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Murder RPG (13k+ downloads)
Download v0.7.13.2 (121.3 KB)


Murder RPG mod. Sorry for bad english.

If you got a question or want to offer something, contact me in discord.
And I russian.
Discord: Kenflesh#3090


This mod adds a few items to enhance the character, but significantly reduces invulnerability time.
This mod has no restrictions in pumping. More kills - more power.
An amulet, a contract, a rifle, a trap, a sword and a sphere's are added to the game.
Add Clocks for change day time.
And I add a bat/club (don't know how translate this) just for fun (80 wood on workbench).
And Sushi for my girlfriend (, I love you)

To get an amuler, rifle and sword, create a new character.
To get contract, craft it from 20 demonic ingots and 10 ShadowScale on demon altar (or from materials of another infection biome).
To get sphere, buy it from a merchant (50 gold).
To get clocks, buy it from a merchant (1 platinum).

Put on the amulet, after this kill begins to pile up.
When the number of kills is reached, you get bonus and the number needed to increase bonus is increased by 20% (The percentage depends on the level of the amulet)
Use amulet in your hands to lvl up.

Use the contract to change the type of bonus it gives.
Warning: if you use a contract, the number of kills will be reset.

Its description says how it works
It can become larger. Size change on hot keys,
With each use, its swing speed grows, calm down and swing again and again.
More kills - more damage.

Weapon for ranger's.
Not use ammo.
Ignore terrarian (dirt title and other).
Effect chlorophyte bullet.

Spawn infinity (time) sphere.

Needed for use in crafting other areas that provide a permanent bonus when used.
To remove the bonus, use the sphere again.

Localizer Package
2 years ago tModLoader v0.11.7.5 Edit | Delete
Insight Reborn
Download v2.0.3 (62.5 KB)

abluescarab, shockah, Bo…

Insight Reborn allows you to see the first 8 items in a chest just by mousing over it. Based on shockah's mod Insight.

Now includes the X-Ray Goggles accessory! You can enable/disable needing the goggles in the mod configuration file (Documents\My Games\Terraria\ModLoader\Mod Configs\InsightReborn.json). Craft X-Ray Goggles at a workbench + chair with 2 lenses and 2 rubies.

v2.0.3 2019-08-17
* Build for tModLoader v0.11.4

v2.0.2 2017-11-06
* Compiled for tModLoader v0.10.1

v2.0.1 2017-07-26
* Fix: dictionary "duplicate key" error

v2.0.0 2017-07-26
* Added X-Ray Goggles accessory
* Added option to require X-Ray Goggles

v1.1.4 2017-07-09
* Compiled for tModLoader v0.10.0.2
* Fix: works in multiplayer

v1.1.3 2016-12-22
* Compiled for tModLoader v0.9.0.3

v1.1.2 2016-10-01
* Compiled for Terraria

v1.1.1 2016-08-07
* Fix: Swinging weapons is now possible when the popup is open

v1.1.0 2016-08-04
* Added stack numbers to item slots

v1.0.2 2016-08-04
* Fix: souls now animate correctly in the item slots

v1.0.1 2016-08-04
* Fix: items in popup will now change when chests are close together

v1.0.0 2016-08-04

Localizer Package
2 years ago tModLoader v0.11.4 Edit | Delete
Calamity BossRush Calamitas Bug Fix 灾厄BR普灾bug修复
Download v1.0 (3.4 MB)


*English Description*
Only For Calamity, On Which Version BossRush Cannot Go On Normally After Defeatting Clonemitas.
This Mod Will Kill CalClone Phase 1 Directly When You Have Defeated Cal Once In This BossRush To Fix The Bug.
As The Bug Is From, Actually, Only Defeating Cal Phase 1 Allows BR To Continue While Cal Phase 1 Turn To P2 Immidiately On 75% Health.

Localizer Package
one year ago tModLoader v0.11.7.6 Edit | Delete
Lucky Day
Download v0.1.8 (60.2 KB)

Spunk Bunkers

Lucky Day adds the badge from Paper Mario fame into Terraria!

Crafted directly from and a sidegrade (well, upgrade in 1.3) to the Brain of Confusion, it works similarly to its 1.4 counterpart but with no Confusion effect/critical strike chance -- however, the dodge effect has no cooldown. Custom visuals and sound effects on proc.

