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Loot Bags
Download v1.1 (195.2 KB)


Welcome to the Loot Bags Mod!
This mod adds 7 different obtainable loot bags and 2 loot bag only items to your world. (+1 Secret Loot Bag that has a ridiculous new way of obtaining)

The loot obtainable has been completely revamped. Click the homepage button for the list of items.
The aim of the mod is to give you occasional rare items.

Tier 1 - Beginning of Game
Tier 2 - Post Skeletron
Tier 3 - Post WoF
Tier 4 - Post Mech Bosses
Tier 5 - Post Golem
Tier 6 - Post Moon Lord
Dye - Drops from dye related enemies

There are special weapons for each loot bag tier. The weapons get better as you go up the tiers.

Big Thanks to Xray299 and seabass927 for amazing sprites and suggestions!

Localizer Package
3 years ago tModLoader v0.11.3 Edit | Delete
Smart Doors (from 1.4)
Download v1.3.3 (27.6 KB)


Smart Doors is a feature from 1.4 where doors automatically open. A lot of people playing 1.4 that come back to tModLoader will have to get used to no smart doors however this changes that and adds the feature in a mod.

~ This mod is not open source as it uses code directly from Terraria's code.

Version History:

- Added safety to adding values to dictionaries and lists

- General code cleaning

- General code cleaning and organizing
- Removed tall gate modded support coming soon from description as tModLoader doesn't support that

- Fixed a bug with reloading.. again
- Cleaned more code + small optimizations

- Cleaner code and better description

- Fixed a bug with reloading causing an error

- Fixed modded doors not working

- Initial release

Localizer Package
2 years ago tModLoader v0.11.7.5 Edit | Delete
Download v21.0 (2 KB)


Increases the stack of common items to 9999

Localizer Package
3 years ago tModLoader v0.10.1.5 Edit | Delete
Qwerty's Bosses and Items
Download v0.23.0 (35.6 MB)


This mod adds whatever I feel like adding. I generally try to make the content I add feel unique.
I have a forum page and discord server for the mod where you can read up on the content, leave suggestions, or report bugs
Also working on a wiki

-8 bosses with custom AI!
-A new sky fortress biome/strucutre with randomised layouts, and new enemeis with custom AI!
-A new event the dino militia!
-8 new accesory prefixes!
-over 400 items total! including...
-many new armor sets all with unique effects
-LOADS of cool and unique weapons!

I'm not that good of a spriter so here I'll give thanks to the spriters who helped!
-Liquidated Assets

Extra thanks
-Turquiose (for writing custom themes)
-musicman (polar exterminator theme)
-Kerdo (Russian Translations)
-Cerberus (Chinese Translations)

-new world gen for the polar exterminator's den
-the polar exterminator fight has been overhauled

-nerfed divine hail knife, damage 15->13, useTime 4->5, and is a little less acurrate
-the frenzied quick morph prefix now only reduces cooldown by 25% instead of 50%
-adjusted biomass's ammo creation rate
-Imperial courage buff attack speed bonus reduced 35%->25%
-EoC shift no longer resets iFrames when bouncing and has 15% droppoff for each enemy hit
-nerfed vitalum armor... a lot

-fixed traveling merchant never selling morph gem
-fixed anvil morph dealing damage when sitting on the ground
-fixed spazzer's eye not bouncing off tiles

-fixed severe bug where mod wouldn't be able to create a server

-fixed severe bug that caused the mod not to load when 'classic Impererious' sprite setting was enabled
-tops now inflict more iFrames 10->20
-reduced nano dart's nano probe damage 50%->40%
-longsword staff damage reduced 22->19 (It was better than the f*cking xeno staff)

-rhuthinium vaporizer mana cost 12->8, damage 19 -> 35, knockback 0-> 0.5
-beak javelin damage 110->100
-fixed Imperious being vulnerable to projectiles with static immunity
-fixed bug where reloading the mod multiple times could cause Ancient Machine, Imperious, and Hydra's loot pools to repeat

