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Download v1.4 (140.4 KB)

Mediocre Pancake

Terraria+ tries to add to the terraria post-game and lore.

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Calamity's Vanities
Download v8.2 (6.3 MB)

YuH, originally owned by…

Calamity's Vanities is a mod which aims to add more vanity items/pets to the Calamity mod.

Currently adds the following:

- Over 80 cute pets! Including some with their own unique gimmicks!
- Several Mounts
- 5 Hooks
- A handful of wings
- A plethora of placeable decorations including three furniture sets
- Some new critters to be found across your world
- A large amount of vanity clothing, hats, and accessories

Sprite credits: Kawaggy, Poddy, Blockaroz, William, YuH, Yharex87, TimerFun, caligulasAquarium, Krysmun, IbanPlay, Willowmaine, Enreden, Gamagamer64, L0st, Cooper, RyanLolz1, Vectix, Mochi, Leon, NnickykunN, Mathew Maple, Ramen Guy, SenpaiMasterNekitoKawaii2007, Nitro, YeH, Triangle, and MrPlague
Music Credits: Hearts Plus Up! and apotofkoolaid
Code credits: Potato Person, Kawaggy, Hypera, Phupperbat, Seraph, Stevie, Dominic Karma, Willowmaine

Note: This mod is not an official addon to Calamity, rather just a fun fan made mod.



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Terraria X-Treme
Download v1.0 (12.2 KB)


Terraria X-Treme is a mod that aims to enhance the Vanilla version of Terraria. It is supposed to feel more like an update than a mod.

Added 11 new melee weapons, Scythes!

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Mush Peller
Download v0.8 (10.1 KB)

Maker of Mush Peller

This mod was made for a joke but if you want some new prehardmode wings its not very broken

im never giving up on this mod-Made peller prehardmode

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Exitium Vitae
Download v0.150 (67 KB)


Exitium Vitae is a mod centered around a new rarity drop system. It is rather early in development, but currently adds:

15 Weapons (4 Legendary, 1 Relic)
3 Items

With much more to come!

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Download v0.2.4 (842.8 KB)

Tyfyter (Tyfyter2002 on …

A continuation of my first mod, "Epikmod".


Added more weapons and horrible puns
More multiplayer fixes
Fixed accessory from not working properly in multiplayer
Added 1 accessory
Fixed error when used alongside versions of Recipe Browser before 0.5
Fixed incompatibility with multiplayer
Added 3 weapons
Added 2 crafting materials
Added 1 tool
Implemented 1 NPC
Added minor Recipe Browser integration
Added 2 weapons
Added a crafting material
Changed version formatting

Removed debugging code that was accidentally left in 0.2

Added Shattered Fate
Added Jade Dye

Tyfyter2002 (you know, the dev of the mod)
Mostly just the people in the TModLoader discord, but especially DarkLight and JopoJelly.

Special Thanks to the 7387 people who've downloaded the original mod.
Wait, why is it 7395 now...
7477? Are people still using tML v0.8.2.1?
7574. How is it still available?

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Download v0.1.1.6 (632.7 KB)

Nalyd T. (Fih)

Aequus Mod is a mod made for fun. It doesn't have any serious intentions other than for me to mess with coding.
This current update is a bit unpolished and small for such a long wait... that's because I have been busy and a bit uninspired and unmotivated. I can assure you that this will change soon!

(You can extract the mod for a changelog file, sprites, code, sounds, ect...)

Currently Contains:
40 Items
1 Enemy
0 Bosses
0 Events
0 Mounts
0 Tiles
Many bugs


Nalyd T. as Coder, Spriter, and creator of Aequus


adrianyupi as Translator and Ideas

Crimulan for Portuguese Translations

someperson for Ideas

Slayer for Ideas

Taco Burrito Guacamole for Ideas

FunkItOut for spriting Nalyd's Devwand

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The Clicker Class
Download v1.2.6 (596.3 KB)

DivermanSam, Barometz, a…

The Clicker Class is a set of joke weapons inspired by Cookie Clicker and other idle games. Have some fun with it as you click enemies to death!

