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Fargo's Souls Mod
Download v1.3.2.5 (14 MB)

Fargowilta and Terry N. …

-Fixed Thorium incompatability (Again)

-Fixed Thorium incompatability
Eternity Mode:
-Zombies no longer break doors, they just always open them
-Updated Big Mimic stomp attack to not be the horrible ogre attack hitbox

Localizer Package
4 months ago tModLoader v0.11.6.2 Edit | Delete
Reduced Grinding
Download v6.0 (392 KB)


Reduced Grinding

This mod isn't supposed to make the game too easy, but makes
it so you don't have to spend huge amounts of time farming for
loot, for example: AFK farms to get rare item like Biome Keys.
It's highly configurable, so you can adjust, enable, or
disable features to your liking.

This mod info breifly explains how it this mod works, for
more info see the link below. What's in this mod:

* New War Potion and Chaos Potion to boost spawn rates. If you
can handle it, you'll get items faster.
* New Chlorophyte Accelerator, which allows you to turn Mud in
to Chlorophyte Ore after defeating the Golem.
* Added New Recipes.
* Increased drop rates for many different loot items and added
some additional drops. This is from Enemies, Grab Bags,
Fishing, Quest Items, and Extractinator.
* New Stationary Merchant: This NPC sells everything the
Traveling Merchant has a chance to sell, but there's a
catch. By default, his prices are higher, especially when
the Traveling Merchant is away. Also by default, the rarer
the item, the more expensive the item is.
* Christmas Elf, a new permanent stationary version of Santa.
* Celestial Beacon, to make the Moon Lord summon right away.
* New Sundials to instantly skip to Night or Day (Enchanted
Sundial cooldown and Tax Collector wont benefit from this).
* New Moon Ball to change the Moon Phase. Having this in your
inventory removes the Moon Phase requirements from the
items in Skeleton Merchant's shop.
* A potion that affects fishing catches. For every 5 fishing
quest completed it will re-roll the fishing chance if the
item caught is less than rare (100 re-rolls max).
* New Lockboxes for different chest you'd find in the world
and possible furniture items that would be located around
* Christmas and Halloween Spirit potions, to make it a
holliday for a day.
* Items to instantly end the Goblin, Pirate, and Lunar
invasion (without summoning Moonlord).
* Items to summon some defeated Invasions/Bosses and items to
cancel some defeated Invasions.
* Crimson/Corruption versions of Seeds/Solutions are available
in both worlds.
* Keep in mind, that the drop rate increases in configuration
file are additional to the drops you get in vanilla (for
example: if an item's vanilla rate = 10% and mod rate = 90%
then the combined rate is 100% which means that it's likely
to always drop, but if both chances fail it wont).

Localizer Package
4 months ago tModLoader v0.11.6.2 Edit | Delete
Auto Trash
Download v0.5 (71.1 KB)


Adds an Auto-Trash Slot:
Place items in the Auto-Trash slot to immediately trash them as they are picked up later. Useful for all those items that clutter your inventory.

Ctrl+Shift click inventory items to quickly add to auto trash list.

You can also use the config to have the Auto-Trash slot instead act as an Auto-Sell slot. In Auto-Sell mode, you automatically get coins when items are auto-trashed. The default is 15%, slightly less than the 20% you would get from shops.

Localizer Package
3 months ago tModLoader v0.11.7.5 Edit | Delete
Shadows of Abaddon
Download v1.1.1.4 (41.1 MB)

Dan Yami, Sumenora, and …

Shadows of Abaddon - by Dan Yami, Sumenora and the dev team
(formerly known as SacredTools, the content mod known for NOT being a tool expansion and with no space)

A mysterious reality-bender known only as the incarnation of nightmares, Abaddon, has found a small dimension known as "Terraria". It certainly is an interesting one, but it could use a little more... spicing up.
Thus, he has created gateways from his home world, Syrus, to the land of Terraria - trapping the syrusians in the process. Now, lost and confused in this strange new land, they desperately search for a way home.
You, the player, must defeat much stronger foes than you have ever faced before. You must find new allies - some who even used to be enemies - in order to find a way to defeat Abaddon and open a gateway back to Syrus. But for now, his shadows loom across the lands Terraria...

Adds over 800 items, 11 bosses, 1 biome generated on world creation known as the "Empress Den", one biome generated upon the defeat of Abaddon known as the "Flame Razed Forest", a shrine structure and a couple new ores appearing throughout the game.
It would be appreciated to not judge the book by its cover, and learn about the authors who created this mod.

