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Crimsanity Weaponry (AKA Yeethaw Arsenal)
ChemAtDark & DirgeofSwans
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23 days ago
Previously known as Yeethaw Arsenal, we now have a team name: Crimsanity!

Newest Update:
- Some clarity fixes and some removed exploits

Last 3 Updates:
- The cutting winds of the Valmanway and its upgrades do less damage the further they travel, you also cannot use it during your after-hit invincibility frames if you are not immune to knockback, akin to SotN/AoS
- Fixed some typos
- Slight nerfs to Valmanway and its upgrades to make it somewhat less effective against crowds

You want more weapons?
We've got more weapons!
We even have a few miscellaneous items!

...Sorry I don't feel like making a better description right now but here's what the mod adds so far:

Slime Bow, coats arrows (including a couple flaming arrow types) in bouncy gel that even bounces off of enemies!
Hyper Scope, a magic weapon that can be charged to fire more powerful shots at the cost of additional mana
Stone Pellets, rebounding heavy bullets that inflict damage and knockback based on velocity, especially powerful at very close range, has an endless pouch variant
Grapeshot, essentially a shotgun blast of stone pellets with 50% reduced damage and does not inflict extra damage at close range, lacks an infinite variant
Valmanway, an upgradable melee weapon that slashes rapidly, cutting your foes to bits!
Flare Boomstick, a combat upgrade to the Flare Gun with better damage output, still good for utility but less useless in battle!
Pulse Reflector, a device that can reflect projectiles on demand, it looks oddly familiar...
Sidewinder, a strange sniper rifle that hits its target dead on with no regard as to what's between it and its victim. It's quite slow, but if you have a good aim you will be able to swiftly pick targets left and right!
Voodoo Heart, a strange accessory that can reduce the amount of damage the player will take, there is a drawback to this however
Lowercase R, a curious gun that fires the word 'BULLET', therefore able to inflict damage rather quickly, there's something about it that's familiar...
Wooden Bullets, relatively cheap bullets that break into sharp wooden fragments
Gatling Gunpack, a unique device strapped to the back that fires bullets as you fly, perfect for jetpack joyrides! It's very expensive and impractical, but who cares when you've got a freakin' machine gun jetpack?
Terra Nova, through blood sacrifice, the gods purge all that is impure
Paradox Mirror, an accessory that can recursively duplicate damage dealt

More to come soon!
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