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Super Swords Mod Pack
Download v1.7 (224.6 KB)


This mod gives you many swords

list of weapons
-Fries Dagger
-Xeno Sword
-The Needle
-Dr Phil
-Topaz Shortsword
-Diamond Shortsword
-Sapphire Shortsword
-Ruby Shortsword
-Emerald Shortsword
-Amethyst Shortsword
-Amber Shortsword

added 1 more sword
-Cactus Katana

added 3 more swords
-Infinity Blade
-Copper Shortsword But Not Really
-Big Minecraft Diamond Sword

added 7 more swords
-Steve Harvey
-Nether Knife
-Banana Blade
-Water Blade
-Destroyer Sword

nerfed big minecraft diamond sword
-damage went from 70 to 29
-rarity went from 11 to 1

added 3 more swords
-Purple Longsword
-Yellow Shortsword
-Red Broadsword

added 2 more swords
-Phase Sword
-True Phase Sword

fixed True Phase Sword
-changed crafting recipe from phase sword to phase sword and broken hero sword

added the more swords coming soon and the thank you for so many downloads

added 1 more sword
-fry (unobtainable without cheats)

added 3 more swords
-True Muramasa

fixed Arkatana
-changed rarity from 2 to 8

changed fry and True Muramasa
-inhanced sprites (much better sprites)

added 1 more sword
-Terrafury (first sword with projectiles in this mod)

-More swords coming soon!!!
-Thank you for so many downloads

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Download v0.4 (21.1 KB)


RecipeMajor focuses on adding recipes for items that really
should have them.
~ ~ ~
Made by: titedog
~ ~ ~
Current Recipes:
(Furnaces) 5 Dirt = 1 Clay
(Anvils) 5 Iron Bars + 5 Wire = 1 Stopwatch
(Anvils) 3 Iron Bars + 2 Chain = 1 Hook
(Loom) 5 Souls of Night + 3 Silk = 1 Guide Voodoo Doll
(Any) 5 Wood + 999 Gel = 1 Slime Staff
(Any) 1 Magic Mirror + 25 Ice Blocks = 1 Ice Mirror

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Mo' Class By BipolarProductions
Download v0.2.12 (30 KB)


*(Alpha Build for Alpha Testing)* 13 new items

Sorry for content delay, will pump out updates in the next couple of days.

Follow mod updates on the Terraria Forums.

Assassin Background: Focuses on attack speed and movement speed, using short blades to get up close and personal.

(Gained traction faster than I expected so I've released update to fix some issues,
next update to come in a few days.)

Next release will contian armor for the class and more weapons, plus the introduction of a new class.

Crafting Item Recipes:
20 Blood = Sacrifical Blade
2 Bloody Crimtane Bar = 20 Blood + 2 Crimtane Bar
3 Bloody Crimtane Bar(Non-CrimsonWorlds) = 120 Blood
5 Insanity Shard = 10 Crimson or Currupt Seeds
Hide = Sacrifical Blade + Bunny or Squirel

Weapon Recipes:
Sacrifical Blade = 35Iron Ore or 35Lead Ore
True Blade = Sacrifical Blade + 20 Blood
Death Blade = 35 Iron or Lead Ore, 20 Blood, 20 Silver or Tungsten Ore
Fire Blade = Sacrifical Blade + 100 Gel + Torch
Bloody Long Blade = 12 Bloody Crimtane Bar + Death Blade
Insanity Blade = 10 Insanity Shard + 12 Demonite Bars or 12 Crimtane Bars

Armor Recipes:
Assassin Cloak = 15 Hide
Assassin Hood = 6 Hide
Assassin Leggings = 9 Hide

Release v- 0.2.12
-Bug Fixes
-Added Some Items

Next Release v- 0.2.15 (Expected by 7/17/2020)
-Assasin Armors
-New Assasin Weapons
-Introduction to New Class(Vampire)

*Alpha Release be wary of bugs.*

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Too much melee weapons
Download v0.7.2 (53.3 KB)


My goal for this mod is add TONS of melee weapons.