Crafted at a Tinkerer's Workshop | Recipe: Brain of Confusion

Thanks for 20k+ downloads! If you enjoy this mod, check out Paper Mario Badges, also made by me!
If you'd like to share feedback: MayMayMan#2768

0.1.8 -- Fixed some multiplayer issues
0.1.7 -- Sound effect volume slightly lowered, item description lists proc chance, cleaned up structure
0.1.6 -- Rarity/sell price correction
0.1.5 -- Description Changes
0.1.1 through 0.1.4 -- Various small edits, trying to get icon working
0.1 -- Initial Release

Localizer Package
6 months ago tModLoader v0.11.8.6 Edit | Delete
Apex Legends Items
Download v1.0.4 (1.2 MB)


Not much to talk here
Adds a lot of items from Apex Legends

not really work in progress but I'm still going to patch this mod once in a while to add other items in my free time.
Feel free to use it in normal gameplay cuz weapons are pretty well balanced.

Had much fun doing this one.

Added D.O.C Heal Drone
Added Octane's Stim

Localizer Package
2 years ago tModLoader v0.11.4 Edit | Delete
Lan's Simple Healthbar
Download v0.2.2 (25.2 KB)


Always shows a personal healthbar, the same shown under other players!


V. 0.2.1:
- Fixed issue with mana and health potion only showing up when at full health
V. 0.2.1:
- Added configurable manabar
- Added configurable potion sickness icon

Localizer Package
2 years ago tModLoader v0.11.5 Edit | Delete
Bloodbath Mod
Download v0.3.1 (500.9 KB)


Please be advised that the mod is NOT completed yet and is still in beta!

The Bloodbath Mod currently adds:
- 4 bosses
- Around 270 items including weapons, accessories, armor, ores, etc
- A few new enemies

Localizer Package
one year ago tModLoader v0.11.8.4 Edit | Delete
Download v0.2.2.3 (22.6 MB)


Adds :

- 101 weapons
- 13 armors
- A new class : the engineer
(-> 33 weapons)
(-> 7 armors)
(-> 9 accessories)
- 4 Pre-Hardmode bosses
- 1 Hardmode boss

Compatible with boss checklist

Authors :

Firefloy : Coding & Spriting
Eoc : Spriting
FatCat : Music
MARK. : Music

Others contributors :

SpicySpaceSnake - Sprites
bumce - Ideas

Links :

Discord :
Wiki (unfinished) : :

Items changes :

- Changed sprite for the blight king trophy, mask and bag

Bug fixes :

- Added souls of fight to the Cursed Lord bag

0.2.2 :

Items added :

- Atlantium Bar
- Atlantium Sword
- Atlantium Bow
- Atlantium Spell Tome
- Atlantium Staff
- Atlantium Laser Gun
- Atlantium Trident
- Atlantium Armor and their helmets variants
- Slayer's trophy (Used to summon Hoc)
- The Hand of Cthulhu trophy, mask and treasure bag
- Gauntlet of Cthulhu (Expert Drop)
- Damocles (sword)
- Edium Armor (vanity)

Items changes :

- Increased total defense of the Android Armor from 12 to 15
- Increased total defense of the Kelvinite Armor from 15 to 18
- Resprited Eoc's set
- More coins in Edorbis bosses bag

Npc added :

- The Hand of Cthulhu (boss)
- Damocles (enemy)

0.2 :

Items added :

- Steampunk alloy
- Steampunk armor
- Steampunk Revolver
- Bomber Wrench
- Martian PDA (Drone item)
- The Plumber's Bane (Sword)
- Hive staff (Summoning Weapon)
- Kelvinite Greatsword
- Kelvinite Mask & Helmet
- Night Cutter (Melee Weapon)
- Blood Splasher (Melee Weapon)
- Goblin armor
- Chaos Armor
- Centaurian Wings
- Kelvinite Staff (Summoning Weapon)
- Band of Summoning
- The prettiest flower (Summoning item)
- Gardener trophy and mask
- Jungle Spear
- Lotus (bow)
- Spore Staff (Magic Weapon)
- Gardener Staff (Summoning Weapon)
- Energy Flower (Engineering Weapon)
- Jungle Gem (Expert Accessory)
- Sporophyte Bullet
- Blightbringer (Sword)
- Nightshooter (Gun)
- Blight Staff (Magic Weapon)
- Zombie Launcher (Summoning weapon)
- Cursed Soul (Summoning item)
- Cursed Lord trophy and mask
- Soulsword
- Cursestorm (Bow)
- Cursed Wind (Magic Weapon)
- Cursed Staff (Minion)
- Bonailer (Nail gun)
- Cursed Cloak (Expert Accessory)
- Jungle Striker (Gun)
- Venomous spore staff
- Light Katana
- Centaurium Nuke Remote