+48 new clicker weapons
+19 new clicker accessories
+4 new clicker armors
+1 new clicker buff potion
+1 different way of getting Carpal Tunnel

Seriously, please don't hurt yourself... and have fun!

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Cataclysm (Calamity Addon)
Download v1.0.3.2 (9.3 MB)

convicted tomatophile (S…

Addon to Calamity.
* winter is coming
* Triggers a mod browser update to hopefully fix file issues.
* Exposed a lot of previously private or internal fields, properties, and methods to the public (for mod devs).
* Large code clean-ups, MonoMod unification.
* Fixed tooltip issues.
* Fixed null-refs causing crashes from attempting to unload the mod early.

Current features:
* General changes:
- Cavern shrines now use gray bricks, stone, and a gold chest (as opposed to obsidian stuff).

* Item changes:
- Lore items give you their effects in piggy banks.
- Added a new shell from Abyssal Crates that teleports you to the Sulphurous Sea.
- Added a drop to the Grand Sand Shark that blocks it from spawning as a result of killing 10 sand sharks.
- Added Dagger of Decree, a rare variant of the Cursed Dagger.
- Buffed spider armor defense.
- Spider armor gives you the effect of climbing claws.
- Basher now has 1.2x scale.
- Pickaxes now have consistent tooltips for what ores they can mine.
- Throwing Bricks are crafted at work benches instead of anvils now.
- Halley's Inferno uses a rifle scope instead of sniper scope.
- Removed Death mode changes to the Torrential Tear.
- Sulphurskin Potion sell price reduced so people can't easily make tons of money.
- Voodoo doll max stack increased to 20.
- Obsidian Skull + upgrades provide heat immunity.
- Infinity no longer consumes ammo.
- Rampart of Deities and Deific Amulet have the same life regenration as a Band of Regeneration.
- The Sponge and The Absorber have the effects of the Rover Drive.

* NPC changes:
- Anomura Fungus can now spawn in underground mushroom biomes pre-HM.
- The Wizard now sells Guide Voodoo Dolls.
- Boost Cryophobia drop chance and boost Angry Dog spawn rate.
- Slime God inflicts Slimed instead of Distorted.
- You can toggle an option to see whether an NPC is organic or inorganic.
- Travelling Merchant has a 10% chance of dropping a Pulse Bow on death post-Plantera.
- Various NPCs drop shark fins.
- Mech bosses can drop small amounts of Dubious Plating and Mysterious Circuitry.

* Projectile changes:
- Ice Clasper, Corvid Harbringer, Herring Staff, Cinder Blossom Staff, and Calamari's Lament's minion rotations are smoother.
- Drataliornus arrows can be shot through blocks.
- Abyss Mines from the Slime God all explode once the Slime God has been defeated.
- Fungal Clump emits light.

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Download v0.3 (348.8 KB)


FoToNDLC дополнительный мод, который можно установить.

Ничего интересного

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Valhalla Mod [Beta]
Download v0.2.2 (2.9 MB)

Tamet & G.A.S.

What is it?

Valhalla Mod is mostly inspired by Omnir's Nostalgia Pack which was based on references like LOTR, FF etc. That's why there are many references in our mod too. You can find many things based on Norse Mythology, Games (SMB, Bomberman, RoR, Dota 2...). Another main idea of our mod is adding things that can fill the gaps in terraria like new weapon types to standard classes like Glaives and Aura Staffs, or expanding base weapons like Dartguns.

Mod status

Mod is now in Beta. Having one person that code and one that make sprites is not effective way of making mod. That might change in the future but for now there will be long gaps between updates. Big updates will be released every 2-3 months and I hope mod will get it's version 1.0 in 2021 or 2022. For now we need your feedback to make things that are in mod more intresting and balanced.

