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This is a mod that supplies several optional UI changes, such as an on screen enemy HP bar when striking an enemy, changing the player health bar style, a low HP sound with various types, damage font animations, and a party interface.
Player health bar styles include:
-Kingdom Hearts Style (Small, Medium, and Large)
-A Link to the Past, Zelda Style
-Zelda II Style
-Zelda PH Heart Style
-Zelda OoT and MM Styles
-Metroid Prime Style
-Pokemon Sun/Moon Style
-Terraria Leveled Style
-Persona 3 Status Menu Style
-And so much more!

Use "/unleveled" to show the options menu.

This mod does not need to be on a server to run! It is entirely client only, and can run on ANY server. It will not force people to use the mod if it is on a server.

-Almost all graphic assets used were drawn by Gotest. Some came directly from another game whenever possible.
-Galaxy bar was requested and drawn by Koopahunter197.

-- v1.6.0.4 --
Fixed a compatibility issue with No Buff Limit where none of the UI elements appear.

-- v1.6.0.3 --
Fixed party UI

-- v1.6.0.2 --
Updated to tMod 0.11.3

-- v1.6.0.1 --
Updated for Leveled 1.0

-- v1.6 --
Added a new health bar. KH:CoM appearance.
Added a new health bar, Galaxy. Requested and made by Koopahunter197.
Fixed an issue where the FRAXY bar always shows, even if you select none.
Fixed a problem where bars that interact with the player getting hurt would get triggered when invincible.

-- v1.5.4 --
Added a new type of bar style that appears on the player.
Attempt to clear some error spam.

-- v1.5.3 --
Fixed some errors with a few health styles.
Fixed UIEffects error spam.
Fixed player KH2 style bar length.

-- v1.5.1 --
Updated for Leveled 0.9.7.

-- v1.5 --
Updated to tMod
Added a new damage number animation, with a crit sound. Sound can be disabled.
Fixed an issue with the number crunch not showing the correct damage.

-- v1.4.2 --
Updated to tMod

-- v1.4.1 --
Updated to tMod

-- v1.4 --
Added a new damage animation style, "Jumpy."

-- v1.3.1--
Fixed the name for the Gems health style.
Added a name for Health Style 5, Elsword.
Added some text to the white boxes to describe what they are.
Added an the option to right click the white boxes to lock them.
Fixed the position of the enemy's level in the default enemy HP window.
Fixed Lava Charm meter with the KH bars.

-- v1.3 --
New health style. Gems.
Fixed an issue where the KH bar position initialized offscreen for any resolution.

-- v1.2 --
New Health bar style. It will be under Health Bar Style 5.

-- v1.1.1 --
Updated for Leveled Critical Mode.
Changed the way the KH positioning worked. It's now by screen % instead of pixels. You'll likely need to click defaults, or go to the settings file and change KHPosX/Y to 0.5 to center it on the screen.

-- v1.1.0.2 --
Fixed an issue with the bouncy damage text where it would freeze when there's too many.
Fixed an issue with the crunch damage numbers where it would show incorrect damage.

-- v1.1 --
Revamped the Options menu.
Added a visible drag window for draggable objects when Lock is off.
Added a new option that enables a custom damage number animation.
Added an option to shrink damage numbers 10000 or higher. (Ex. 10.0K)
Centered the KH health bar styles in the drag area.

-- v1.0 --
Added a new KH2 Style health bar for the player.
Removed an error box that may appear involving the "Head" of the player when loading a world.

-- v0.6 --
Added two new heart styles.
Heart Styles are now labeled to what game they're from if they're from one.
Added four new Low HP Sounds
Added the option to right click the health style and low health style to go back
Clicking save now gives a notification saying "Settings Saved"

-- v0.5 --
Fixed an issue when using a custom texture for the default heart type, would cause Unleveled's custom hearts to bust.
Fixed an issue when running with Leveled that the enemy HP bar will show up even without Scan.
Added a new health bar style: Bar style: 4 - Persona 3 status menu style

-- v.0.4.6 --
Fixed an issue with some healthbars not showing damaged HP.
The entire interface and all styles should now scale with the UI scale. Use the default button if something doesn't appear.
Fixed an issue where heart style 2 and 3 were not in the correct position when the UI is scaled.

-- v. --
Changed up Health Bar 3 to instantly show lost HP, or gained HP through fading, while keeping the gradual increase/decrease.
Fixed up Health Bar 3 some more.

-- v.0.4.5 --
Attempt to fix health bar 3 freezing up.

-- v.0.4.4 --
Fixed the animation rate of the Metroid Prime and Heart Style 3 styles when using the L
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