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SGAmod: Path of the Passionate
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mod - is a random content mod of often not-very-serious but well made, interesting, unique and most importantly: fun content

Some Examples would include:
600+ items, many of which are very unique functioning weapons, armor sets, and accessories! From the start all the way to post moonlord
10+ unique bosses, many of which reworked from past versions, as well as rematches/varients
4 unique, unusual town npcs: including a Dragon NPC!
3 Dank shrine structures sporting loot, new enemies, and a powerful sword that only gets better which each one obtained!
3 subworld dimensions for you to explore!
A Custom Currency that is tied to mod progression
Support for Boss Checklist, Yet Another Boss Health Bar, Fargos, and Census
No cringy lore
And many more things you've likely never seen done before!

Click the link to join my mod's server! :3, I am very active and ready to awsner any questions you may have
Check out the #portals-SGAmod to get links to the Forum Page (outdated), the Wiki (somewhat WIP), and the Github (Full changelog) for more info!
You could also google and find the homepage, wiki, and github as well if discord isn't your fancy.
And finally, many parts of content in this mod is (still) placeholder sprites due to a lack of active spriters and my inability to make them from scratch, if your a spriter and like what you see, be sure to contact me and we can work something out!

A few warnings before the changelog:

-I do NOT recommended this mod with other mods that add auto-bridgers/helivators. Atleast using those items.
-This mod has issues reloading/unloading, but will work fine if you restart your game thou, justs a heads up!
-This mod has not been properly tested/optimized for multiplayer, while it supports some MP features, many things are disabled in MP
-There's still alot of placeholder sprites! I don't sprite so please be gentle on that front!


4.001-(2/1/23)--Hotfix 44


-Philosophers Stone added tooltip was on the Mana Regen potion, whoops

-Monarchical Cate dropping from Phase 1 S.Pinky

-Regen Health Bar not properly scaling when zooming in

-Maybe fixed the missing noise texture problem? I hope so

4.000-(10/7/22)--Patch 18: Path of the Passionate

-IDG's SGAmod will not be updating to 1.4 or later in any shape or form until Relogic abandons the game again and TMODLoader is as stable as it is on 1.3 (Currently, key TML features in 1.4 do not work that I use often, such as detours)
-The project has become a solo-endever again that I may work on on and off, I am no longer accepting any feedback on features that were "expected" from me anymore or will make me unhappy.


-Harvested Souls, Illusionary Bullet, Flask of Hallucinogenics, Recovery Potion
-Animated mod icon in menu


-Reworked life regen: you now have a Regen Pool, which is an ammount of life your able to regen before you become unable to regen life. You can restore it by nurse healing (over time) and drinking potions (add half the potion's healing to the pool), many equipment now buff this mechanic. You do not lose your Regen Pool while safely regening in a safe area (town with atleast 5 NPCs, no boss alive or invasion active), and even regen it if your HP is full while safe

-Nurse healing also reworked, can no longer instantly heal, instead spawns a healing aura over herself that heals you (and restores Regen Pool) while inside it over time, the aura can be heavily weakened if the nurse is badly hurt

-Several key progression items now require Harvested Souls

-Draken now only has a 1/10 chance to mention the Doom Harbinger if he's unlocked and not fought yet

-Numismatic Crucible now upgrades itself with progression (hardmode, mechs, plantera, moonlord)

-Life Regen is no longer disabled in Nightmare Mode during bosses, but the ammount of your life that counts towards your Regen Pool is reduced

-Conch Horn is a bit cheaper to craft

-Glow rock is now extra dangerious if you cannot pick it up normally

-Radiation Cure potions now cost Glowrock instead of Chlorophyte Ore to craft, so now it is craftable at the start of hardmode

-Buffed Void Em'Bracers: now gives max Regen Pool (a massive one, actually)

-Vanilla: Reworked Philosophers Stone: now gives max Regen Pool (this carries over into crafted upgrades)

-Reworked Dank Wood Armor, Mangrove, Jungle Templar, Valkyrie, Illuminant and Mr.Creeper Armor: now gives max Regen Pool

-Reworked Ukrainian Valor: now gives max Regen Pool per protected NPC
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