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Spaz's Extra Recipes
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2 months ago
This mod intends to add recipes for items that are lacking them. It adds new items to craft items with, and some recipes using vanilla items.
Adds an NPC to sell you ores so you don't have to spend all day mining.
Adds an NPC to sell boss summons

Voodoo Dolls Stack (from 1.4 Alpha)

Added Alternate summons for bosses
Mutant now sells Truffle Worm post-Duke Fishron
Fixed Mutant sprite glitch
Added more Mutant quotes
Removed free Mutant items
Added more Mutant names
Fixed Mutant quotes
The Mutant now goes to neither King nor Queen Statues
Fixed Mutant naming system

Added Mutant NPC
Updated description

Miner now teleports to King Statue
Miner drops new weapon, Flying Pickaxe
Fixed typos
Updated description
Added Tally Counter recipe
Changed Depth Meter recipe to be more akin to it's original recipe (Anvil rather than Table and Chair)
Stone is now free
Miner no longer sells stone
Fixed bug related to stone costs (Did not work)
Removed wire from Depth Meter and Compass recipes
Increased all ingredient amounts in Metal Detector recipe
Increased amount of Gold/Platinum in Compass recipe

Changed name back to Spazs Extra Recipes
Fixed bugs with alternate recipes
Increased number of Shurikens and Throwing Knives made from one bar
Added Depth Meter and Compass recipes
Added basic Miner arm animation
Stone is now worth 60 copper
Fixed the bug that made the Miner walk backwards

Added 13 new Miner names
Added 10 new Miner quotes
Fixed a typo in a Miner quote
Miner now sells Cobalt, Palladium, Mythril, Orichalcum, Adamantite, Titanium, and Chlorophyte Ores
Fixed the order of ores in the Miner's shop
Miner damage now scales throughout the game
Miner now sells Luminite???
Added Miner walking animation
Changed name of mod
Changed Lunar Glass rarity
Fixed Miner shop glitch

Replaced Metallic Shard with Lead Shard and Iron Shard
Resprited Stardust, Lunar Glass, and Jungle Cluster
Edited description
Updated to new version of tModLoader
Added Enchanted Sword and Magic Quiver recipes
Added Bug Net recipe
Added Rod Of Discord recipe
Added Shuriken and Throwing Knife recipes
Added Fast Clock, Megaphone, Metal Detector, Nazar, and Radar recipes
Added Cobalt Shield, Muramasa, Blue Moon, and Aqua Scepter recipes
Added Gold Chest recipes
Added Mandible Blade recipe
Added Miner NPC
Fixed typo in the changelog

Changed the name of the mod
Resprited the Metallic Shard
Resprited the Tundra Clump
Remade the mod icon
Resprited the Jungle Clump
Renamed Jungle Clump to Jungle Cluster
Removed Planned Features section from the description
Added GitHub Authorization
Added icon
Updated description to 1.2
Updated to the Steam version of tModLoader
Removed the icon because it was bugged

Renamed Jungle Materials to Jungle Clump
Renamed Metallic Materials to Metallic Shard
Added Changelog to description
Added Planned Features to description
Changed Jungle Clump tooltip to "From the depths of the Jungle, Used to make several items"
Added in Tundra Cluster
Added recipe for Ice Boomerang
Added an icon
Added Sickle
Added recipe for Ice Sickle, Ice Blade, Ice Mirror, and Magic Mirror
Fixed a bug that prevented the description from showing
Fixed a bug that prevented the description from showing (Bug did not fix)
Fixed a bug that prevented the description from showing (Bug did not fix)

Added Metallic Materials

Added Jungle Materials

(Accidently Skiped)

Included Stardust and Lunar Glass
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Localizer Package
Localizer Package
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