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Shadows of Abaddon
Dan Yami, Sumenora, and the rest of the dev team
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Shadows of Abaddon - by Dan Yami, Sumenora and the dev team
(formerly known as SacredTools, the content mod known for NOT being a tool expansion and with no space)

A mysterious reality-bender known only as the incarnation of nightmares, Abaddon, has found a small dimension known as "Terraria". It certainly is an interesting one, but it could use a little more... spicing up.
Thus, he has created gateways from his home world, Syrus, to the land of Terraria - trapping the syrusians in the process. Now, lost and confused in this strange new land, they desperately search for a way home.
You, the player, must defeat much stronger foes than you have ever faced before. You must find new allies - some who even used to be enemies - in order to find a way to defeat Abaddon and open a gateway back to Syrus. But for now, his shadows loom across the lands Terraria...

Adds over 800 items, 11 bosses, 1 biome generated on world creation known as the "Empress Den", one biome generated upon the defeat of Abaddon known as the "Flame Razed Forest", a shrine structure and a couple new ores appearing throughout the game.
It would be appreciated to not judge the book by its cover, and learn about the authors who created this mod.

Check the Forum Thread for Updates:
Check out the Discord for even more information:

- Jake Hawken, created the sounds used for the Asthraltite armor seteffect
- CaptainSparklez and TryHardNinja, for creating the amazing Fallen Kingdom saga, which inspired the Piglin Army event.
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