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Aronotopia \ Zenith Weapon Dan
Download v1.9.3.1 (4.7 MB)


Autor this mod DanMi
There are many weapons, accessories, and ride mechanisms in the mod. There are also prototype zenith weapons.
Pay attention to the flying saucer.
If you want me to translate it into your language, please write to me in English.
My Discord:

Added Royal.

Updated Royal and added its variety.

Added weapons after the moon lord. Added Zenith bow!

Fixed a bug where the weapon summoned by the zenith bow did not disappear.


Hot fix.


Add new Accessories!

Bloodie Wings, Ore Radar, Tarian Wings

and new ammo pack.

Dynamite Quiver, Endless CrystaDart Quiver, Endless Cursed Dart Quiver, Endless Dart Quiver, Endless Ichor Bullet, and...


Add Zenith Staff.


AWESOME. New rideable carriage - flying saucer.


Added many types of weapons allowing you to shoot with the left and right mouse button.
Added a bed that allows you to skip day and night.


Added Throwing weapons: Sets vampire knifes.

Add more Endless Quiver and Pouch ammo.


Added new throwing vampire knives and daggers

BuG fIx

add two machine weapon: Gun (Mortridon) and Dart (Rorh)

add machine magic weapon: Shonhi

Add Heavy Sword Zenith: Rungin
+Update Zenith weapons: Bow - Boreyriandr, Staff - Delgalielium


localization RU
Fix bug item (Truffle Bottle)

New item:
Range weapon low level
Coal and related items

Bug fix
New item:
Melee weapon - Steel Sword

Bug Fix grenade and dynamite gun
New item: Mechanical Bloody Arms - Automates auto-attack.

Bug Fix

Bug fix
New range weapon
Add effects range mod weapon


Add news weapon!
Dual use guns.
New dart guns.
Bug fix.
New packs ammunation.

Auranda new sprites.
Rebalanse items.
New item: Bullets and arrows.

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Arononotia Teleporters
Download v1.0 (65.4 KB)


Localizer Package
3 days ago tModLoader v0.11.8.9 Edit | Delete
Download v0.14 (10.2 KB)


Localizer Package
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Download v0.11 (7.9 KB)


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Vanity Plus and More Request Update I
Download v0.1.1.6 (75.2 KB)


Reference Update I
-6 New Reference Items

Pride Update I
-6 New Pride Flags

Request Update I
-6 New Request Items"> Vanity Plus and More adds vanity items, plus vanity items and more vanity items
This is all I'm able to do ATM but I didn't want to abandon terraria modding so soon
So far this adds-
10 References
13 Requests
13 Pride Flags
And 36 vanity items over all
I do plan to add more but I'm out of ideas ATM, if you know any vanity I should add go to my discord server (homepage) and suggest them!
More pride flags, more references, and more vanity coming soon!

His Update.
-2 Items
-New Icon

Reference Update I
-6 New Reference Items

Pride Update I
-6 New Pride Flags

Request Update I
-6 New Request Items

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Master Chef - Food Mod PoC
Download v0.3 (68 KB)

Rares & Lucy

Master chef shows the potential food buffs have in Terraria by adding flavours to the game.
It is a proof of concept that is meant to make existing food more interesting.
This mod includes:
- A new NPC
- 3 new weapons
- 5 new food flavours
- 5 new fish recipes corresponding with each flavour
- Many new buffs and debuffs

The Master Chef will come sell his ingredients after you craft the basic cooking book (use a book at a cooking pot)
You can eat the ingredients raw, but doing so will give you proper debuffs.
To not get those debuffs, you have to use them in crafting food instead.
So far, the only new recipes involve cooked fish.
After cooking one of each fish flavours, you can combine them with the cooking book to craft the fish cooking book, a very powerful magic weapon that shoots swordfish.

This mod was made by 2 students as part of a school project, so we hope you enjoy it even if it's short on content!

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Anime Vanity & Pets
Download v2.9 (1.4 MB)


Anime Vanity & Pets adds Anime-Themed outfits and pets. Currently adds:

- 82 outfits
- 17 pets

Animes referenced:

- Darling in the Franxx
- Don't toy with me, Miss Nagatoro
- Fire Force
- Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
- Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
- Komi Can't Communicate
- Konosuba
- Made in Abyss
- Mushoku Tensei
- My Dress-Up Darling
- My Hero Accademia
- My Neighbor Totoro
- Re:Zero
- Seven Deadly Sins
- She Professed Herself Pupil of the Wise Man
- Spy X Family
- Steins;Gate
- That Time I was Reincarnated as a Slime
- The Promised Neverland
- The Rising of the Shield Hero
- Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun
- Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina
- Ya boy kongming!

Others referenced:

- HololiveEN

Everything can be obtained through the Stylist NPC.

For more detailed info, or if you have any problems or recommendations feel free to share them in the official discord server below.

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WWS Thorium Support
Download v0.1 (10.6 KB)


Adds WWeaponScaling suport for Thorium Mod.
Curently only has support for every bard weapon with minimal amounts of balence
I will eventualy add suport for all Thorium weapons.

