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Storm Diver's Additions Mod
Storm Diver
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Note: This mod has been renamed to "Storm's Additions Mod" for tmod 1.4, and has a brand new logo (Giant vortex fragment surrounded by smaller fragments, with lightning coming from the middle one). If you port any world/character over to 1.4 you will lose any of this mod’s items obtained due to an internal name change and file renaming! If this is the case it is highly recommended to start a brand new playthrough!

This mod has ceased development for 1.3 and will receive no new updates, it is highly recommended to play the 1.4 version as that has received multiple updates exclsuvie to that version.

Storm Diver's Additions Mod is a smallish content mod, that adds content throughout the entire game where it seemed that something was missing, along with unique items thrown in here and there

There's over 200 total modded items for you to discover; including weapons, accessories, ammo, tools, armour, vanity sets, enemies, and more. Many are crafted with vanilla items, but some have their own modded ingredients added to the recipes. There's also some new recipes for certain things that did not have a crafting recipe before.

This mod includes:

-Over 100 new unique weapons across all classes
-Over 20 new accessories, including new expert exclusive ones
-9 new armour sets with unique set bonuses
-Many new ammos including unique ammo for certain weapons
-Multiple new tools
-New bars and other crafting materials
-A bunch of different buffs and debuffs inflicted from a range of sources
-9 new potions
-5 new Vanity sets and a speical vanity mask
-3 new pets
-23 new enemies across the game
-Some NPCs now sell new items
-A way to remove the shields from the pillars prematurely
-New recipes for certain uncraftable vanilla items

Credit to KittKatt for updating some of the sprites and providing balance suggestions
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