-reduced the fire rate of space fighter 3aps->2aps
-homing weapons like miniond won't attack high priests at full health, anfd thus potentially anger them unintentionally
-fixed boss checklist loot table for divine light displaying restless sun twice and not diving hail knife
-reduced fire rate of glass helm's glass prism
-ancient gemstone no longere halves max life, healing effect is now requires 10 seconds of avoiding damage, and heals an amount equal to half the damage recieved from the previus attack instead of fully healing
-reduced the cost of rhuthinium bars 6->3 ore

-hydra beam attack rate reduced 12hps->5hps, doesn't pierce through tiles below the player
-hydra javeling damage reduced 40->35
-hydra head staff damage reduced 30->28, will now stop firing when the player stops attacking
-hydrator fishing power reduced 30%->10%
-fire hydrent's breath now does 40% of the spear's damage intstead of 50%
-hydra missile rod's spitting heads now do 60% of the damage of the head the came from instead of 80%

-tweaked longsword minion's ai a bit
-glass spike, cobalt shuriken, frostburn staff, and sliding penguins now use static immunity

-added shape shift: S.S. Hurricane

-some resprites for O.L.O.R.D. items (thanks Olive)
-fixed the classic noehtnap sprite setting preventing the mod from loading
-fixed morph defense not working

-fixed vitalum headress and vitalum jeans adding 90% damage instead of 9% damage

-fixed every npc dropping the new duke fishron weapons in normal mode

-added some duke fishron drops
--added whirlpool
--added cyclone
--added bubble brewer baton

-added venom dart
-added nano dart
-rhuithinium dart damage reduced 11->7

-tops now use static immunity

-fixed bug where every empty slot in a shadow chest could be filled with an ash fell staff

-overhauled Rune ghost boss fight
--all the runes now have new animations when being drawn in
--All runes have had thier behavior tweaked, aggro runes got completely reworked
--fixed 'bug' where in multiplayer all runes were spawned client side, now only ice runes spawn clinet side as an inteded feature
--rune ghost is now less vulnerable to kiting

-rebalnced rune scrolls, leech scroll used to be absolutely busted while the others mostly useless
-leech scroll's rate of spawning runes is fixed instead of scaling on dps. You can consider this adding 100 base dps to your ranged attacks and 1hp/s healing
-aggro scroll has been completely cahnged just like the aggro runes themselves.

Localizer Package
one year ago tModLoader v0.11.8.4 Edit | Delete
Cool Sword Mod
Download v0.1.1 (7 KB)


Cool Sword Mod is a pretty cool mod, it does things.

Localizer Package
one year ago tModLoader v0.11.7.8 Edit | Delete
AFK's PETS and more
Download v9.9.9.50 (39.7 MB)

AFK, Blossom, Satori the…

AFK's Pets and More mod currently adds:

-300+ pets
-20+ mounts
-100+ weapons
-15+ furniture
-3+ town npcs
-3+ travelling npcs
-4+ biome npcs
-8+ bosses
-9+ mini boss
-15+ new secret prefix
-1 difficulty mode
-3+ minigame npcs
-Few mechanics such as Changing your town npc name as your wish (Check Hypno's Pendulum),searching and then opening page of wiki in ingame(Check Book of Knowledge)(needs internet connection and it opens the result page in your default browser and also it support few other mods),returning any flying boss into your pet (Check mirror of mirages for more information)
and about 1040+ items in total.
-Rogue damage type from Calamity mod compability (Can be adjusted from afkpets mod configurations)

A lot of stuff in this mod is a reference to
other games/fandoms/shows/etc such as:
Touhou Project, Pokemon, Mario, Yume Nikki
and many more. One of the new town npcs is
called Boss Hunter Merchant, he sells quiet
a few items if certain requirements are met,
he also says some stuff about your current
pet and the most important thing to know
about him is that he tells you a lot of
important informations how to get/craft
some of the items so don't skip his
dialogues. If you have any questions about
this mod then you can ask them on TCF or
More Pets discord server. Also credit of this
nice description goes to Satori the Mind Reader.
Thank you so much.

