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Cool Sword Mod
Download v0.1.1 (7 KB)


Cool Sword Mod is a pretty cool mod, it does things.

Localizer Package
2 years ago tModLoader v0.11.7.8 Edit | Delete
Chen's Calamity Boss Rush Weapon Adjustments
Download v0.2.9 (3.3 MB)


Allows obsolete weapons to be upgraded using Shadowspec Bars to use against Boss Rush. This is mainly for private use only with my dedicated server.
Calamity Mod is required. If you're interested, just use recipe browser. There are weapons from ChensGradiusMod that are included into the fray, but if the mod is not loaded, then the shadowspec version won't be included.
Multiplayer in Calamity has desync issues in Boss Rush when there are too many projectiles happening. This mod aims to widen weapon selection array that use less effects from obsolete weapons. They all require Shadowspec Bars to craft. Don't expect too much as the weapons don't do anything special from their obsolete counterpart. Their damage is just jacked up. That's it.
This is a work in progress always.

Localizer Package
one year ago tModLoader v0.11.8.5 Edit | Delete
Calamity Mod (No Calamity Music)
Download v1.5.1.6 (37.4 MB)

Fabsol and the Dev Team

The Calamity Mod currently adds:

- 20+ new bosses
- A brand new event
- A lot of new enemies, ores, and items
- 5 new modes for extra challenge
- 6 new biomes and several new structures
- Buffs and nerfs to certain vanilla features in order to maintain balance
- Buffs and nerfs to certain vanilla items that were either too weak or too strong
- Cross-content support for various other mods


Download the Calamity Mod Music mod if you want Calamity Mod music to be in your game!

Localizer Package
one year ago tModLoader v0.11.8.8 Edit | Delete
Download v1.5.0.19 (299.2 KB)

Chireiden Team

Provide localization functions include:
- Extract texts from mods
- Apply translations to mods
- Create your own translation package
- Download user generated packages from Localizer

Currently this mod is in hard developing, docs and manuals are not built.

Localizer Package
3 years ago tModLoader v0.11.7.5 Edit | Delete
Renucation (No Music)
Download v0.1.8 (31.2 KB)


-Added Smoldering Sword
-Other Fix Smoldering Sword
-New texture for SS Beam
-Added Brass
-Added Brass Armor
-Added Life Ring
-Resprite Brass Bar (Item and tile)
-Added Drum Bar (alternative of brass)
-Added Chain Of Protection
-Accessories effect activates only, if you have need stats

Localizer Package
2 years ago tModLoader v0.11.8.1 Edit | Delete
Recipe Browser
Download v0.8.9.1 (491.4 KB)


Use the "Toggle Recipe Browser" hotkey to show/hide the recipe browser. (Assign it in the keybindings menu)

Use the "Query Hovered Item" hotkey to quickly bring up the recipe browser with the hovered item. (Assign it in the keybindings menu, I suggest middle click)

Click on any Recipe to see details. Use categories and search filter to find the recipe you want.

Alt click on a recipe to pin a recipe.

Place an item in the slot to find related recipes.

You can view extended crafting options in the Craft menu. Recipes that can be satisfied with multiple crafting steps will be here.

Also try out the Item Catalogue and Bestiary.

There is an integrated Help in the Recipe Browser as well.

If you get stuck during "Rebuilding Loot Cache", let me know which mod is causing the issue by contacting me on the discord server.

Localizer Package
one year ago tModLoader v0.11.8.3 Edit | Delete
Zenith's Arsenal
Download v0.8.1 (99.9 KB)


Zenith's Arsenal adds new "Zenith Tier" Weapons.
Also this mod is WIP and I will keep adding new items.
The sprites for the items Zenith Blaze Zenith Rocket Launcher and Zenith Magic Gun are "test" sprites and not final.
And yes I know that someone already made a Zenith Shortsword mod but I made it better.