Check the Forum Thread for Updates:
Check out the Discord for even more information:

- Jake Hawken, created the sounds used for the Asthraltite armor seteffect
- CaptainSparklez and TryHardNinja, for creating the amazing Fallen Kingdom saga, which inspired the Piglin Army event.

Localizer Package
4 months ago tModLoader v0.11.7.1 Edit | Delete
Download v1.6.4 (5.1 MB)


[English, 汉语, ру́сский]
WeaponOut is a quality of life and minor content mod that introduces items that use interesting game mechanics balanced for vanilla Terraria, but are capable of holding up to modded playthroughs. It adds fist, whips, multi-function and team support items as well as ease-of-use functions such as autoswinging accessories, teleporting hooks and temporary spawn points.

* Hide/Show weapons being held with inventory icon (top left).
* Temporary spawn point tents! Silk + Wood.
* Fists! Dash at enemies to deliver devastating combos.
* Whips! Deals crits when hitting at the tip.
* Sabers! Fast striking swords with special charge effects.
* More dual-use Weapons! Right-click for secondary weapon abilities.
* Early game shields, with situational uses.
* Team-centric items for buffing, and restoring mana.
* Trivial accessories! Scale low tier weapons to high tier.
* Custom config file, if you want to toggle the above features.

Note: Config located in Terraria/ModLoader/Mod Configs

* 44 Fist Weapons
* 9 Whip Weapons
* 9 Saber Weapons
* Quite a few other weapons
* 25 Accessories (roughly)
* 1 Tile
* 3 Bullets

Now has a wiki page:

Flashkirby99 - I am making this mod.
Eli10293 - Updated Sprites for: Mana Blast, Mana Sword, Molten Chains
Alena - Updated Sprites for: Steampunk Persuader
Gouvod - 汉语翻译
Milliath - Переведено на русский.
goldenapple - "Modder's Guide to Config Files"
Folks on the discord server - Suggestions, bug testing and all-round support. You guys rock!
kiedev666 - The first playtester.

Mod recommendations:
Virtuous = Adds a whole bunch of cool and unique weapons.
UnuBattleRods = Adds a fishing class that deals damage via special fishing rods that are also weapons.

Localizer Package
one year ago tModLoader v0.10.1.5 Edit | Delete
Shorter Respawn Time
Download v1.0 (17.5 KB)


This mod allow customizing respawn time after death. The respawn times can be configured in-game.

Tweak "Expert Mode Penalty Scale" and "Boss Penalty Scale" if you'd like expert and boss deaths to be less penalized. Tweak "Global Respawn Scale" to lower all respawn times.

The "Shorter Respawn Preset" is the default behavior and matches previous versions of this mod.

When used in conjunction with either HERO's Mod or Cheat Sheet, an toggle button for instant respawns becomes available in the respective menus. When both are loaded, HERO's mod will take precedence since integration with HERO's mod allows for use of the permissions system.

When using HERO's Mod, 2 new permissions will be added to the group managment. "Modify Personal Respawn Time" permits usage of the instant respawn cheat and "Modify Global Respawn Time" permits modifying the config values.

Localizer Package
one year ago tModLoader v0.11.2.2 Edit | Delete
Download v21.0 (2 KB)


Increases the stack of common items to 9999

Localizer Package
one year ago tModLoader v0.10.1.5 Edit | Delete
The Enigma Mod!
Download v0.15 (45.3 MB)


Current features:
A new class- The Mystic Class!
A new dimension- The Etherial
8 Bosses
A new level-up system in the form of the Soul Stone
A new Alchemy System involving Crystallizing Potions
A new biome- The Obsidium
And more!
Fixed worldgen with XL Worlds on 64 bit

This is Enigma's final 1.3 update-
Enigma will be completely rewritten for 1.4 as Enigma: New Dawn, with lots more focus and detail put into every individial feature, so look forward to that!

Localizer Package
3 months ago tModLoader v0.11.7.4 Edit | Delete
Qwerty's Bosses and Items
Download v0.21.13 (35.5 MB)


This mod adds whatever I feel like adding. I generally try to make the content I add feel unique.
I have a forum page and discord server for the mod where you can read up on the content, leave suggestions, or report bugs
Also working on a wiki

-8 bosses with custom AI!
-A new sky fortress biome/strucutre with randomised layouts, and new enemeis with custom AI!
-A new event the dino militia!
-8 new accesory prefixes!
-over 400 items total! including...
-many new armor sets all with unique effects
-LOADS of cool and unique weapons!