Localizer Package
5 months ago tModLoader v0.11.8.6 Edit | Delete
Leveled Mod
Download v1.1.4 (2.4 MB)

Gotest, Webmilio

Leveled is a mod to add leveling to Terraria, while attempting to keep vanilla balance. This mod will not be including things such as classes, races, quests, and so on. Just Leveling.
Some things might not work correctly, such as proper projectile scaling by anything but players, due to tMod limitations.
Hearts, mana stars, equipment, and weapons are still VERY important to character strength.

Unleveled also supports this mod. So if you like interface mods, get Unleveled!

Please don't mix leveling mods. It extremely breaks the balance of the game and can also cause huge problems.

Notable additions:
*Levels and EXP.
*Max level is 100.
*Basic stats such as Stamina(HP), Strength(Melee), Resistance(Defense), Dexterity(Ranged), Agility(Throwing), Spirit(Summon), and Intelligence(Magic).
*Customizable stats that grant passive abilities and bonus basic stats.
*Passive abilities that you can enable or disable, at the cost of AP(Ability Points).
*A new stat "Armor" is essentially your total defense from equipment. Defense is your defensive power after the increase from your Resistance and level.
*EXP gain from mining pre-hardmode ores and fishing!
*Vanilla enemies have fixed levels. They will also scale up to a minimum level in Expert HardMode according to progression, but will not affect bosses.
*Enemies from mods will have their level reflect the level of the biome you're in. This isn't ideal for how the devs wanted their mod balanced and would need to support Leveled by giving them an appropriate level.
*Weapons that use mana have had their mana costs adjusted for the changes to maximum mana.

Tip: Entity HP bars will not show up until you unlock the Scan ability after leveling up a bit.

*Gotest - Author, Coder, Spriter
*Webmilio - Coder, API

Special Thanks:
*ReLogic -> Terraria - Thank you so much for making a game that I have enjoyed for so long.

---Change Log---
*Changed the way NPC level data is stored. Big change to the API to allow easier compatibility.
*Added UpdateEquips override for the ability API.
*Fixed Aptitude and Finesse being swapped. You may want to get a stat reset if you used these.
*Updated Mana Shield and Barrier with their rebalances that the standalone received.
*Fixed an issue where NPCs that don't full heal like they're supposed to when they transform.
*Fixed an error when loading characters where having an ability active that no longer exists in the table. Such as an added ability from another mod.

*Implemented some of the balance changes introduced in the updated Standalone.

Updated for tMod

*Fixed all NPCs level scaling.

*Updated to tMod 0.11.3
*Added a not so invasive tutorial for new players to help describe the mods features.
*Added seasonal effects to Power Flower, recommendation of AnArtBob.
*Adjusted damage scaling to be less major between levels.
*Fixed being unable to select world evil type when choosing Critical Mode.
*Fixed banner buff damage boost causing 300% more damage to projectiles.
*Fixed issue in multiplayer where modded enemy NPCs would not level scale to biome.

-- to --
These versions are hotfixes.
Currently working on bug: NPCs are all level 100.
* : Yoesph fix: NPCs no longer dissapear once hit.
* : Yoesph fix: old Leveled characters no longer explode.
* : Fixed critical bug in interface that made the game print an ungodly amount of errors in the chat.
* : Temporarily disabled the tutorial as its not complete.
* : [API]You can use the LeveledLanguageManager to add localized names and tooltips to your abilities, which was a obvious thing to do.

*Added a level cap to NPCs (same as the Player's).
*[API] Renamed NPCStats to LeveledNPCStats to prevent conflicting with other mods who are also unoriginal.

*Added API methods in NPCStats to make Town NPCs scale with custom conditions. See

*Massive reconstruction of the code of the mod to clean it up and make it easier to use.
*New API created to allow mod devs to give their mod support for Leveled.
*!!Native support for other mods has been removed and left to be done through the API.!!
*Made Ore EXP flags about 30% more efficient in RAM and in save data.
*The value that shows EXP to next level now says "MAX" when at level 100.
*New texture for the power flower.
*Weapons that use mana have had their mana costs altered according to the item's base rarity to be better fit with MP scaling. 40% to 170% respectively.
*Experience curve altered.
*Power Flower SP curve altered.
*Altered base stats from 3 to 2.
*Altered Damage/Defense/HP mul