Items changes :

- Pyrite Bar deleted
- Inferno Ring Blueprint craft changed
- The Spiky Ball Sprayer and the Mechanical Rifle Remote recipes now requires Steampunk Alloys instead of Cogs
- Critical hit base chance has been modified for some weapons
- Sprites has been modified for some items
- Kelvinite Blaster damage increased from 15 to 17
- Pulse Blaster damage increased from 50 to 90
- Tau Cannon damage increased from 180 to 250
- Luminite Rifle Remote damage increased from 70 to 90
- The dash on the duke armor has been replaced by water abilities
- Duke Armor defense reduced from 55 to 50
- Rusted Wrench recipe changed to be obtainable sooner in game
- Nail Storm damage reduced from 36 to 30
- Hellstar damage increased from 40 to 50
- Ak-47 damage increased from 50 to 60
- Soul of fight cannot longer be crafted, it is now dropped by the Cursed Lord
- Cursed Stone cannot longer be crafted, it is now dropped by the Cursed Lord
- The Nail Gust now turn iron and lead nails into molten nails
- The Stinger Launcher turn only iron and lead nails into stingers
- Stinger Launcher damage increased from 20 to 22
- Thermite bar now require Soul of Fight instead of Ectoplasm
- The Snow Storm damage reduced from 35 to 25, the ice spike do the double of damage
- Cursed Drone damage increased from 28 to 35
- The Cursed Drone now bombard cursed flames at enemies instead of doing contact damage
- Ichor Drone damage reduced from 28 to 20
- The Ichor Drone now shoots ichor nails at enemies instead of doing contact damage
- Energy Cannon damage decreased from 45 to 38, cost reduced from 15 to 12 energy and penetration increased from 5 to 30

Npc added :

- Goblin Knight
- The Gardener (boss)
- Gardener's Bulb
- The Gardener (Town npc)
- The Cursed Lord (boss)

Npc changes :

- Added some debuffs immunity to Glaciation and the Blight King
- Added gores (body parts) to some enemies
- The Blight King no longer drop the Pipe sword, it is now selled by the goblin tinkerer
- Glaciation now take less damage from piercing projectiles in Expert Mode
- Spazmatism drop more Cursed Flames on death
- Spazmatism drop more Ichor on death

Other changes :

- The energy bar is now displayed when a drone/sentry buff is active
- You cannot longer build drones if you dont have the energy income required

Bug fixes :

- Iron Nail gun crit base

Localizer Package
10 months ago tModLoader v0.11.8.5 Edit | Delete
Variable Potion Sickness
Download v1.1.1.1 (22.7 KB)


Variable Potion Sickness by Dark-Assassin

Visit homepage for description and changelog

Localizer Package
3 years ago tModLoader v0.10.1.5 Edit | Delete
Gnome Wordsmith (Beta)
Download v0.99.9 (36.4 KB)


Adds the Gnome Wordsmith NPC which allows you to Reforge items by selecting the prefix you want.
The Gnome Wordsmith also sells a Portable Wormhole, which functions like a re-usable Wormhole potion, but which can also be used to teleport to Town NPCs.

The Gnome Wordsmith can only spawn once both the Goblin Tinkerer and the Steampunker have joined your town.

Thanks to:
* tModLoader Discord for being helpful.
* Infinity - Endless Items by LolKat & DragonHunter003. I disassembled this mod to learn how the infinite wormhole potion works. I ended up writing my own code to handle the Portable Wormhole :)

Localizer Package
2 years ago tModLoader v0.11.6.2 Edit | Delete
Statue Mobs Give Drops
Download v1.0.1.1 (18.1 KB)

Webmilio, Blockaroz, Ski…

This mod makes it so that mobs that are spawned from statues still give drops when they die.
This originally took 1 line of code, but since I added config options, it takes a little more now.

Localizer Package
3 years ago tModLoader v0.11.1 Edit | Delete
Buff Stuff Plus
Download v1.4.9 (57.3 KB)


This mod buffs 90 pieces of armor, 32 tools, 10 accessories and 172 weapons.
87 recipes added for annoying to obtain items.
The original ores, gold for example, are faster but less damaging than the alternates.
This mod makes obtaining many items, like the cell phone, ankh shield ingredients or the biome keys much less grindy.
This mod is compatible with the Calamity mod.
The full list of changes can be seen on the website.