I'm not that good of a spriter so here I'll give thanks to the spriters who helped!
-Liquidated Assets

Extra thanks
-Turquiose (for writing custom themes)
-musicman (polar exterminator theme)
-Kerdo (Russian Translations)
-Cerberus (Chinese Translations)

-Fixed a severe bug where using the old Rhuthinium sprite setting would prevent the mod from loading, which would prevent you from turning it back off...

-fixed stable morphs resetting flight time
-fixed the spiked slime shift
-fixed stable morph no longer being effected by dyes


-added a hotkey that will allow the player to quickly use quick morphs then switch back to whatever they were using
-reworked stable morphs
--stable morps are no longer mounts, and are now activated with a new 'quick stable morph' hotkey
--quick heal, buf, and mana, now work when morphed
--morph sickness has been done away witt, the fact that shapefiter equipment encourages staying morphed should be sufficient enough.
--Due to the removal of morph sickeness the emeral eye and its upgrades have been removed.
-etimsic armor has been tweaked
-buffed tank commander's set bonus
-clay plate effect changed
-nefed glass cannon since you no longer need to be helpless for 3 seconds to start using it

-new sprites for many dino militia enemies (thanks Donmor)
-fixed shape shift: hydra barrage not making the player invulnerable
-shape shift: Rhuthinium barrage now makes the player invulnerable while in use

-fixed glass blade's recipe
-fixed mythril prism and chloro sniper minion not orbiting player

-Ancient machine's defense reduced 18->14
-Imperious's defense lowers to 34 when entering its second phase
-piercing potion armor penetration reduced 12->8
-brutal necklace armor penetration 6->5

-mini tank damage increased 30->32
-mini tanks should be better at targeting large enemies that are slightly below them verticly

-tweaked arachnoyo's interaction's with the yoyo bag slightly
-added arsenal (new Imperious drop)
-Swordsman badge drop rate is now independent of weapon drops

-When Imperious is spawned in it will start facing away from the player (should prevent Imperious from immediatly charging toward the player from offscreen at high speeds)
-Imperious will no longer use swordlagmite or swordpocalypse in its second phase in singleplayer
-Imperious's phantom ring attack will attack in 4 waves instead of 7
-Imperious is now invulnerable when transitioning to the second phase

-Ancient miner is now a strictly 3x3 miner, since it would lose modifers when switching modes
-Nerfed rhuthinium pickaxe and hamaxe mining speed and anmiation speed to be the same as molten tools
-Reworked burst miner to act like a pre hardmode shroomite digging claw, renamed to stream miner

-Added Hydrill
-added Shape Shift: Hydra Barrage
-hydra missile rod is now a hydra drop but has been nerfed to compensate for earlier progression
-hydra misile rod damage reduced 58->40, use time increased 24->28, splits into 2 heads per split instead of 3, mana increased 4->10
--Hydra arrows are now more expensive to craft rquiring 3 scales per 111 crafted.

-Reworked hydra's drop rates
--2(3 in expert) of the following items will be dropped: Fire hydrent, hydra javelin, hydra cannon, hydra beam, Hydra missile rod, hydra head staff, Shape shift: hydra barrage, Hydrill. (it's the exact same drop formula that AM and Imperious use)
--hydra no longer drops hydra arrows directly
--drop chance on hydra hook and hydrator increased slightly

-fossil bow use time increased 14->18
-added fortress harpy feather and fortress harpy wings
-rebalanced hydra wings
-removed a bunch of the mod's weaker redundent prefixes, and some that were considered too overpowered
-Gale swift helm crit chnce increased 8%->12%

-Polar exterminator now has its own theme (no music box yet)

-fixed polar exterminator not updating on boss checklist
-fixed bowyo arrow damage
-molluskets now have a chnace of dropping an accesory.

-added a command to generate the frozen den.
-fixed issue where the world couldn't generate with th

Localizer Package
18 days ago tModLoader v0.11.7.5 Edit | Delete
Download v11.5.2 (5.4 MB)

Graydee, The dev team, j…

Crystilium is a mod that focuses around a single new biome, the crystal biome. NOTE: You must
generate a new world to get any of the content for this mod.

