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Saria Summon Mod!
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Saria comes from another world in order to help you on your adventure!
She is a powerful summon that offers a plethera of abilities beyond just combat AND each of these abilities have strengths and weaknesses depending on what biome the player is in!

New recipes for vanilla potions through the use of cooking pots and this mods XPpearls.

Changed pretty much everything! Xp pearls now drop rarely from enemies and you can use them to level up Saria.
Saria will now level up as you battle with her and once a checkpoint is reached she will get much stronger as well as gaining a new attack!
Craft a HealBall to Summon her and an XpStaff to See how much Xp she has until the next level!

Dying will Half the XP Saria has earned since her last level up but it will not lower her base level. If Saria's exp is maxed out and nothing happens, you may need to progress in the game before she can learn a new move!

There is also only a single bookcase, The strange bookcase, where most of this mod's crafting will take place!

This mod also now adds elemental effects such as freezing in a blizzard or melting in the underworld without decent equipment. Saria will help you fight off these elements but if she is in a biome she is weak in
you will suffer whether or not you have the right equipment!
Staying in a biome she is weak in will make Saria grow ill much faster so be sure not to linger for too long!

This mod adds a few soundtracks from other games, some of which are from terraria otherworld, DarkCloud, and Ocarina of Time. This was also my first mod, but honestly I'm really happy with how it turned out so far!

The Upgrade progression order for this mod is as follows:
~Strange : Uses the move Psyshock
~Sapphire : Uses the move ColdSoul :must kill king slime to unlock
~Ruby : Uses the move Eruption :must Kill Queen Bee to Unlock
~Topaz : Uses the move ThunderClash :must Kill the Wall of Flesh to Unlock
~Emerald : Uses the move GemStorm :must Kill Any Mech Boss to Unlock
~Amber : Uses the move AttackOrder :must Kill Plantera to Unlock
~Amethyst : Uses the move ShadowSneak :must Kill The Duke Fishron to Unlock
More on these attacks will be shown as you level up!

I also highly advise using the Recipe Browser created by jopojelly to see all the different crafting recipes and items, however, this mod does also include notes for most items at the StrangeBookcase. Start by just crafting a PaperNote.
Please do keep note that these level ups will get extremely expensive, however, the effort put into it will certainly pay off!
This mod, as far as I know will not be updated to 1.4 unless I can get some serious help
If you discover any bugs or issues please let me know as multiplayer functions differently than single player. My discord is david5797 (feel free to ask anything!)

**Patch notes(should've done this sooner to be honest)**
ver 6.2.3
-edited the description page as well as my new discord.
ver 6.2.2
-changed how purple gem ball functions

-made living purple shards craftable using silver shards
ver 6.2.1
-trying to fix a multiplayer issue with animations
ver 6.2.0
-changed some biome weaknesses

-Biome weaknesses now effect moves much more than before

-some graphical updates

-lots of other smaller changes, mainly concerning attacks
ver 6.1.3
-scraped the newely added chance for enemies to get stronger due to issues

-romoved some items that were meant to be cut before
ver 6.1.2
-fixed saria increasing damage infinintly when maxing Xp
ver 6.1.1
-very small update. Changed the item meant for my brother in this mod
ver 6.1.0
-Changed the way healballs are used, also added other pokeballs!

-GreenMothGoliath now requires a DuskBall to be thrown at it before it can be caught.

-Changed the way the GemStorm attacks

-Gem Fairies are now obtained from Gem pokeballs made from their gems

-added a rare chance for all enemies to grow huge with a massive health, defense and attack increase so be careful!

-changed a few other small mechanics within the mod.
ver 6.0.1
-Changed amount of MediumXpPearls for XpPearls from 5 to 1

ver 6.0.0
-Updated animations

-removed the diamond upgrade(for now)

-added eye of cthulu pet that drops from the eye(summons the boss to fight for you)

-Completely overhauled how Saria worked

-Changed summon item from tomes to the HealBall
ver 5.4.4
-Changed how the Moonblast attack worked and fixed the issue with it softlocking itself, also made it alot easier for the game to handle

-Increased the curse time of Shadowsneak when overcharged

-Small tweeks to certain debuffs and items

-The Moonblast attack now also scales depending on certain enemies.
ver 5.4.
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