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x15 26 mod
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x15 26 mod is a root of evil...

I'm from Russuia and use translator for translate all to english!

There is now an official Discord server (But I'm too lazy to complete it, sorry):
Or just click on the "home page" button

This mod contains:
-Russian and English localizations
-269 items
-89 weapons
-41 accessories
-8 armor sets
-4 light pets
-11 potions
-173 projectiles
-38 buffs
-9 debuffs
-35 prefixes
-1 boss
-15 enemies
-32 tiles
-2 walls
-37 sounds
-4 ores

v0.8 changelog:

+83 items
+32 weapons
+13 accessories
+3 armor sets
+0 light pets
+2 potions
+86 projectiles
+4 buffs
+2 debuffs
+10 prefixes
+1 boss
+4 enemies
+3 tiles
+0 walls
+17 sounds
+0 ores
and mod icon updated!

Was fixed:

-Space Slime AI is not affected by the number of Space Slimes

-Flask buff doesn't disappear on death

-Ban on seals debuff doesn't disappear on death

-All bugs with absolute armor, except visual (in multiplayer)


Was removed:

-HamsteR's, illusion's, ayciu's, s1ren's <-(senkakir1k) souls as an enchantment opportunity


Was changed:

-HamsteR's, illusion's, ayciu's, s1ren's souls now drop in normal mode

-Sprites of gem staffs

-Miner's Pouch now spawns in mahogany chests

-Some modifications (added by the mod) on weapons are opened when switching to hardmode and after killing the Moon Lord

-Wood Staff
| Damage increased (5 -> 8)
| Use speed reduced (45 -> 40)
| Sold by a merchant

-Askirleete Bow can shoot any arrow, and the Askireelite Arrow is now a standalone ammo

-Askirleete Arrow has lost the ability to deal more damage with each hit

-Auto use of summoner weapons for Nature Emblem

-Reworked the Twilight projectile visual

-Seal buffs do not disappear on death

-Parameters of some seals and their crafting

-All swords have been reworked
| -Size of Stone Sword has been increased
| Changed sprite
| Changed craft
| -Gem swords release a small wave with each swing and their size has been increased
| -Deathblade releases sparks and its size has been increased
| -The End of Daybreak releases the wave
| -Sword of Falling Stars releases 2-3 waves
| -Energy Slasher sprite changed
| Changed damage (75 -> 60)
| Changed the wave sprite and its behavior
| Size has been increased
| -Solar Flame sprite changed
| Changed damage (175 -> 150)
| Now releases a Solar Burst
| Changed craft


Was changed for expert mode:

-Helltanite hamaxe sprite

-Each Inferno Portal Projectile deals damage separately

-Large Machine Gun
| Damage increased (3 -> 6)
| shooting speed slowed down (3 -> 4)
| Spread reduced by 16.6%


Was changed for hardmode:

-Slime of all Cristers will now drop and in normal mode

-Damage of Interdimensional Cleaving Blade has been reduced (80 -> 50)

-Interdimensional Arrow deals damage separately and pierces two enemies

-With a full set of Void Armor, the cooldown of the Void Necklace will be reduced to 35 seconds (was 30) the time spent in the void will be increased to 6 seconds (was 7)

-Dark-enchanted ranger emblem grants auto ranged weapon use (was 20% not to spend ammo)

-Removed auto use from summoner weapons that can be thrown

-Emblem of Nature now grants automatic use of summoner weapons and is used in crafting Stardust Emblem of Legend

-Staff of Interdimensional Portals
| Damage (66 -> 75)
| Time of portal activity (5 -> 4 seconds)
| Portal fires a projectile every 1.3 seconds (was every 2 seconds)
| Mana cost (250 -> 100)
| Heart/mana drop = 5 to 1
| Portal hits more often

-Stardust Cell
| Changed craft
| Now only for expert mode
| Deals double area damage
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