Update history

update 0.1
- Dirt sword
- Bunny sword
- Bird sword
- Unholy sword
- Life sword

update 0.2
+ added mod icon
- Frying pan
- Clauster

update 0.3
+ fixed bugs
- Swordshroom

update 0.4
+ fixed Bird sword (added projectiles)
- Beerang

update 0.5
- Shadowsaber
- Hallowed Boomerang
- Sword of peace
- Jungle knife
+ fixed MORE bugs

update 0.6
- Antlion Sickle
- Stone Ongol
- Bone Ongol
- Alien Ongol
+ fixed some more stuff...

update 0.7
- Sun Ongol
- Ice Dagger
- Snow Gladius
- Stick
- Long Stick
- Cool Thingy
- Molten Sickle
- Corrupted Sickle

update 0.7.1
+ added homepage (finally)

update 0.7.2
+ fixed something

thanks for so many downloads!

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Ridiculously Many Yoyos
Download v0.0.4.5 (152.9 KB)


Ridiculously Many Yoyos is a mod that adds a "ridiculous" amount of yoyos and yoyo related items


True Eye Of Cthulhu Added (POST ML BOSS)
Yoyo Master dies properly (added gores)
Moon Spiral now drops from new boss and is buffed.

This update adds 6 news yoyos (Total count:29)
Silver & Gold Yoyo have been added
Yoyo Master NPC has been added
Wall of Flesh yoyo has been added
Twins Yoyo's (Retinazer & Spazmatism)
Soul of Life has been added
Moon Spiral has been added

I also wanted to thank Leapofod and Komotho for helping me with the Code and Sprites.

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mod - End of the Beginning: PT2!
Download v3.161 (17.9 MB)


SGA mod is a content mod mostly based around less mundane gameplay, more interesting items from weaponized traps to more techical creations, and tough as nails boss fights; the Dergon will show you the way.

What you can expect:

Content from the start all the way to post moonlord
Mini dungeons each with loot, traps, a miniboss, and a reward
10+ bosses with unique AI
2 subclasses of weapon damage: Technological and Trap Damage
200+ items, including many uniquely coded weapons
A Custom Currency that is tied to mod progression
a Dragon NPC!
Some kind of lore is in here, I know it :P

Click the link to join my mod's server! :3
Check out the #portals-SGAmod to get links to the Forum Page (general info), the Wiki (heavy WIP), and the Github (Full changelog) for more info!
You could also google and find the homepage, wiki, and github as well if discord isn't your fancy.
And finally, alot of content in this mod is placeholder sprites due to a lack of active spriters and my inability to make them from scratch, if your a spriter and like what you see, be sure to contact me and we can work something out!


3.160-(7/13/20)-Hot Fix #10:
--WIll be updating Hotfix #10 as I make more smaller changes post-3.100 release


-Added Bombs to all chest types in the Deeper Dungeon: a 50% chance to have 5-10 bombs (25% to be sticky bombs), added a hint that they can break the spike walls!

-More Deeper Dungeon Varity hall types-Cobwebs,Frozen Halls, and the occasional traps!

-Glass Swords


-Dying in a subworld now sends you back to the overworld

-Strange Portal now sells the loot found in the Subworlds for Expertise in Multiplayer

-Greatly Increased Shinobi's Shadow cost

-Reduced Supreme Pinky minion count, but increased HP, removed falling slimes in the final phase, reworked attacked to be easier to dodge and more predictable

-Hellion: Drone HP reduced, reworked the army phases to no longer disable your accessories, but gives Limbo Fading and other debuffs that reduce defense and attack, during said army phases you now have Snowfrosted, Hellion no longer regens HP from taunting (unless during army phases), Getting hit no longer gives Radiation 1, Changed the Brain Scrabler bolts to something that doesn't cause confusion, greatly increased the number of Drakenite Bars that Hellion drops, Removed anti-cheese
-Yet More Hellion reworks... Cirno assists during the goblin army phase and basic (non summoner) goblin count doubled, Cratogeddon's special crates assist during the Pirate/Frost Legion phase, Topaz attack damage reduced, Drones do not deal any contact damage
-Hellion Core: attempted to telegraph charge attacks with speed depending on distance, reduced laser firerates, changed projectile types, removed extra spam attacks