Items added:

-Zenith Rocket Launcher
-Zenith Scythe
-Zenith Wand
-Zenith Magic gun
-Zenith Flail
-Zenith Yoyo
-Zenith Blaze
-Zenith Shortsword


-Zenith Shortsword added
-A lot of Shortswords added

-Zenith Blaze added

-Zenith Yoyo added

-Zenith Flail added

-Fixed the recipe from Zenith Magic Gun and Zenith Wand

-Zenith Magic Gun added

-Zenith Wand added

-Zenith Scythe added

-Zenith Rocket Launcher added

Thanks to u/FabulousAmpharos for making the Zenith Gun mod and making the code for it public. (

Thanks to u/Terrawesome567 for making the amazing sprites for the Zenith Scythe , Zenith yoyo and Zenith Staff.

Also my discord server if you have questions or suggestions for new "Zenith" type weapons

Localizer Package
2 years ago tModLoader v0.11.8.3 Edit | Delete
Download v1.3.1 (23 KB)


VeinMiner is a mod inspired by Minecraft mod called the same name.
It basically allows you to mine a whole ore vein by mining only one block of ore.

To make it work simply hold the VeinMine button (default: ~) and mine an ore.
If it doesn't work, go to the Controls in-game menu and check if the key is bound to the Veinmine hotkey.
Also make sure that other mods are not using that key.

To add more tiles as ores check if "Add tile to whitelist" and "Remove tile from whitelist" hotkeys are bound, aim at the tile you want to add/remove and press the corresponding hotkey.
This is blocked on multiplayer unless the host modifies the config file.

Should be compatible with all vanilla ores and all modded ores which:
- are added manually to the whitelist
- (in-game hidden) name ends with "Ore" or "OreTile"
- drops an item with the name ending with "Ore" or "Gem" or "Chunk".
- names are found in this list:

It is possible to change a config file of the mod to make the VeinMiner mine all blocks.
There are also a lot more config options to change, take a look at the homepage to find out more.

Newest update (1.3.1):
- Adding an ore to the whitelist now will also display mod's local name

For more information please visit the homepage.

Localizer Package
4 years ago tModLoader v0.10.1.5 Edit | Delete
Boss Checklist
Download v1.1.6.1 (896.1 KB)

SheepishShepherd, jopoje…

Improved boss checklist
View more information about bosses
Set new records for the bosses you fight
Boss loot and collectible checklists

Boss despawn messages display in chat
Boss radar for bosses that are off-screen
Respawn timer appears while dead
Certain items like treasure bags appear on the map
"> Boss Checklist lets you view a boss checklist while playing so you can progress through bosses as you can handle them.

Toggle the checklist with the hotkey assigned to it in the settings. Visit 'Settings->Controls->Keybindings' to set or check the current hotkey.

If you would like a mod to be supported, please encourage the modder to add support to this mod.

Introducing the Boss Log, which enhances the traditional boss checklist experience with customization and features with configs.
Improved boss checklist
View more information about bosses
Set new records for the bosses you fight
Boss loot and collectible checklists

Boss despawn messages display in chat
Boss radar for bosses that are off-screen
Respawn timer appears while dead
Certain items like treasure bags appear on the map

Localizer Package
2 years ago tModLoader v0.11.8.3 Edit | Delete
Download v1.0.0.130 (415.4 KB)


Unlimited/Combinable Potions
Take up no buff slots so you don't hit the buff cap and lose your pets and stuff
Recall potion has a hotkey you can set to teleport home

Money Collector
Automatically places picked up coins into your Piggy Bank

Pretty much all ammo/thrown/consumable weapons/health/mana/buff potions, modded included are infinite if you are carrying enough or have them in your piggy bank
/luiafk ammo will toggle this effect on and off
Check the link below to see how it works, how many you need etc