Thanks to WWSSupportExample

Localizer Package
21 days ago tModLoader v0.11.8.9 Edit | Delete
Download v1.0.0.2 (35 KB)


A mod aimed to make some of the most tedious aspects of the game more bearable while staying true to Vanilla content. It is currently only available on TModloader, it will be ported to 1.4 at a later date. You can find an exhaustive list of changes on the mod's homepage.

WARNING: Since the mod makes a few vanilla changes, it may have conflicts with certain content mods that do the same.

Latest Update: v1.0.0.2
- Added recipes to "duplicate" buff potions. Available as soon as hardmode starts.
- Added alternative recipes for buff potions that require fishing. Available as soon as hardmode starts.
- Added Stardust Core - An item that summons the Stardust Pillar.
- Added Vortex Core - An item that summons the Vortex Pillar.
- Added Solar Core - An item that summons the Solar Pillar.
- Added Nebula Core - An item that summons the Nebula Pillar.
- Lunar pillars now drop their respective Core that resummons it upon use. Allowing you to refight and farm pillars without doing the entire event. Be sure to use it in an open area.

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Download v0.1422 (663.3 KB)



The MacoShark mod:
This mod is a complete mod with tons of items, accesories, weapons and more to make your terraria playthrough even better.
This mod is not finished ans will be getting lost of big updates for a while.

This mod is created by:
RedpandaF7 - (who also created a mod called ABizzareTerraria)

This mod adds:
1 boss
1 town NPC
5 critters
17 enemies
81 items
1 structure
1 biome
6 buffs & debuffs
15 tiles
1 wall

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olo Studio's tmod
Download v1.0.5.4 (325.4 KB)


Test Mod :/ it can have buggs or unwanted things!
#not finished
version =
changed all stats to V

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[WIP] Stuff I wanted to add Mod
Download v0.1.0 (3.1 MB)


This mod is a pretty big WIP but I thought it was at a state where it was worth publishing.

Currently adds many new weapons and 3 bosses.

Bosses are mostly complete but will soon have updated sprites and more functionality.

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Sness' Shortswords Mod
Download v0.1 (24.5 KB)


The More Shortswords mod adds a ton of new Short Swords throughout all of Pre-Hardmode and Hardmode.

Current Additions:
4 New Shortswords based off of the Light's Bane, Muramasa, Star Fury, and Terra Blade.

Current Plans:
Shortswords based off of the following vanilla swords: Fiery Greatsword, Blood Butcherer, Blade of Grass, Night's Edge, Cobalt/Palladium, Mythril/Orichalcum, Adamantite/Titanium, Excalibur, Star Wrath, and Influx Waver.

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More Spells Mod
Download v0.1 (9 KB)


Very awesome mod that adds TONS (two) of new spell books to the game!

Localizer Package
27 days ago tModLoader v0.11.8.9 Edit | Delete
KRYS mod testing
Download v2.8 (41.6 KB)

your mum hahaa

+big gun

modding adding funyi

Localizer Package
27 days ago tModLoader v0.11.8.9 Edit | Delete
lilados' Souls Expansion
Download v0.31 (67.9 KB)


Makes crafting the Soul Of Eternity in Fargo's Souls mod a 'little' harder. Have fun.

If you find any bug/incorrect recipes dm me on discord lilados#4027

0.2 - adding dbt essence and souls

0.3-Actually changing the recipes :O

0.4(next update) - base souls

0.6 - thorium missing souls

0.9 - calamity and sacred tools

Localizer Package
27 days ago tModLoader v0.11.8.9 Edit | Delete
Events and more
Download v0.2 (4.3 MB)


Events and more, as the name implies, focuses on expanding the events and world side of Terraria - something I've found to be rather lacking in other mods. It's still in it's early stages, and I'm not the best coder or visual artist (although I didn't make all the sprites), but I still hope you enjoy.

So far, it has

12 new items - two weapons for each class, three summoning items, and a utility tool.

2 events -

The ninja invasion - a counterpart to the pirates, these stealthy warriors are summoned with a Shinobi Medallion, crafted with a Chain, Demonite/Crimtane, and a Soul of Night at a Hardmode anvil, at night.

The Cult of the Deep - A group of water fanatics, enraged by the combining of water and fire. Their summon item is crafted with a hellstone and three coral at an anvil, or summon their leader directly with a iron/lead ore and fireblossems (Only after the event is defeated, however!). Intended for late pre-hardmode.

More coming just as soon as we can make it! Constructive feedback appreciated.

Also, huge thanks to Yoitrax and Rexlambo for the music (Warrior for the ninja and Abyss for the Cult respectivly). I really appreciate the generosity of making music and giving it around for anyone to use, and.. well, thanks.

Localizer Package
one month ago tModLoader v0.11.8.9 Edit | Delete
Saria Summon Mod!
Download v5.4.3 (33.7 MB)


Saria comes from another world in order to help you on your adventure!
She is a powerful summon that offers a plethera of abilities beyond just combat AND each of these abilities have strengths and weaknesses depending on what biome the player is in!