Valhalla Mod includes:
-400+ new items
-50+ new Enemies
-1 Boss
-2 new Town NPCs
-50+ new Tiles

[Test] - May come in the future/Probably not work well
[Only Test] - Item for tests
[BETA] - Coming next update/Need feedback
[Soon] - Coming soon

[Hell] - Hell Update
[Thunder] - Thunder Update
[Winter] - Winter Update
[Tar] - Tar Biome Update
[Nano] - Nano Update
[L&N] - Light And Night Update

Update List:
-Added Ifrit and Dark Lord items
-Added Plant Pots
-Reworked glaives
-Updated some spawn conditions
-Updated spawn of Dwarven Anvils
-Some balance changes
-Other minor changes
-Fixed some spawn conditions
-Rebalanced Glass Shield

-Added new Sludge enemies and Corrode items
-Added new Bee enemies and bee items
-Added new desert items
-The Emperor's Expert Mode AI has been improved
-Some auras got revamped
-Added new Items, Enemies, Buffs and Tiles
-Many balance changes
-Fixed some bugs associated with Boss Checklist
-Some sprites updates
-Some code clean ups
-Updated the localization files
-Other minor changes

-Halloween is here! Try some new spooky items: Spider Dart, Pumpkin Lights, Pumpkinade
-Added new Items: Glass Shield, Jade Storm, Jade Orb Staff and some unobtainable ones for future updates
-The Emperor's AI has been improved
-Some balance changes
-Other minor changes

-Mod now supports Yet Another Boss Health Bar and Boss Checklist
-Fixed some The Emperor boss multiplayer bugs
-Fixed some item values (damage, price, etc.)
-Fixed some problems with enemy banners
-Other minor changes
-Added Mod Icon

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Download v1.0.1.1 (43.7 KB)


CTMI - short for Craftable Travelling Merchant Items.
All that this Mod does is it simply adds recipes for the difficult to obtain Travelling Merchant items which can be so infuriating to get.

If you have any ideas on how I could improve the recipes/any suggestions for Mods that I could make the Mod compatible with, if you can, please reply to the forum post, as I'd like to improve the mod in any way I can.

Mod support:
Currently, the Mod accounts for Calamity's recipes and items for the Travelling Merchant.


- Added recipes for paintings and team blocks
- Added GitHub repo - icon now shows up

- Mod Released

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Download v1.2.9.1 (71.8 KB)


This mod adds a lot of new weapons(not enough yet).
Thanks for 2000 downloads!
Updates Log:
1.2.0 - 1.2.5 - added tall wooden bow, new variations of tall swords, flesh chopper, dark light sword and 2 new wings!
1.2.6 - added minigun.
1.2.7 - added true dirt rod!
1.2.8 - added mod icon.
1.2.9 - added Speed mask. It gives you more speed than shoes, and it can also be worn as a hat.

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Download v0.2 (6.5 MB)


This mod adds Roland's Black Glove from Library of Ruina,
with which you can use various workshop weapons, and the super attack - Furioso.
You can get it with a new player named Roland or Black Silence.
Some secret effects require special name to trigger.

The mod cannot be used in multiplayer mode.

-Buffed Old Boys Workshop and Mook Workshop.
-Now hide the Black Glove will hide the appearance of Black Silence vanity.




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Extinction Tales
Download v0.12.0 (610.7 KB)

The Extinction Tales Team

Extinction Tales is a Mod that aims to add new content to Terraria

Currently this Mod adds:
. 100+ Items including Weapons, Accessories and Armor Sets
. New enemies
. New ores
. 3 Bosses -
> 2 Pre-Hardmode Bosses
> 1 Hardmode Boss
. 2 new classes: Assassin and Brute
. New difficulty: Exterminator Mode(W.I.P)

- This will be moved to a wiki as soon as possible -

V 0.12.0:
.New Boss: Rune Warrior
.Items replaced: Ornament Crystal -> Misleading Heart
.Balanced items, recipes, basically everything
.A ton of resprites
.New Items
.New Weapons
.New Armor Sets
.New Enemies
.New Buffs/Debuffs
.New Materials
.New Ores: Brilliance, Charged Granite, Ancient Marble
.Reworked the World Generation(We highly recommend you to create a new world to play the Mod)
.Now every accessory dropped by a boss was moved to Exterminator Mode

If you find any bugs, join the Discord server and feel free to feedback us!
We are looking for people to help us develop the Mod, for more info. click on the Mod homepage.

