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The Stars Above
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'Conquer the world's evils, Starfarers at your side.'
Compatible with multiplayer!
Thank you everyone for over 1 million downloads!
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'The Stars Above Music' for music!
This mod includes:
- Two fully furnished deuteroganists with over 1000+
lines of dialogue and custom UI to support it
- Modular, upgradable ultimate abilities that scale
with boss progression
- Pre-made instanced explorable dungeons
set amongst the stars
- 24 custom unlockable passive abilities present in a
unique weight-based system
- 50+ special weapons that have malleable damage types,
alternate abilities, charged attacks, etc.
- 6 unique bosses each with their own special
cast-centric AI
*** Requires Subworld Library! ***
Full description below...

The Stars Above is a Terraria expansion mod that adds
a new important game mechanic: the Starfarer system.
Compatible with multiplayer and all popular content mods.

Meet Asphodene and Eridani: twin Starfarers, spatial
foreigners that will grant you strength on your journey.

Unlock unique equippable abilities within the Stellar Array,
mixing and matching them to perfect your build.

Obtain incredibly powerful Stellar Novas to decide battles,
and then modify and upgrade your Stellar Novas with
Stellar Prisms.

With hundreds of unique dialogue lines for each Starfarer,
become stronger with their guidance,
and arm yourselves for the challenges to come.
Your Starfarers will also have dialogue for modded bosses!

Obtain extraordinary weapons with layers of strategy
and myriad powers to overwhelm your foes. Every single
weapon is incredibly unique and custom-made.

Defeat six powerful unqiue bosses boasting a custom AI system:
Casted Attacks. Adapt and learn to defeat these powerful foes!

The adventure doesn't stop with your home planet. Journey
to the stars above, exploring ancient ruins, alien relics,
and more.

This mod grants nearly limitless player agency; you decide
how you want to play.


Along with the Stellar Array mechanic, there are a myriad of
new weapons exclusive to your respective Aspect carefully made
with unique gameplay in mind. This mod embraces quality over
quantity; each weapon can be qualified as a legendary
artifact by itself, and you may recognize some of them...


Once you have defeated the Wall of Flesh, you can challenge The Vagrant of Space and Time.
Defeating this boss will unlock the next step of your powers, the utilization of Stellar Novas.

During your journey, square off against legendary foes such as Nalhaun, the Burnished King,
Penthesilea, the Witch of Ink, and Arbitration.
Prepare yourself for their myriad attacks, and erase them from this world!

At the end of your journey, The Stars Above has one last challenge for you: The Warrior of Light.
This fight, one of the most unique Terraria bosses ever, will pit you against the pinnacle of heroes, testing
your strength and willpower. It will push you to your Limit- and beyond.

Once you've bested all the bosses of the Stars Above, a new foe will make itself known.
Prepare for the fight of your life...

In Expert Mode, prepare for a challenge that will test every ounce of your abilities.


For enjoyers of the Calamity Mod:
Several weapons are custom-tailored to suit the post-Moon Lord endgame the Calamity Mod offers.
Furthermore, Stellar Novas will scale automatically to Calamity progress.

Custom dialogue is present for Thorium bosses as well!
Even if the mod does not support a modded boss, there will still be dialogue!


Thank you to Subworld Library and Scalar's Structurizer for resources used to create subworlds!

This mod is meant to be utilized in tandem with other mods to enhance the gameplay experience.

Fully compatible with multiplayer, but there may be some desync issues.
Compatible with saves, but highly recommended to start a new playthrough.
If any incompatibilities arise, they will be mentioned ingame.

Please consider donating to The Stars Above if you're able!
You can get a pet or a custom weapon added into the mod!
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