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Portable Storage
Itorius, orian34 & team
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Introducing Portable Storage 2.
A mod that provides you with a variety of bags and holders to store your items.
With 16+ different bags, holding different kinds of items and auto picking them when gathered, it will become difficult to have your inventory flooded by the various loot you can obtain.
From specific ammo holders, general all-purpose bags, containers for special items (like ores, potions, fishes, etc...) to the mighty black hole absorbing items in range and auto sorting them into corresponding bags.
Items inside storages can still be used for crafting and quick usage as if they were in the inventory.

Normal Bags:
-Adventurer's Bag. Made with 12 leather. Can hold 18 stacks. Any item.
-Skeletal Bag. Bought from the Skeleton Merchant. Can hold 27 stacks. Any item.
-Faerie Bag. Made with 15 silk, 10 pixie dust and 7 light souls. Can hold 36 stacks. Any item.
-Capillary Bag. Made with 20 leather, 15 chlorophyte bars, 7 vines and 1 life fruit. Can hold 54 stacks. Any item.

Ammo Bags:
-Ammo Pouch. Bought from the Merchant. Can hold 27 stacks. Misc Ammo (auto pickup).
-Arrow Quiver. Made with 8 leather and a string. Can hold 27 stacks. Arrows (auto pickup).
-Dart Holder. Bought from the Witch Doctor. Can hold 27 stacks. Darts (auto pickup).
-Fire-Proof Container. Bought from the Cyborg. Can hold 27 stacks. Explosives and Flammables (auto pickup).
-Magazine. Made with 10 iron bars and 10 obsidian. Can hold 27 stacks. Bullets (auto pickup).
-The Perfect Solution. Made with 10 glass, 7 hallowed bars and 5 souls of fright. Can hold 27 stacks. Solutions (auto pickup).
-Ninja's Arsenal Belt. Made with 3 iron chains and 1 ninja shirt. Can hold 9 stacks. Throwing items (auto pickup).

Special Bags:
-Wallet. Bought from the Travelling Merchant. Can hold 4 stacks. Money (auto pickup).
-Miner's Backpack. Drop from Undead Miners. Can hold 18 stacks. Ores (auto pickup).
-Fishing Belt. Obtained from Iron and Golden Crates. Can hold 18 stacks. Rods, Baits and Fishing Loot (auto pickup).
-Alchemist's Bag. Made with 10 leather, 12 sturdy fossils and 1 alchemy table. Can hold 18 stacks and 63 stacks respectively. Potions and Alchemical Ingredients (auto pickup).
-Builder's Reserve. Made with 30 bones and an iron crate. Can hold 9 stacks. Blocks and walls (auto pickup). Alt+Left-Click to select what you want to place using it.
-The Black Hole. Made with 12 ectoplasm and a crystal ball. Can't hold items. Sucks in items around and places them into corresponding bags.
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