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Reduced Grinding
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Reduced Grinding

This mod isn't supposed to make the game too easy, but makes
it so you don't have to spend huge amounts of time farming for
loot, for example: AFK farms to get rare item like Biome Keys.
It's highly configurable, so you can adjust, enable, or
disable features to your liking.

This mod info breifly explains how it this mod works, for
more info see the link below. What's in this mod:

* New War Potion and Chaos Potion to boost spawn rates. If you
can handle it, you'll get items faster.
* New Chlorophyte Accelerator, which allows you to turn Mud in
to Chlorophyte Ore after defeating the Golem.
* Added New Recipes.
* Increased drop rates for many different loot items and added
some additional drops. This is from Enemies, Grab Bags,
Fishing, Quest Items, and Extractinator.
* New Stationary Merchant: This NPC sells everything the
Traveling Merchant has a chance to sell, but there's a
catch. By default, his prices are higher, especially when
the Traveling Merchant is away. Also by default, the rarer
the item, the more expensive the item is.
* Christmas Elf, a new permanent stationary version of Santa.
* Celestial Beacon, to make the Moon Lord summon right away.
* New Sundials to instantly skip to Night or Day (Enchanted
Sundial cooldown and Tax Collector wont benefit from this).
* New Moon Ball to change the Moon Phase. Having this in your
inventory removes the Moon Phase requirements from the
items in Skeleton Merchant's shop.
* A potion that affects fishing catches. For every 5 fishing
quest completed it will re-roll the fishing chance if the
item caught is less than rare (100 re-rolls max).
* New Lockboxes for different chest you'd find in the world
and possible furniture items that would be located around
* Christmas and Halloween Spirit potions, to make it a
holliday for a day.
* Items to instantly end the Goblin, Pirate, and Lunar
invasion (without summoning Moonlord).
* Items to summon some defeated Invasions/Bosses and items to
cancel some defeated Invasions.
* Crimson/Corruption versions of Seeds/Solutions are available
in both worlds.
* Keep in mind, that the drop rate increases in configuration
file are additional to the drops you get in vanilla (for
example: if an item's vanilla rate = 10% and mod rate = 90%
then the combined rate is 100% which means that it's likely
to always drop, but if both chances fail it wont).
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