Adds a lot of new items, and even a challenging fun new boss.

Localizer Package
5 months ago tModLoader v0.11.6.2 Edit | Delete
Download v1.0.0.130 (415.4 KB)


Unlimited/Combinable Potions
Take up no buff slots so you don't hit the buff cap and lose your pets and stuff
Recall potion has a hotkey you can set to teleport home

Money Collector
Automatically places picked up coins into your Piggy Bank

Pretty much all ammo/thrown/consumable weapons/health/mana/buff potions, modded included are infinite if you are carrying enough or have them in your piggy bank
/luiafk ammo will toggle this effect on and off
Check the link below to see how it works, how many you need etc

Improved Drill Mount
Flies faster, better control, more lasers

Harvesting Chests
When placed they'll collect Herbs/Trees/Cactus placed nearby, or collect fish relevant to position (including quest fish) if the chest contains baitless rod or normal rod + bait

Combo Rod
Made from various building rods/buckets etc
Lets you paint by selecting a box to paint/remove paint
Lets you place walls by selecting a box
Lets you place tiles like how the Grand design works, as well as choosing slope style, a gap of upto 3 (for hoiks), and you can place wand woods/leaves, regrowth moss, or grasses
Lets you place wires, like grand design, but you won't run out of wires
Lets you place liquid/remove liquid, unlimited buckets and sponge

Improved Target Dummy
Summons a target dummy npc that just sits there and takes everything you can throw at it
Projectiles are summoned when hit by weapons like earth
Despawns when a boss is active to avoid using it to kill bosses with weapons like Earth

Unlimited AutoBuilding
Auto hellevator/sub or skyway/NPC prisons/skybridge/hellbridge builders/fishing pool/fishing biome/arena platforms, right click to choose material and stuff
Added Unlimited Asphalt Platforms
Added Jungle solution, and Multi Solution
Multi solution can be used as solution, or you can select 2 points in the world and convert everything inside of it to your selected biome

Travelling Merchant and Skeleton Merchant are Town NPCs


Localizer Package
one year ago tModLoader v0.10.1.5 Edit | Delete
Extensible Inventory
Download v1.5.2.1 (114.3 KB)


Implements an extensible, paginated inventory for players, able to be scaled endlessly.

New (v1.5.2): Now includes a hotkey to create a new page just after the current page.

Localizer Package
6 months ago tModLoader v0.11.6.2 Edit | Delete
Max Stack Plus Extra
Download v1.1.0.4 (14 KB)


Makes the stacking of items configurable and easily changable.


- Adjusted stack change logic to be a bit better. - Thanks The-Voidwalker
- Updated to 0.11.5

- Added config option for unique items that require 1 stack normally, like portable storage's bags.
- Fixed bug where throwing items used the weapon stack instead of item stack.

- Fixed bug with ammo not stacking correctly.

- Fixed bug with coins not stacking correctly.

- Migrated to 0.11
- Made all stack changes completely configurable via modconfig. All weapons and equippables default to a stack of 1 with everything else defaulting to 9999.
- Made coins use original stacking

- Added Homepage

- Added Mod Icon

- Release

Localizer Package
11 months ago tModLoader v0.11.5 Edit | Delete
Calamity Mod Extra Music
Download v1.0.7.5 (34.8 MB)


This mod aims to add themes for vanilla features that don't already have unique themes. Most, if not all bosses will sometime recieve their own themes exclusive to this mod!
All themes and code done by me (Turquoise), though big thanks to Fabsol for pointing me in the right direction in terms of music overrides.

Current boss themes:
-Eye of Cthulhu
-Queen Bee
-Destroyer/Twins/Skeletron Prime
-Duke Fishron
-King Slime
-Eater of Worlds
-Brain of Cthulhu
-Wall of Flesh
-Lunatic Cultist (Side note: it's an updated version of what's already in the regular Calamity Music mod.)

Current event themes:
-Acid Rain

Current biome themes:

Current music boxes:
-Queen Bee
-Destroyer/Twins/Skeletron Prime
-King Slime
-Eater of Worlds

Localizer Package
11 months ago tModLoader v0.11.4 Edit | Delete
More Chest Loot
Download v0.6 (24 KB)

Graydee& Schmo

More Chest Loot adds more loot to random chests for you to find. Currently adds 14 items to random chests throughout your world to find!

