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Weapon Scaling 1.1! Now with 100% more Wood tiered Meowmeres! Introducing weapon downgrading, a Wood tiered upgrade kit and a few minor fixes.

Have you ever reached late-game and wished there was something exactly like Waterbolt, but that actually dealt enough damage to be usable? Or maybe you really wanted to run a whole fire-themed character but all molten weapons become useless as soon as you get some funny red ore? Or maybe you just really want to make the god of all shortswords?
Fear no more! We got you covered!

W1K's Weapon Scaling works in a very simple way. Every vanilla weapon (more on mods later) has been given an appropriate tier based on when they are obtained in the game, this system, alongside farmable upgrade items, let you upgrade the weapon of your choice to higher tier, damage scaling as appropriate.
To keep it simple, this was done through a lot of math and a funny excel sheet calculating the average DPS increases for each progression tier. The result is a somewhat balanced system of scaling that should keep your weapon of choice comparable or slightly inferior to weapons of the same tier.

Now, there's obviously downsides to this. Namely, not all weapons are perfectly balanced on their own. While I have done some individual adjustments myself, I can't try all potential weapon and tier combinations on my own, so I will ask for your comprehension and feedback so that I can keep tweaking the numbers further.

You might've noticed I specified vanilla. There is no way for me to determine the right tiers for weapons coming from external mods, HOWEVER, a solution is already in place.
Mod authors can specify compatible weapons, tiers and adjust scaling of any weapon through the comfiness of their own mods! This is quick and simple, if not a bit tedious for big mods. An example mod is provided in the related thread on the community forums. I will provide a list of supported mods as well as I am made aware!

So that's all! Enjoy your sadly-still-pathetic celestial-tiered wooden hammer!
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