New recipes for vanilla potions through the use of cooking pots and this mods XPpearls.

Create XPpearls from the money dropped by enemies and use them at one of the mods themed bookshelves to upgrade Saria into a stronger form to change her ability.

This mod adds a few soundtracks from other games, some of which are from terraria otherworld, DarkCloud, and Ocarina of Time. This was also my first mod, but honestly I'm really happy with how it turned out so far!

The Upgrade progression order for this mod is as follows:
~Strange : Uses the move Psyshock
~Sapphire : Uses the move ColdSoul
~Ruby : Uses the move Eruption
~Topaz : Uses the move ThunderClash
~Emerald : Uses the move GemStorm
~Amber : Uses the move AttackOrder
~Amethyst : Uses the move ShadowSneak
~Diamond : Uses the move Moonblast
More on these attacks and what they do in their item descriptions!

I also highly advise using the Recipe Browser created by jopojelly to see all the different crafting recipes and items, however, this mod does also include notes for each item at each of the themed bookshelves. Start by just crafting a PaperNote.
Please do keep note that these upgrades will get extremely expensive, however, the effort put into it will certainly pay off!
This mod will be updated to Terraria 1.4 once finished on 1.3

**Patch notes(should've done this sooner to be honest)**
ver 5.4.3
-Buffed Explosion while in Overcharged state

-Made it so the player can unsommon Green Moth Goliath to save for later. Unless you die with it active

-The player can also put both the emerald and silver fairy back into their shards to save for later. Again, unless you die with them active
ver 5.4.2
-Nerfed ThunderClash when player has Overcharged buff

-Buffed SilverFairy and made it work separately from PurpleFairy

-Made Living Shards more rare but also made them craftable
ver 5.4.1
-Forgot to change the mothfood item back to what it was before. My bad on that one.
ver 5.4.0
-changed how rare items like ancient moth food and living shards are dropped from attacks.

-added more faces to help know when Buffs and Debuffs are about to wear off. Saria now gets the sickness debuff faster if in a biome that she is weak in.

-two new upgrades to the charm of summoning

-a new, ultra rare silver cluster has a chance of spawning from Saria's emerald attack.

-Saria now has a chance to destroy projectiles.

-added the blood ocarina, use a blank ocarina durring a bloon moon to get it

-lastly, changed the AI for some of the attacks
ver 5.3.0
-Balanced all the buffs so that they all have what they are supposed to give

ver 5.2.0
-Fixed a bug where the "soothing buff" crashed the game in multiplayer, no more crashes :D

-Added a new item, Saria's Confect. This item gives the player Overcharged for just a few minutes with a hefty cooldown.
all attacks will have something unique that changes them such as, double the projectiles, heartdrops, increased hits per second and more

-Fixed a bug with the amber blood moths. Not sure why they didn't attack enemies before but now they got over it!

Localizer Package
one month ago tModLoader v0.11.8.9 Edit | Delete
A Bizzare Terraria
Download v0.39.3.3 (255.9 KB)


A Bizzare Terraria is a fan based mod based of the long-running ainme and manga series JoJo's Bizzare Adventure.
In this mod you get all of equipables, weapons, items, and even an NPC, but mainly you get 33 different stands.
Note: Some stands are not only minions. They can be weapons or equipables.

Thx sooooooo much for 10,000 download, I've never thought this would happen!
Because of this I've worked on a massive graphics update to make everything look crispy clean!
As well as this I've added to knew because of Stone Ocean Part 2 coming out recently.

The stands are:
Diver Drive

Survivor has an 100% drop rate from a gold worm.
Diver Drive is made with stand crystals and a Diver Arm.

I couldn't of been influenced to do this with all the 10,000+ of you who downloaded this mod, so once again, thank you

These are the 37 stands:
Star Platinum
Magician's Red
Hermit Purple
Hierophant Green
Silver Chariot
The Fool
Pet Shop & Horus
The World
The World Over Heaven
Star Platinum The World
Crazy Diamond
The Hand
Echoes Act 1-3
Heaven's Door
Killer Queen
Gold Experience
Sticky Fingers
Moody Blues
Six Pistols
Purple Haze
Spice Girl
Chariot Requiem
Gold Experience Requiem
King Crimson
Stone Free
Burning Down the House
Foo Fighters
Weather Report
Goo Goo Dolls

Developers Note:
A huge shout to another mod called MacoShark! MacoShark isn't a wacky JoJo's mod like this one, It adds I bunch of new things to terraria!
It's made by my little brother, whos infintely better then me at coding. I did help a little bit though...
If you find a Beetle, just want you to know... I made that.

Patch Notes:
Harvest is now 250 Stand Powder and 25 Gold Coins

Localizer Package
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Download v0.1.1 (50.9 KB)


In progress...
25 Items

18 New Weapons
6 New Equipables
1 New Potions

Localizer Package
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