Improved Drill Mount
Flies faster, better control, more lasers

Harvesting Chests
When placed they'll collect Herbs/Trees/Cactus placed nearby, or collect fish relevant to position (including quest fish) if the chest contains baitless rod or normal rod + bait

Combo Rod
Made from various building rods/buckets etc
Lets you paint by selecting a box to paint/remove paint
Lets you place walls by selecting a box
Lets you place tiles like how the Grand design works, as well as choosing slope style, a gap of upto 3 (for hoiks), and you can place wand woods/leaves, regrowth moss, or grasses
Lets you place wires, like grand design, but you won't run out of wires
Lets you place liquid/remove liquid, unlimited buckets and sponge

Improved Target Dummy
Summons a target dummy npc that just sits there and takes everything you can throw at it
Projectiles are summoned when hit by weapons like earth
Despawns when a boss is active to avoid using it to kill bosses with weapons like Earth

Unlimited AutoBuilding
Auto hellevator/sub or skyway/NPC prisons/skybridge/hellbridge builders/fishing pool/fishing biome/arena platforms, right click to choose material and stuff
Added Unlimited Asphalt Platforms
Added Jungle solution, and Multi Solution
Multi solution can be used as solution, or you can select 2 points in the world and convert everything inside of it to your selected biome

Travelling Merchant and Skeleton Merchant are Town NPCs


Localizer Package
4 years ago tModLoader v0.10.1.5 Edit | Delete
Zenith Weapons
Download v1.0.2 (41.7 KB)


Localizer Package
2 years ago tModLoader v0.11.8 Edit | Delete
Fargo's Mutant Mod
Download v2.4.2 (902.1 KB)

Fargowilta and Terry N. …

This is a Quality of life mod that adds the Mutant town NPC who sells boss summons of nearly every mod
There are several other items such as infinite ammos, craftable instant builds for common world infrastructure like skybridges, obsidian underworld bridges, hellevators, unlimited potions, increased spawn rates toggle item, and more!

NEW UPDATE - V 2.4.2
-Frost/Pumpkin Moon summons only work during the event since their loot is wave-based, meaning summoning at night doesn't give drops
-Transparent Minions is a slider
-Text prints in chat when an Abom/Deviantt enemy spawner is unlocked to better communicate it to player
-Super Dummies max at 50

Localizer Package
2 years ago tModLoader v0.11.8.4 Edit | Delete
imkSushi's Mod Add-On
Download v1.6.0.2 (403.5 KB)


Localizer Package
2 years ago tModLoader v0.11.8.4 Edit | Delete
Dynascape (+25k Downloads)
Download v4.3 (12.4 MB)


Localizer Package
3 years ago tModLoader v0.11.6.2 Edit | Delete
Blood Blade
Download v0.1 (32.2 KB)


This is Blood Blade.
This mod adds a new set of armor and tools, adds luminite hammers and axes, and 2 or 3 bonus items.

The new set of armor is named the "blood" set.
It is more powerful than the molten gear for pre-hardmode.
It is made of the crimson set and a bit of crimtane bars.

The new luminite tools aren't really new, because they were originally in the game. I reintroduced them for a bit more content for the game. They are all 135 Axe power and 110 Hammer power.

There are two accessories items and one sword in bonus.
the accessories are the minion Emblem and the medical shield.
The shield adds a regeneration buff that can be good even for past Moon-Lord, and 10 defense.
The minion Emblem adds 6 slots to your minion capacity.
The sword is relatively OP, but it has his cost. It is made out of 50 Stardust Fragment, 25 Luminite bars and a broken Hero Sword. All of that makes a Stardust Cleaver, wich has 497 Melee Damage.

Have a nice day, stay tuned for updates !