Localizer Package
one year ago tModLoader v0.11.8.3 Edit | Delete
Server Sided Characters
Download v1.1.1 (88.3 KB)


Server Sided Characters by Dark-Assassin

Visit homepage for description and changelog

Localizer Package
3 years ago tModLoader v0.11.3 Edit | Delete
Legacy/Scrapped Calamity Music Boxes
Download v1.0.0.1 (41.6 MB)

Cataclysm AKA NebulaMage…

This mod adds most of the scrapped/old music from the Calamity mod with the exception of Yharon and Providence due to Nintendo copyright being brutal. Also, I am TERRIBLE at spriting. So, that's why I have someone else doing it for me. I CANNOT thank him enough.

Coder: NebulaMagePlays
Spriter: LordMetarex (Calamity Mod Spriter)


*I have resurfaced to add another music box; the full version of SCal's theme.
*Everything has been resprited, courtesy of LordMetarex, one of the Calamity Mod spriters! Thank you very much!
*SCal Placeholder Remastered Music Box removed.

*Yeah, I am finicky with how the description looks.

*Okay, replaced one of the placeholder sprites. That one being the Abyss Miniboss one. I am quite happy with it.
*Linked a homepage now.

*Oh look. Still a placeholder, but not as ugly looking.

*Oh hey. THERE'S the music boxes. They like to move a pixel to the right. Dunno how to fix that right now. Have fun with the ugly placeholder sprites.

*Uploaded with no items since it was too big.

Localizer Package
one year ago tModLoader v0.11.7.8 Edit | Delete
DNI's Odds and Ends
Download v1.7.1.1 (204.2 KB)


Adds ridiculously unique(?) mid-endgame content with ridiculous recipes.

Currently has:
7 Items
11 Weapons
7 Accessories


- Fixed mod icon

- Migrated to tModLoader v0.11.6.2
- Fixed several major bugs
- Nerfed Blood Dagger (now only scales health restored)

- Migrated to tModLoader v0.11.5
- Fixed recipe errors
- Added the following
-- Weapons
--- Resounding Blades
-- Accessories
--- Arrow Homing Assistant

- Added Hourglasses (Empty, Crimson, Corrupted)
- Fixed Blood Dagger bug where it caps health & healing to base max health only

- Fixed missing Flame Mana Potion recipe

v1.5 - Another Final Fantasy reference, yes
- Added Phoenix Down
- Added Purified Ichor Potion
- Added Flame Mana Potion

v1.4 - Yes it's a Final Fantasy VIII reference
- Added Revolver Gunblade

- Removed debug text when triggering blue Wild Card

- Fixed crash upon death
- Fixed missing recipe for Dark Sphere
- Added Wild Cards

- Migrated to tModLoader v0.11.4
- Fixed mod crash related to Horologist's Tome
- Code overhaul, items should now work regardless of item/projectile hit with their proper types (melee/ranged/magic)
- Added Dark Sphere
- Added Goddess' Tear

- Fixed tooltip display and leveling bug for Luminite Band of Grit / Blood Dagger
- Fixed tooltip display for Dragoon Ring
- Fixed spear range for Spear Gun (it was too short)

- Fixed crash due to unbound keys in config
- Updated a few accessory sprites (thanks to Logodum!)

- Added Spear Gun
- Added Dragoon Ring

- Initial release

Localizer Package
2 years ago tModLoader v0.11.6.2 Edit | Delete
Buffed damage over time debuffs
Download v0.3.0.2 (6.7 KB)


Increases damage of damaging debuffs, according to max health of the target.
Buffed debuffs: On Fire, Frostburn, Cursed Inferno, Poisoned, Venom, Shadow Flame, Life Drain
Most debuffs from Calamity, Spirit and Tremor are supported.

Formula of damage is

(max_life / 70) ^ (0.4 + 0.3 * 1000 / (max_life + 1000)) * 10 * (0.1 * base_damage) ^ 0.05 * log12(base_damage + 1)

Localizer Package
4 years ago tModLoader v0.10.1 Edit | Delete
Download v3.0.1 (73 KB)


MultiLure is a mod that adds a configurable number of lures while fishing and allows you to carry up to 99 quest fish in your inventory. MultiLure now includes fishing line accessories for those who don't like cheating. (Thanks to Dark Dragoon's Multi Lure Accessories mod for the idea!)

