect

-All Potion buffs have their duration increased
-All station buffs have their timer removed
-Max player buffs is increased to 44
-Buff effects are updated
reflects 100% damage, reduces spawn rates

-ALL Wings are updated to 1.4.4
-Most accessories are updated to 1.4.4, for example:
grants melee users autoswing
reduces lava damage
can always be used
shoots a X-Bone when equipped

-Most NPCs have their stats updated to 1.4.4
-Most NPC shops have their stats updated to 1.4.4,
for example:
Mechanic sells Teleporters (in Pre-Hardmode!)

*Throwing Class*
-All weapons are Ranged
-All Throwing armor sets are updated

-See any feature you don't like? Disable them in the mod's
-There are 2 pages, one for recipes and the other one for item

- Thorns Potion no longer requires Stinger and Worm Tooth
- Fixed cross-mod Terra Blade recipe
- Metal Bricks are crafted with a 1:5 Ore to Stone ratio
- Hardened Sand and Sandstone blocks are craftable
- Serveral furniture items are crafted at a Sawmill or Anvil
- Merchant stops selling Lesser Potions in Hardmode
- Molotov Cocktail is crafted with Gel
- The Grand Design uses Mechanical Ruler
- Updated config description

I won't add items added in 1.4, such as 'Stone Platform' or 'Ultrabright Helmet', since that is property of Re-Logic, and I don't want do deal with copyright stuff.

You can freely use and decompile this mod for educational purposes, just don't re-upload it and take credit. Thank you.

If you have any issues/feedback/suggestions, please report them to MeowLorrrd#4776 (Discord) or use the Forms link from the homepage.

Thank you for downloading!
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