Forum page:

Localizer Package
3 years ago tModLoader v0.10.1 Edit | Delete
Even More Modifiers
Download v0.1.2.3 (479.9 KB)


Weapons, armor, and accessories can all roll up to 4 modifiers that grant a wide variety of bonuses and effects. See the homepage for details and changelogs

Localizer Package
one year ago tModLoader v0.10.1.5 Edit | Delete
Mod of Redemption (No Music)
Download v0.7.9.62 (48.2 MB)


'Mod of Redemption' is a remastered version of 'Mod of Randomness', never heard of that mod? I'm not surprised, because it no longer works.

Please remember to update the mod when necessary.

- 1 Mount
- 191 Buffs
- 24 Walls
- 289 Tiles
- 295 NPCs (Including bosses & minibosses)
- 11 Bosses
- 11 Minibosses
- 1206 Items

Latest Major Update:
- Complete Lab Overhaul
- Slayer's Crashed Ship
- Tons of fixes
- Stuff
For more, look at the mod's homepage

Thank you Pluto for making the Nebuleus backgrounds

Thank you to the epic Patreons:

Main Features (So far):
- Chicken Invasion!
- Abandoned Lab (Larger than the Jungle Temple)
- Space Boss (King Slayer III)
- Druid Class!
- Vlitch Overlord bosses (3/4 for now)
- Rare Weapons (1/500 Chance of dropping from certain enemies)
- Epic Weapons (1/1000 Chance of dropping from certain enemies in Hardmode)
- Wasteland Biome (After Infected Eye boss)
- Nature Guardians
- Ancient Stone Blocks
- Many Fantasy Weapons (Old Rapier, Noble's Swords, Warden's Bows)
- King Chicken Boss!!
- Chicken Stuff!
- Lots of types of Skeletons (Assassin, Dueller, Noble)
- Varients of Golems (Forest, Molten, Ancient)
- Squire NPC
- Pure-Iron & Ancient Brass Equipment
- Pre-Hardmode Boss (Sprite by Zoomo, edited a bit)
- Kanite Ore (Very early ore, around iron)
- Ancient Trees (Place acorns on Ancient Dirt to grow them)
- Ancient Wood Furniture
- A few insects
- A few Xenomite things.
- Xenomite Crystal boss
- Early Hardmode Boss
- Xenomite Weapons/Tools/Armour
- Infected Enemies
- Stuff
- Dirt Swords!

Localizer Package
2 months ago tModLoader v0.11.7.5 Edit | Delete
Download v3.0.1 (25.6 KB)


Makes every weapon in the game auto-swing/auto-shoot.

Because why the heck not?

NEW IN V3.0: Configurable via Mod Settings!

Special thanks:
CrimsHallowHero for fixing spears.
Pop000100 for maintaing the mod.

Localizer Package
6 months ago tModLoader v0.11.6.2 Edit | Delete
No More Tombs
Download v1.0.1 (9 KB)


This mod stops tombstones from appearing when you die.
Based on the "Disable Gravestones" option from HERO's Mod.


* Added config file
* Added no death text option, defaults to false.

Localizer Package
2 years ago tModLoader v0.10.1 Edit | Delete
AFK's PETS and more
Download v9.9.9.28 (31.3 MB)

AFK, Blossom, Satori the…

AFK's Pets and More mod currently adds:

-300+ pets
-20+ mounts
-100+ weapons
-15+ furniture
-3 town npcs
-9 bosses
-9 mini boss
-3 new secret prefix
-1 difficulty mode
-Few mechanics such as Changing your town npc name as your wish (Check Hypno's Pendulum),searching and then opening page of wiki in ingame(Check Book of Knowledge)(needs internet connection and it opens the result page in your default browser and also it support few other mods),returning any flying boss into your pet (Check mirror of mirages for more information)
and about 1040+ items in total.

A lot of stuff in this mod is a reference to
other games/fandoms/shows/etc such as:
Touhou Project, Pokemon, Mario, Yume Nikki
and many more. One of the new town npcs is
called Boss Hunter Merchant, he sells quiet
a few items if certain requirements are met,
he also says some stuff about your current
pet and the most important thing to know
about him is that he tells you a lot of
important informations how to get/craft
some of the items so don't skip his
dialogues. If you have any questions about
this mod then you can ask them on TCF or
More Pets discord server. Also credit of this
nice description goes to Satori the Mind Reader.
Thank you so much.

Localizer Package
one month ago tModLoader v0.11.7.5 Edit | Delete
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