Localizer Package
one year ago tModLoader v0.11.8.3 Edit | Delete
The Enigma Mod!
Download v0.15 (45.3 MB)


Current features:
A new class- The Mystic Class!
A new dimension- The Etherial
8 Bosses
A new level-up system in the form of the Soul Stone
A new Alchemy System involving Crystallizing Potions
A new biome- The Obsidium
And more!
Fixed worldgen with XL Worlds on 64 bit

This is Enigma's final 1.3 update-
Enigma will be completely rewritten for 1.4 as Enigma: New Dawn, with lots more focus and detail put into every individial feature, so look forward to that!

Localizer Package
2 years ago tModLoader v0.11.7.4 Edit | Delete
Ancients Awakened
Download v1.0.3.2 (69.7 MB)


The Ancients have Awakened. Chaos reigns, storms ravage, and reality tears at the seams!

**NOTE: Small worlds are heavilly discouraged with this mod. Things break because we have a lot of worldgen.**

This mod adds:

800+ Items, including EX items; powerful upgrades to previous weapons with a new twist to them!

100+ NPCs

21 Bosses (7 Pre-Hardmode, 4 Hardmode, and 5 Post-Moon Lord)

4 New Biomes.

-The World Chaoses: Alternatives to the World Evils.

The Inferno, a volcanic biome ravaged by dragons, with gear mainly focusing on raw defense.

The Mire, a swampy biome infested by slithering creatures of the dark, with gear mainly focusing on sheer speed.

-The Void: Floating Islands at the top right of the world. Nothing is there, there is no reason to go there (Or is there?)

-The Terrarium: A crystal biosphere safe from the ever-corrupting world around you. Currently underdeveloped, but it has content post-plantera.

Cross-Mod content with GRealm and Thorium, with Mod of Redemption, Calamity, & Varia cross-mod content planned! (Thorium support being worked on. Currently only one healer weap)

Fargo's Mutant Mod support.

A unique soundtrack.

~Update Changelog~

1. Fixed an issue disabling the mod in MP when used with calamity

2. Fixed the Terrarium blocks being super duper dark

Thanks to all these amazing people for all their help with the mod!

-Elizabeth Miles
-Grox The Great
-Hallam, God of Rainbows
-Tails the Fox 92
-Glitched Pixel
-Charlie Debnam
-Dan Yami
-Diverman Sam
-Uncle Danny

Thank you to our amazing Patrons!

-Spectral Aves

Localizer Package
2 years ago tModLoader v0.11.7.5 Edit | Delete
Even More Modifiers
Download v0.1.2.3 (479.9 KB)


Weapons, armor, and accessories can all roll up to 4 modifiers that grant a wide variety of bonuses and effects. See the homepage for details and changelogs

Localizer Package
3 years ago tModLoader v0.10.1.5 Edit | Delete
Download v2.8.6 (472.9 KB)


DISCLAIMER: Most of the incompatibilities with Calamity 1.5 are fixed by now, the new versions of Bags are NOT compatible with anything older than Calamity anymore. Use the newest versions of both mods.

Important: This Mod only works with Calamity.

I created a Discord Server as a place for feedback, suggestions and to get information. Feel free to join! Click the "Visit the Homepage-Button" to join.

Visit my thread on the forums for more information, if you have feedback, suggestions, etc.

This Mod adds 41 Bags to the mod which can drop from enemies. Every single boss triggers a new one to be dropped.

There is a Town NPC who can spawn after King Slime has been killed who has items in his shop to give the player some useful information about the Bags. There is also one who sells potions which lower the current tier of dropped bags.

It also adds some ammunition bags in the shops to make buying ammo less tiring.

This Mod was created with the purpose to put the focus a bit more on action, and a bit less on farming and waiting. The newest update allows you to adjust the droprates of different categories of items just like you want it to be for the perfect experience.