-Cratogeddon: increased drops, reduced attack power, reduced/capped movement speed, slower attacks, bullet hell phase is easier and the easily dodged bullets gained damage, all other attacks have reduced damage, reduced Cratogeddon special crate projectile damage

-Cratrosity Reduced base attack power, charge attack has capped movement speed

-All other Javelins items have been renamed to Jab-lin

-Ice Fairy spawn rate reduced and loot increased


-Sharkvern using Cirno in the Boss Checklist book

-A bug that prevented online play all together

-Cirno's Attacks and Icicle fall not working anymore

-Hopefully fixed the crash on world load bug

-Novite Tesla Tower targeting 'nothing' and consuming electricity, hopefully anyways

-Gunslinger of song and legend's ability causing damage problems

-Boss Spawns no longer working in multiplayer

-Novite and Novus both generating in a world due to a coding oversight

3.100-(7/8/20)-End of the Beginning pt2:


-Gucci Gauntlet, Soldier's Rocket Launcher, Acid Rocket, Transmutation Powder, Condenser's Potion, Ragnarok's Brew, Energizer Battery, Consumable Hell, Portal Essence, Terra Trident, Solis Nova, Stone Barrier Staff, True Wraith Notch, Ring of Respite, Necklace O' Nerve, Shinobi's Shadow, Plasma Pack, Gun Barrel Parts, Second Cylinder, Peacekeeper's Duster, Sparing Spurs, High Noon,Dualing Deity Shades, Gunslinger of Song and Legend, Ninja Sash, Shin Sash

-Novite Ore, Bars, and Gear!

-Copper and Cobalt Wraith themes composed by 'musicman'!

-All Book entries for boss checklist with some placeholder graphics for now

-The Deeper Dungeons! There's a strange portal in the dungeon... (Still a bit of a WIP, find unique loot, how deep can you go?)

-A complete rework for Action Cooldowns and all items that use them: they are now stackable!

-Electric Charges, heavy WIP, but some items are changed to use this new system +1 new prefix to match.


-All throwing damage in the mod has been changed to a modded t

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Craftable Things
Download v0.5 (26 KB)

The Disco NInja

This mod allows you to craft thing you normaly wouldn't be able to craft! (more recipes coming soon!)

Localizer Package
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Download v2.1.0.1 (204.6 KB)


Allows placing devices that can be configured to emit any type of particle ("dust"), "gore", sound effect, or game sprite (item, npc, or projectile)as a hologram. Animation rate, volume, size, direction, color, type, etc. can all be configured per emitter.

NEW (v1.2): Now featuring holograms! Use these to draw game sprites in any size, color, orientation, or type. Holograms may be animated, adapt to ambient light, or feature cool special effects.

Chloe - Sound emitter, hologram code contribution

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Eldiron's Utilities
Download v1.2.17 (43.1 KB)


A small quality of life mod that adds various, small vanilla and Calamity utilities.

This mod contains some recipes for previouly uncraftable items, a potion vendor, an improved Arms Dealer and Goblin Tinkerer shop as well as a better starting pickaxe. A few features can be disabled via the configs. Currently, the potion vendor only sells vanilla and Calamity potions.

Any bugs or things that I could improve upon? Join my discord and tell me with this link:

Recent Changes
V. 1.2.17
-Minor code changes that don't really change anything
-Added more missing potions to the potion vendor
-Changed the hit and death sounds of the potion vendor

V. 1.2.15
-Fixed a bug where the potion vendor's UI wouldn't appear

V. 1.2.14
-Fixed another typo
-Added more missing potions to the potion vendor
-Reduced the damage dealt by the potion vendor's attack

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Download v1.0.5 (124.2 KB)

Aqua Cake

Averagity is an average mod

Except it gets updated every day...