Localizer Package
5 years ago tModLoader v0.10.1.4 Edit | Delete
High Quality Main Menu Logo Mod (HQMMLM)
Download v0.1 (33.1 KB)

a cats

Replaces the terraria logo with random memes

Memes change every update

Join the discord (mod homepage) to submit memes

Localizer Package
5 years ago tModLoader v0.10.1.5 Edit | Delete
Discord Hook
Download v1.0 (3.4 KB)


Adds a Rod of Discord that can go in your hook slot and be bound to a key.
Discord Rod + Lunar Hook

Localizer Package
5 years ago tModLoader v0.10.1.5 Edit | Delete
Low-Health Beep
Download v1.0 (46 KB)


Causes the game to play a beeping sound when you reach low health.
Also plays a more panicked sound when at extremely low health.
A small notification will appear below your player when you're at dangerously low HP levels.

Time between beeps, beep volume, ui, and hp triggers are all configurable via the configuration file.


* Mod release

Localizer Package
6 years ago tModLoader v0.10.0.2 Edit | Delete
Wing Slot
Download v1.8.4 (94.6 KB)


!!! WARNING !!!
Unequip your wings from the dedicated slot before updating or disabling this mod!


This mod adds a dedicated wing slot to the inventory. Now includes a config file! Access it from the in-game Mod Configuration.

* Left-click a set of wings or a dye, then place it in the slot.
* Right-click to equip wings.
* Shift-right-click to equip wings in the vanity slot.
* Right-click vanity wings to swap with equipped wings.
* Left-click the eye icon on the equip slot to toggle visibility.

[Known Issues]
* Yoraiz0r's Spell eye glow doesn't work
* Wings and character movement while flying will not display correctly in multiplayer
* Custom location will sometimes move off screen when resizing window (use mod config to reset if needed)

* Blockaroz for the fantastic mod icon!
* jopojelly for code that draws a slot to the left of the dyes; for fixing various other bugs
* Boffin for TerraUI
* Zsashas for bug report (custom dye incompatibility)
* VVV101 for released updated version
* vizthex for suggesting slot location option
* jofairden for suggesting mod compatibility right-click overrides
* direwolf420 for fixing the mod for 0.11.5 and adding getequipslotitem & other mod.Call()s
* Lastprismer for the Chinese translation

v1.8.4 2022-01-28
* Fix: Items will drop correctly on death

v1.8.3 2022-01-17
* Allows resetting the custom panel location if it goes offscreen
* Fix: Slots display on the correct equipment page

v1.8.2 2022-01-14 (HOTFIX)
* Fix: Items in custom slots should not disappear on joining multiplayer

v1.8.1 2022-01-13 (HOTFIX)
* Added Chinese translation (thanks Lastprismer!)
* Fix: Eye icon has correct visibility after reloading game
* Fix: Loot bags/boxes should no longer be allowed in the slots

v1.8.0 2022-01-12
* Added custom location option
* Added moveable panel
* Added translation files (make a pull request if you want to translate the mod!)
* Fix: Wings and dye will be dropped if character dies in Mediumcore or Hardcore

v1.7.3 2019-11-10 (HOTFIX)
* Fix: mod.Call() keywords should work (again)
* Fix: Cancelling mod loading won't crash the game

v1.7.2 2019-11-10 (HOTFIX)
* Fix: mod.Call() keywords work

v1.7.1 2019-11-10
* Fixed version number

v1.7.0 2019-11-10
* Fix mod for 0.11.5
* Implemented tModLoader ModConfig
* Add getEquipSlotItem and similar mod.Calls

v1.6.3 2019-08-17
* Build for tModLoader v0.11.4

v1.6.2 2018-09-16
* Fix: Changed equip override to right-click override and corrected functionality

v1.6.1 2018-09-16
* Fix: Wing modifiers are applied correctly
* Fix: Dyes work with visibility off