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Daiyousei's Smooth Animations
Download v0.6 (12 KB)


Another player animations mod, inspired by Terraria Overhaul

Mod does the following:
-Player looking animation(Head rotates to cursor)
-Body tilt(Depending on motion)
-Smooth item use(Makes items that can be "aimed" be aimed smoother)
-Slime and fighter AIs also tilt(I know mod name only says "player animations" but it took me a week of deciding whether or not ot implement this)

Known issues:
-Items with animations(Vortex beater, Lazer machine gun, etc.) aren't affected by the smooth item animations, due to them being coded as a projectile

If Overhaul is installed, most of the mod's features are automatically disabled, with only the smooth items and enemies being left enabled

All the animations are server sided so it might break other mods...

-Improved player falling animation
-Tilt animation now properly gets overridden by mount rotations

-Further improved multiplayer performance
-Turning animation now works properly on other players
-Fixed player rotating when on pulleys
-Fixed items with custom animations getting randomly dislocated when the player moves(in case you dont know, holding a torch and moving away from your cursor causes it to get smacked on your face, this update fixes that)

-Tweaked player rotation values to make it less janky

-(IMPORTANT)Fixed multiplayer lag

-Fighter AI enemies with a hitbox width higher than their hitbox height will no longer tilt
-Renamed the mod so it makes more sense

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Consumable stations
Download v1.3.9.8 (44.9 KB)


Mod for Fargo's Mutant mod that turns buff stations to potions

For potions: get source and use bottle station
For infinite platinum coins: get 3998 platinum and use crystal ball

1.3.2 - added omnistation consumable
1.3.4 - added heart and star statue that work from inventory, requires 10 (3 for heart) statues, 1 5 seconds timer and 50 wire
1.3.5 - nerfed hearts statue to 3 hearts per 10 seconds and star statue to 1 star per 3.4 seconds, while there is 7+ hearts/stars are anywhere in the world those items stop working
1.3.6 - added Philosopher's Potion Philo stone that doesn't take accessory slot. - added challenge item - added item that turns on toggles during p2 mutant fight - added bat statue that work from inventory, requires bat statue, 50 wire, 6 5-second timers.
1.3.7 - bat statue no longer spawn bat, instead it deal damage equal to bat on various stages of the game, it was done to prevent loot from this NPC - deleted all class stations, since this feature moved into a core mod.
1.3.8 - omnistation grants station buffs, depending on what weapon you are holding, while it is in your inventory
1.3.9 - added Normal Omnibuff and Nohit Omnibuff - small fixes and balance

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Rerelevance(Buff obscurely used items!)
Download v0.6 (20.9 KB)


Buffs rarely used items in the game

As of now, it does the following:
-Buffs pearlwood tools, they are now on par with 1st tier hardmode ore (cobalt and palladium)
-Buffs Night's edge to be stronger than it's 1.4.1 version because feral claws don't give you auto-swing yet(although we have OmniSwing mod)
-Buffs book of skulls to cost less mana and fire projectiles at a faster speed
-Buffs the damage and reduced the mana usage of some hard mode staves
-Buffs some spears
-Buffs pre-hardmode boomerangs
-Buffs Frostbrand and Beam sword's damage and projectile firerate
-Buffs Arkhalis
-Buffs some swords
-Gave bone sword a projectile
-Bone Glove is now buffed by all classes
-Made some rare items more common
-Makes flare gun a proper weapon
-And many more

Things I wont be buffing:
-Items that have been reworked in 1.4 (magic missiles, shortswords, flails, etc.) but with an exception of few
-Items that are already buffed by other mods (Ty's yoyo redux for yoyos, Terraria overhaul and shortswords EX for shortswords, etc.)