-8 Melee Weapons
-18 Ranged Weapons
-8 Mixed Weapons
-6 Creatures
-7 Misc Items
-11 Armor/Vanity Pieces
-8 Accessories
-1 Block
-1 Tool

Join my server for.. stuff, some of it related to this mod - or just click the homepage button!

V1.0.5 - 7/12/2020

V1.0.4 - 7/11/2020
-Added Long Stick Gun

V1.0.3 - 7/10/2020
-Added Void Creature Gun

V1.0.2 - 7/9/2020
-Added Void Creature Token

V1.0.1 - 7/8/2020
-Added Void Creature Helmet

V1.0.0 - 7/7/2020
-Assigned the correct rarity to every weapon
-Fixed The Black Boxs crafting recipe
-Removed the crafting recipe for the Void Creature Weapon
-Added the Void Creature
-Buffed the Eye Token from 7 to 10 Life Regen
-Added The Spazzing Token
-Added The Sight Token
-Gave the Split Eye Token a crafting recipe instead of being a boss drop
-The Split Eye Token now is a mixture of the Spazzing Token and Sight token, instead of just being 10 Life Regen

V0.4.6 - 7/7/2020
-Fixed M's Spawn Conditions
-M no longer has the Undead War Veterans gore
-Added M the item, it just sells for alot and drops from M the creature

V0.4.5 - 7/6/2020
-Fixed The Raritys On Every Helmet
-Added the Bloozinged Star Helm

V0.4.4 - 7/6/2020
-Made Piss in a Jar look like an actual jar and not bread
-Added the Slimey Token

V0.4.3 - 7/5/2020
-Added the After 4th

V0.4.2 - 7/4/2020
-Happy 4th of July! new moonlord drop, 4th.

V0.4.1 - 7/2/2020
-Added Piss in a Jar

V0.4.0 - 7/1/2020
-Added kcitswolB

V0.3.7 - 6/30/2020
-Added M

V0.3.6 - 6/29/2020
-Added the Split Eye Token

V0.3.5 - 6/28/2020
-Added the Eye Token

V0.3.4 - 6/27/2020
-Added the Void Creature Weapon

V0.3.3 - 6/26/2020
-Added the Token Of Star Speed

V0.3.2 - 6/25/2020
-Wide Stick

V0.3.1 - 6/24/2020
-Changed The Black Box, also it no longer gives any defense
-Fixed the Star Hat sprite being one pixel too long
-Fixed the Slingshots sprite size being slightly too big
-Added the Bug Squancher
-Fixed the War Helmet being one pixel off
-The Star Enchanted Megashark now increases all stats 2x instead of 3x, excluding usetime, and also doesnt deal magic & melee damage
-The Demonite Enchanted Megashark now deals more damage and knockback but its slower
-The Crimtane Enchanted Megashark now deals ALOT more damage

V0.3.0 - 6/23/2020
-Added the Oozing Star Helm and the Bloody Star Helm
-Made the Stick Gun not super fast, decreased the crit chance from 4 to 2
-Increased the War Helmets defense from 5 to 7
-Slingshot firerate decreased to make it feel more like a slingshot, also it used darts instead of bullets now
-Increased Bug Squasher damage from 55 to 60
-Added Crimtane Enchanted Megashark
-Added That One Gun

V0.2.7 - 6/22/2020
-Added the Blowstick

V0.2.6 - 6/21/2020
-Added Stick Gun

V0.2.5 - 6/20/2020
-Added Demonite Enchanted Megashark

V0.2.4 - 6/19/2020
-Added Star Enchanted Megashark

V0.2.3 - 6/18/2020
-Added the Slingshot
-Fixed the Undead War Veterans gore throwing out multiple heads and arms

V0.2.2 - 6/17/2020
-Added Tier 6-10 Bone Blasters, No More Tiers To Be Added
-Added gore to the Undead War Veteran
-Fixed the War Helmet stacking and dropping twice

V0.2.1 - 6/16/2020
-Fixed the Garbage Helmets sprite being a black square
-Removed unnecesarry code & files
-Fixed Mushroom Vibin' possibly not dropping
-Added the Undead War Veteran & The War Helmet

V0.2.0 - 6/15/2020
-Added The Black Box

V0.1.6 - 6/14/2020
-Added new head gear, CUBEBOX

V0.1.5 - 6/13/2020
-Added Tier 5 Bone Blaster

V0.1.4 - 6/12/2020
-Added Tier 4 Bone Blaster

V0.1.3 - 6/11/2020
-Changed the Star Enchanted Orichalcum Pickaxes Texture
-Added the Tier 3 Bone Blaster
-Added the Garbage Helmet.

