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Make Summoner Better
Download v0.2 (104 KB)

MSB Community

Have you ever felt overshadowed the other classes?
Have you ever felt tired of grinding for hour to get that not that bad summoning item?
Well, fear no more my fellow summoner.
Let's unite together to make our lifes easier.
Make Summoner Better, a mod by the community, for the community.
Consider joining the cause by downloading the mod and joining the mod's discord.

Currently the mod adds:

9 whips
1 minion
1 armor set

Huge Thanks to:

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Download v0.1 (7.2 KB)



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Download v0.1 (23.7 KB)


adds my cat as a mask. you can craft it with dirt and a workbench

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Download v0.11 (28.9 KB)


Eucelin is a very big WIP content mod.
We currently add 12 items and one buff.

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OP luminite sword
Download v0.1 (7.1 KB)


OP luminite sword is a pretty cool mod, it adds a post moonlord sword that needs 1 luminite ore to craft. It deals 1 BILLION damage.
Anan productions(this is so my friends can find the right one.)

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Ranger Expanded
Download v1.0 (149.6 KB)

Scared Scarecrow & Bob100

Ranger Expanded is a mod that aims to expand the ranger class adding new ammo and weapons

The mod currently adds 17 different bullets from Pre-HM to Post-ML


- Sword Bullets
- Muramasa Bullets
- Inferno Bullets
- Shockwave Bullets
- Shock Bullets
- Sawbullets
- Disc Bullets
- Jester Bullets
- DropShot
- Glass Bullets
- Flak Bullets
- Beellets
- Bonellets
- Bullerangs
- Heavy Bullets
- Soul Bullets
- Rocketes

Next update will be Arrows so stay tuned!

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a trash mod
Download v0.3 (30 KB)


this mod just adds a sword and spear, its mainly just for fun, expect a lot of bugs, this is my first mod after all

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Calamity Charger Test Item Recipe
Download v1.1.0 (7.5 KB)

Mr. Tavitel

This mod adds a recipes for Calamity items "Charger Test Item", "Dubious Plating" and "Mysterious Circuitry".
It should be used only as a workaround to bugged "Draedon's Charging Station" and "Draedon's Fuel Factory" in version of Calamity.
All items needed to craft "Charger Test Item" can be found in chests in the Arsenal Labs.
Use at your own risk.

Recipes (all crafted at anvil):

"Charger Test Item"
1x Draedon's Charging Station
1x Draedon's Fuel Factory
10x Dubious Plating
10x Mysterious Circuitry

"Dubious Plating" and "Mysterious Circuitry"
1x any Iron Bar
1x Glass block

By Mr. Tavitel

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The Omanite MOD
Download v0.1 (21.8 KB)


The Omanite mod aims to fill left out spaces in vanilla terraria with content similar to how the thorium mod does. While at the same time adds a critter/content update.
The Omanite mod is at the moment planned to have :
• 2 classes
• 1 post-ml superboss
• 1 post-ml boss
• 8+ bosses
• Multiple mini-bosses
• Summoner love to make it a more viable class (including 1.4 whips)
• 1 new biome
• Alot of critters
• A complete dungeon overhaul
the mod is still on development and may change over the time

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flame whip mod
Download v0.1 (6.9 KB)


flame whip is a work in progress item, Its just a Retextured sword but soon it'll be better ex: fire effect, sounds, and more.

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2 days ago tModLoader v0.11.7.5 Edit | Delete
Giddylevi's Random Additions
Download v1.1.2 (19.1 KB)


A bunch of random items that have no purpose:

Changelog (V1.1.1)
- Added Spider Sword
- Added Swarmer Accessory
Changelog (V1.1.2)
- Added Mage Blade
- Added Solar Destruction
- Added Vortexsupport
- Added Stardust Crusader

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yesterday tModLoader v0.11.7.5 Edit | Delete
Download v0.1.4.3 (30.1 KB)

Robin Dabank

Cyberium Mod for tModLoader

Hightec Stuff for Terraria

In Alpha

Have Fun

Special thanks to Al0n37 for his great Tutorials :)

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Damage Tracker
Download v1.0 (13.1 KB)


Tracks damage done to what /track is set to.


/track npc
Any npc you hit (example: slime or a king slime) on the death of that npc your damage will be spit out in chat.

/track boss
Any boss you hit (like the kingslime) on the death of that npc your damage will be spit out in chat.

Player tracking is not currenlty tracked, It's an option that might be added later.

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2 days ago tModLoader v0.11.7.5 Edit | Delete
No Tombstones
Download v1.0 (11.7 KB)


/gravenomore ~ Command trigger server, remove all tombstones in world. Is Async, should do quick without lag.

Gravestones don't drop from players dieing.

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2 days ago tModLoader v0.11.7.5 Edit | Delete
New Adventure
Download v0.2 (315 KB)


NewAdventure is a mod focused on adding post moonLord content, Including: Weapons, Minions, Armor, Ores, Pets, Bosses and much more in the future!

Current Staff:
DestroR - Codes Old gen mod, makes some sprites, tests old gen
Magi - Spriter, tests new gen, codes when zkiddy isn't around
Zkiddy - Codes New gen mod

If you want to help me (or zkiddy) in this mod, Dm: DestroR#9927 (if you do wanna help i will give you staff in the wiki server:

New updates coming soon!
Current version:
New Gen 0.2 Beta

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Soaring Insignia (1.4)
Download v0.1 (7.8 KB)


This mod adds the Soaring Insignia from 1.4 it is craftable and made with 5 of each piller's fragments. Just like in 1.4 it allows infinite flight and increases speed.

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3 days ago tModLoader v0.11.7.5 Edit | Delete
Download v0.1.2 (28.4 KB)


Faebound is just a mod where I add in some stuff based off of the roleplays I've taken part in over Discord. Aside from that, they're just cool little items.

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2 days ago tModLoader v0.11.7.5 Edit | Delete
Sell Treasure Bags(卖宝藏袋)
Download v0.1 (8.7 KB)


You can directly sell the bag itself ,instead of opening it and make trouble sorting it.

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3 days ago tModLoader v0.11.7.5 Edit | Delete
The GodsHunter
Download v0.1 (329 KB)


This mod is developed by 1 person, so the mod can be long for developping.
(I recommend to use the mod just for testing it, not for playing it's a WIP)


v 0.1:

-Add 3 swords and 3 spears (some of them haven't real recipe)
-Add 3 new ores
-Add error block for block without tiles (put your errors blocks in the trash)

you can contact me with discord: Eskimo#7778

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3 days ago tModLoader v0.11.7.5 Edit | Delete
Download v0.13 (226.1 KB)


This Mod includes a variety of ranged weapons (this is a mostly ranger-based mod as of now), a few melee weapons, one magic item, and no summon items (too difficult to code).
It also includes five bosses of various difficulties (they also reuse Vanilla AI as of now).
There is a decent number of enemies and materials for you to experiment with.
Work in progress.
(There is one item in this game that may be broken, a very, VERY long sword, please note that I will try to fix it soon.)
(There are no animations for the enemies in this game, this is because it is insanely difficult for me to actually make a proper animation.)

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