-Buffed Chlorophyte saber, claymore and partisan
-Changed Chlorophyte crystal leaf to only attack when the player does, in exchange, it can now take damage bonuses and have better attack speeds
-Improved pearlwood armor stats
-Rune wizard clothes are now armor instead of vanity
-Royal Gel now increases your jump speed and also negates fall damage
-Gravity globe can now be used mid-air and also negates fall damage
-Fin wings now give you the ability to swim
-(TEMPORARY)Brain of confusion now provides an 8% damage increase
-(TEMPORARY)Squire and paladin shields now provide knockback immunity
Features marked as temporary will eventually be removed in future versions of the mod or game

-Made Frostbrand stronger than beam sword due to it being rarer
-Marrow can now be obtained from armored skeletons
-Buffed True Excalibur
-Buffed Terra Blade and True Night's edge as an adjustment to the True Excalibur buff

-Buffed Brand of Inferno, Sky dragon's fury, Ghastly glaive and sleepy Octopod
-Buffed Ice bow and Marrow
-Buffed Toxikarp and bladetongue
-Buffed Clinger staff
-Buffed Ice blade(dps now on par with enchanted sword)
-Buffed Horseman's blade
-Buffed Spectre tools

-Buffed Golem fist and stynger
-Buffed flamethrowers
-Reduced mana usage for leaf blower and staff of Earth
-Breaker blade and golem fist now cut enemy defense by half
-Arkhalis now launches you upward when you hit something mid-air similarly to Hollow Knight

-Arkhalis can now drop from nymphs
-Bone sword can now drop from all pre-hardmode underground skeletons(except hoplites)
-Beam sword can now drop from skeleton archers
-Chain knife can now drop from armored skeletons
-Band of regen and upgrades now provide defense
-Buffed crystal storm, vile shard and nettle burst

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Download v0.10.3.3 (941.1 KB)

Katrixerse & Gold Prince

WARNING: This mod is still really early in development
- Things may break/not work as attended
- Things like boss ais are placeholders and will be improved/redone overtime.
we plan to keep working/adding more over time.

If you find an issue with the mod please make an issue at our Github.

Currently, it adds:
6 New ores (four pre-hard mode and two hard mode)
20+ New NPCs
155+ New Items
8 New Armor Sets

------------------ Changelog ------------------

Update v0.10.3.3
- Added Albion Sword (Sprite was added but never coded whoops)
- Added Daedalus Axe (An upgrade from Looters Axe)
- Added Shadow Mimic
- Added Shadow Slime
- Fixed Looters Axe Ability giving coins from Test Dummies.
- Fixed other minor bugs


Update v0.10.3.2

- Fixed Spear of Destiny projectile.
- Fixed Some sprites being too large.
- Fixed Sword of the Abyss healing 100hp per swing.
- Fixed Shadow Sword healing 100hp per swing
- Fixed Some other minor bugs

- Illuminia left click ability was way to powerful and got a damage nerf
- Void bow portal skulls were way to powerful and got damage nerf
- Valkarie got a slight damage buff to help match with the other endgame weapons


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Download v1.2.1 (1.4 MB)


A mod that does basically whatever it wants. Somewhat like Joostmod. Please check out Joostmod if you get the chance, it's pretty good.
Progression currently goes up to after Moon Lord, most recipes are in Hardmode.

Collect materials to craft into different items like basically every content mod.
Each boss has its own unique weapon drop (WIP).
Build a house for the Eggplant Wizard when you get at least 1 Crimite, also defeat the Eater of Worlds or Brain of Cthulhu to get another NPC to spawn.
Going into the Cavern is dangerous, but it can provide you with powerful materials if you're careful.
There's three different Post-Golem item classes!
Watch out for the Pog Ball.
You may fight one of two final bosses (warning, they are extremely difficult).

6/16/2021: A few changes that include bug fixes and balancing.
6/14/2021: Full mod completed! Changes and additions will be coming along! At the moment the demonic final boss's essences aren't used for anything (changing soon so recipes will be added).
6/10/2021: Very minor changes regarding two new names for the Stim NPC and balancing fixes.
6/9/2021: Cleanup of the mod and added Stim items to increase specific stats based on progression, and an NPC to sell them.

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