V0.1.2 - 6/10/2020
-Tier 2 Bone Blaster
-Corrupted Star
-Crimson Star

V0.1.1 - 6/9/2020
-Tier 1 Bone Blaster

V0.1.0 - 6/8/2020
-Changed the Sentient Stars recipe from needing a Luminite Bar to needing a Soul of Light
-Added Star Enchanted Orichalcum Pickaxe

V0.0.7 - 6/7/2020
-Changed The Description Of The Star Hat And Star Line From "A very powerful helmet from the gods"
-Added The Enchanting Station
-Changed the recipes of The Mushroom and Emerald Enchanted Bone Blasters to use the Enchanting Station instead of Anvils

V0.0.6 - 6/6/2020
-Added Star Line

V0.0.5 - 6/5/2020
-Added Emerald Enchanted Bone Blaster

V0.0.4 - 6/4/2020
-Added The Breaking Star

V0.0.3 - 6/3/2020
-Added The Sentient Star
-Added The Mushroom Enchanted Bone Blaster

V0.0.2 - 6/2/2020
-G O R E
-Clean Bone
-Added The Star Hat

V0.0.1 - 6/1/2020
-M U S H R O O M V I B I N'

Localizer Package
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The Ore Conversion Mod
Download v1.0 (8.5 KB)


The Ore Conversion Mod

As the name says, its a mod that converts ores and bars to their respective counterparts.

For Example:
Copper can be crafted into tin,
Tin can be crafted in to copper, ect.

A workbench/anvil/special machine is NOT required.
(Easier for mining and just on the go conversion)

Version Log:
Added Bar and Ore Conversions for:

Added Bar and Ore Conversions for:
Added Bar and Ore Conversions for:
Also added conversions for silt and slush just because

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Cum Challice
Download v0.1 (9.1 KB)


Stuff my dick into a furnace

Localizer Package
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Calamity's Vanities
Download v5.2.2 (942.2 KB)

YuH and Potato Person, o…

Calamity's Vanities is a mod which aims to add more vanity items/pets to the Calamity mod.

Currently adds the following:

- Over 60 cute pets! Including some with their own unique gimmicks!
- 3 Mounts
- 5 Hooks
- A handful of wings
- Several decorations
- A large amount of vanity clothing, hats, and accessories

Sprite credits: Kawaggy, KaiPanda, Blockaroz, William, YuH, Yharex87, TimerFun, caligulasAquarium, Krysmun, IbanPlay, Willowmaine, Enreden, Gamagamer64, L0st, Cooper, RyanLolz1, Vectix, Mochi, Leon, and MrPlague
Code credits: Potato Person, Kawaggy, Hypera, Phupperbat

Note: This mod is not an official addon to Calamity, rather just a fun fan made mod.



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Download v0.4 (93.8 KB)


Something about this seems pretty funny...

Localizer Package
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No Sundial Cooldown
Download v1.0 (5.5 KB)


Be sure not to be an idiot and use it more than once while it does its job. Then you will be in an infinite loop of sundial. We don't want that now do we?"> This mod does what the mod name says. You no longer have to wait to use the Enchanted Sundial
Be sure not to be an idiot and use it more than once while it does its job. Then you will be in an infinite loop of sundial. We don't want that now do we?

Localizer Package
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Yoyos Expanded
Download v1.2.5 (56.9 KB)


Yoyos Expanded adds 20 new (high quality) yoyos into the game to fit within the vanilla progression.
If you have any tips on how I can make the mod better, please comment them on the mods homepage!