v1.6.0 2018-09-15
* Added mod compatibility slot overrides

v1.5.2 2018-06-25 (HOTFIX)
* Fix: Mod is visible in tModLoader again

v1.5.1 2018-06-23 (HOTFIX)
* Fix: Can remove items from slots again

v1.5.0 2018-06-22
Thank you, jopojelly, for making this release possible!
* Added multiplayer functionality
* Fix: Applies correct dust to wings
* Fix: Removed WingSlotPlayer.Initialize() lag
* Fix: Can no longer place multiple dyes in dye slots
* Fix: Can only place wings in wing slots

v1.4.1 2018-05-09
* Fix: Corrected release date in description

v1.4.0 2018-05-09
* Setting to allow equipping wings in normal accessory slot
* Setting to change slots' location

v1.3.2 2018-01-09
* Fix: slots move correctly based on window size

v1.3.1 2018-01-07
* Removed boffin from authors

v1.3.0 2018-01-07
* Moved slots back to main equipment page
* Fix: dyes should apply correctly

v1.2.10 2017-11-06
* Compiled for tModLoader v0.10.1

v1.2.9 2017-07-12
* Shows hover text on wing slots

v1.2.8 2017-07-09
* Updated credits

v1.2.7 2017-07-09
* Removed unneeded references

v1.2.6 2017-07-09
* Compiled for tModLoader v0.10.0.2
* Added support for custom dyes

v1.2.5 2017-03-28
* Fix: slots work with autopause on

v1.2.4 2017-01-02 (HOTFIX)
* Fix: wing slot moved back to second equip page

v1.2.3 2017-01-01
* Moved wing slots to equip page one under accessories
* Fix: wing slots have correct opacity

v1.2.2 2016-12-28
* Fix: mouse draws above item slots
* Fix: dyes no longer affect other equips

v1.2.1 2016-12-28 (HOTFIX)
* Fix: game crash when using minecart

v1.2.0 2016-12-27
* Added dye slot.
* Updated to latest TerraUI

v1.1.5 2016-12-26
* Right-clicking vanity wings will switch positions with equipped wings
* Fix: animated wings draw correctly
* Updated to latest TerraUI

v1.1.4 2016-12-23
* Fix: compiled for tModLoader v0.9.0.3
* Fix: rewritten for new IO system
* Fix: shift+click not working if equipment page is hidden
* Updated to latest TerraUI

v1.1.3 2016-10-01
* Fix: compiled for Terraria
* Fix: slots moved to left of PVP icon

v1.1.2 2016-08-14
* Fix: wings are no long duplicated when left-clicking slot
* Fix: vanity wi

Localizer Package
one year ago tModLoader v0.11.8.6 Edit | Delete
Sigil of Discord
Download v1.1001 (106.7 KB)


The 'Sigil of Discord' Mod is an implementation of various Items, Characters, Weapons, Armor etc. from the yet unreleased book/game 'Fallen - The Sigil of Discord'
Patchnotes - 1.1001


-Changed it's recipe to add a new Ingridient, Discord Shards and a new Weapon, instead of a Muramasa. (Ingridients do need the completion of the Dungeon/Defeat of Skeletron to be crafted!)

//Lead Greatsword:
Changed Damage from 37 down to 22 due to it's early accessability.
Changed it's speed to 'Extremely Slow'

//Iron Greatsword:
Changed Damage from 24 to 18 due to it's early accessability.
changed it's speed to 'Slow'

//Thanatum Clamatis


//'The Townsguard's Lead Greadsword'
Damage: 30 (Subject to Change undoubtly)
Speed:'Slow' (Slower as the Iron Greatsword, Faster than the normal Lead Greatsword.)
Recipe: 30 Gold Bars, 30 Lead Bars, 30 Discord Shards.
Crafted at an Anvil
Textures are subjected to Change in the next patch.

//Discord Shards
Material Item for various 'Twisted' Items, Such as Thanatos or the "Townsguard's" Items.
Recipe: 1 Suspicious looking Eye, 20 Bones, 30 Silk.
Crafted at Demon Altars.

Localizer Package
5 years ago tModLoader v0.10.1 Edit | Delete
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