Note: if a quest fish is in your inventory when you cast, you still can't catch any more than what you're already carrying. Drop the existing fish or put them in a chest and try again.

* Includes Cheat Sheet and HERO's Mod integration (hotkeys work with or without integration)
* Press [ to remove a lure
* Press ] to add a lure
* Hold shift to add/remove 10 lures (works with both hotkeys and Cheat Sheet/HERO's Mod)

MultiLure also has a configuration file at Documents\My Games\Terraria\ModLoader\Mod Configs\MultiLure.json. Check out the homepage for the best configurations.

* Nomad000 for the suggestion in the Terraria Forums
* jopojelly for Cheat Sheet
* HERO for HERO's Mod
* VVV101 for releasing updated version
* Dark Dragoon for Multi Lure Accessories

v3.0.1 2019-08-17
* Build for tModLoader v0.11.4

v3.0.0 2019-04-18
* Added fishing line items (based on Dark Dragoon's Multi Lure Accessories)

v2.2.0 2019-04-15
* Hold down hotkeys to speed up
* Fix: swapped default hotkeys

v2.1.1 2017-11-06
* Compiled for tModLoader v0.10.1

v2.1.0 2017-07-20
* Added the ability to carry multiple quest fish

v2.0.0 2017-07-19
* Increased maximum lures to 100
* Added ability to press shift to add/remove 10 lures

v1.0.5 2017-07-09
* Updated credits
* Fixed version

v1.0.4 2017-07-09
* Compiled for tModLoader v0.10.0.2

v1.0.3 2016-12-22
* Fixed for new IO system

v1.0.2 2016-10-01
* Compiled for Terraria

v1.0.1 2016-08-13
* Now displays message when lure count is changed with hotkeys

v1.1.0 2016-08-09

Localizer Package
2 years ago tModLoader v0.11.4 Edit | Delete
Healing Heart Crystal
Download v1.0.5 (4 KB)


[EDIT] Hi Terrarians, the name has changed to "Healing Heart Crystal" for more logic
This mod allows you to fully heal yourself with a life crystal (You must have max life, otherwise you'll increase your max life)

Thank you for the 1K download guys :)

GUYS we hit 11 K Downloads, THANK YOU SO MUCH ! :D

Patch Note
- 1.0.5 Tooltip line added + minor improvements
- 1.0.3 Changed name

Localizer Package
4 years ago tModLoader v0.10.1.4 Edit | Delete
Fargo's Best Modifiers Only
Download v1.2 (10.1 KB)


This mod makes all accessories always have a chosen modifier
-Accessories are Menacing by default.
-Warding, Lucky, and Violent are config options

-Removed Weapons being affected due to whacky bugs
-Works more consistently
-Made the accessory modifier config work much better
-Added Lucky and Violent option for accessories

Localizer Package
one year ago tModLoader v0.11.7.8 Edit | Delete
Fractures Of Penumbra
Download v0.1.2.7 (24.6 MB)

InsoucIANce / Insouciant…

Fractures of Penumbra is a Terraria mod which aims to add various endings/routes, biomes, enemies, bosses, items, and many more.

Note that this mod is still being developed, everything in this mod is not final, so expect for bugs and some low quality stuff.
This mod is not compatible for multiplayer as some content, especially bosses may not tend to behave properly.

Just music and a few resprites. Progress was slow since my PC broke for a month.

This mod currently has:
- 160+ items
- 4 bosses
- 1 biome (will not create by its own)
- 1 town NPC
- 10+ enemies
- A difficulty item, the Willbreaker
- Low Health FX (can be turned on/off at configs)
- 5 music tracks; 3 for bosses and 2 for one biome a
- Support for YABHB and Boss Checklist mod

You may join this mod's Discord if you like this mod:

More information about the mod can be found in this forum:

Suggestions, reports and contribution are highly welcome!


Sprite Artists:
InsouciantGote and Mythriel81



Other Contributors:
Chepyl, Byte the Protogen, milk, Rovic, NotsoMcMinty, Über Über 1, AppleWithBeak, Da capital, Daedronox, Chapface, TerraTom

Localizer Package
6 months ago tModLoader v0.11.8.6 Edit | Delete
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