Version 1.2.5
Also The Art Update! - Tweaked all yoyo sprites and changed icon
Version 1.2.4
Changed Hellfire's name to Hell's Swing to distinguish it from the Hel-Fire

Version 1.2.3
The Art Update! - Added new sprites for most yoyos

Version 1.2.2
Adjusted some yoyos' stats

Version 1.2.1
Description changed

Version 1.2
Added homepage

Version 1.1:
Fixed wrong recipe for platinum yoyo

Version 1.0:
Finalized icon

Localizer Package
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Nobisyu's Mod
Download v2.2 (15.3 MB)


This is a mod. That I have made. That you might play. It adds items, armor, tools, weapons, monsters, bosses, and a bunch of cool stuff. I'm not very good with making summoning stuff (and if you play summoner, you're a pleb) so there isn't much content in that arena. But otherwise, it's neat. If I were you, I'd try it out. If you can't tell, I'm not very good with descriptions.

The 2.0 is for stupid reasons. tModLoader won't let me release previous versions even though I released new versions basically every few seconds a long time ago. Anyway, Beta Release!

Localizer Package
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Polarities Mod
Download v0.4.3.2 (11.7 MB)


A WIP content mod which aims to add mechanically interesting bosses, enemies, items, and more. Currently adds six new bosses, several new enemies, a variety of weapons and accessories, a few tiles and armor sets, and two new mini-biomes.

Devs- turingcomplete30
Spriters- discord_account, Vega_1, niker, Evolution, UnworthyPie
Wiki- bubbyboytoo

Former team members- junk boy

v0.4.3.2 Changelog:
Added Alkali Spirits to the Limestone Caves
Added alkaline fluid and the alkaline rain
Decreased the speed of Star Construct in normal mode
Reworked winged star staff
Fixed a bug with the Stalag Beetle hitbox

Localizer Package
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CoiBoi's Super Hot Pocket Party
Download v3.3 (6.2 MB)


CoiBoi's Super Hot Pocket Party is a content mod with a bunch of memes. This mod lost all downloads recently, (19000), but all items are still in the mod from before. Patch notes have been moved here, starting on version 2.0

This mod was originally called The Argon Mod

Check out Memes Unleashed by Cabig, and join his Discord!

Patch Notes:

Added Shroom, ChapStick, Old Spice, Gardening Shovel.

Buffed/Debuffed items, created crafting recipes for items, added Blunt Gun.

Added Jabba, attempted to fix Moss Ghoul, added Jedi Bob, added Clone Blaster, added Commando Blade, added Stormtrooper armor.

Added a cooldown to the Assault Vanguard, added Love Crossbow, fixed the recipe for Oceanic Armor.

Added Ancient Script, added items to recipes, nerfed the gardening shovel, (lost 11 damage), added Mossy Stone Spear, added Hamaxe Of Ainsley, added 8 Ball, added a new boss! Introducing, the fabled OldBoi.

Added Lead and Iron Pole, added Hot Pocket, recipe changes, added buffs to Onion Rings.

Added 3 Meat Hot Pocket, added Lean Pocket, added Flamin Hot Pocket.

Added Ball Of The Lord, added Valuable Mushroom, added Living Missile

Added Beeg Bomb, added T Bone Steak, added Abnormal leaf

Added Sex Pistols, resprited Barbers Bow and Fallen Nightmare, changed the name of the Barber's Bow to The Daydream

Fixed Oceanic Reconstructor, added BrightMoss, added Moss Spikesword, added Moss Pickaxe, added Moss Hamaxe

Added Twitch, added Lord's Heart, Commando Vibrosword has 1/7 chance instead of 1/3 chance of dropping now

Added Cardboard Box, changed stuff with the Onion Rings, added descriptions to Onion Rings, Shroom, Drugs, and all Hot Pockets

Fixed Cardboard Box, added Carb Sword

Localizer Package
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No Stacking
Download v1.0.1 (5.1 KB)


This mod removes stacking from the game. Okay?

Localizer Package
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