(These are just the most important changes, full lists of changes are on my discord server)
-A few minor additions and changes

-A few minor additions

-Adjustments for Calamity compatibility

-A few minor additions and fixes

-A few minor additions and fixes

-Added a new command and reworked the bag command
-A few other minor changes

-Massive Early-Hardmode Bag Rework

-Removed Post-Polterghast Abyss Bag but added a
Post-Calamitas and a Post-Polterghast Abyss Activation
-Added material from the Arsenal Labs

-Updated /bag command and both Town NPCs

-A few more compatibility things
-Added the Post-Draedon and the Post-Eidolon Wyrm Bag

-Added the Gem Bag
-Removed all the Developer Items from the Post-Supreme
Calamitas Bag

-A few small compatibility things
-Gave the Bag Tooltips some color

-Removed the Post-Yharon Phase 1 Bag
-Compatibility with the new Early Hardmode Progression Rework

-Bag Expert revamped
-All Legendary Items and Rare Item Variants removed from

-Added bags for Martian Madness, Pumpkin and Frost Moon
which drop when certain requirements are met (use /bag
for info)
-A few minor fixes

-Removed all the 4 fragments
-Added 4 different clams (Forest, Corruption, Crimson,
Hallow) and their respective pearls, used to craft
Potion of Beginner's Luck, Wealth, Fortune and
Absolute Luck

-Added bags for Giant Clam, Earth Elemental and all
3 biome mimics which drop when certain requirements are
met (use /bag for info)
-Added the Corruption, Crimson and Hallowed Activation
Crystal, working similar to the others mentioned below
-A few other minor changes and new drops

-Added the Golden, Shadow and Abyss Activation Crystal,
items made from golden and shadow keys to activate
certain drops
-Removed /bagt completely, but revived /bag. /bag is now
an informational command for dependencies and is
basically /bag and /bagt in one

-Nerfed bag droprates during Pumpkin and Frost Moon
Post-ML and Pre-Devourer of Gods

-Recolored all the potions in the Manipulators shop

-Added buff icon resprites and a few missing dependencies

-Added a line to the tooltip of all bags dropping hardmode
ores to prevent confusion

-A bunch of rebalances
-Renamed Bag Guide to Bag Expert and added a Config Option
to deactivate him for people who already know the mod well
-A few bug fixes

-Fixed a bug that caused you to get too much loot with
leftclick in Multiplayer and slowed done opening speed
to reduce lag

-Added a feature that allows you to open bags very quickly
by using/left clicking them

-Removed /bag and /bagt but enhanced the drop table
document on the discord server

-Resprites for ALL bags (except the ones in the shops)
-A new config so you can customize your game however
you want by disabling/enabling different categories
of items and/or lowering the dropchances of them
-A few bug fixes
-Recipes for Blood Orbs, Darksun Fragments, Nightmare
Fuel and Endothermic Energy using fragment leftovers

-Fixed a missing dependency in the Post-DoG Bag
-Lowered droprates of Stress Pills, Laudanum and
Heart of Darkness

-Reduced Auric Ore droprate
-Fixed a missing dependency in the Post-Plantera Bag

-Fixed Pro

Localizer Package
2 months ago tModLoader v0.11.8.9 Edit | Delete
Download v11.5.2 (5.4 MB)

Graydee, The dev team, j…

Crystilium is a mod that focuses around a single new biome, the crystal biome. NOTE: You must
generate a new world to get any of the content for this mod.

Adds a lot of new items, and even a challenging fun new boss.

Localizer Package
2 years ago tModLoader v0.11.6.2 Edit | Delete
Fargo's Soul Mod DLC
Download v0.4.1 (579.6 KB)

Fargowilta and Terry N M…

Fargo's Soul Mod DLC
-This mod adds cross mod Enchantments and Souls for Thorium, Calamity, Shadows of Abbadon, and DragonBall Terraria
-Fargo's Soul Mod is required for this mod to work

NEW UPDATE - V 0.4.1
-Fixed Calamity incompatibility


-Updated most out of date or missing tooltips
-Added several missing accessories and their effects to Enchantments
-All effects that were lost for the Soul of Yggdrasil are now maintained
-Added several missing toggles and toggles will work in all cases (For some it only worked in Forces and above)
-Added Geode Enchantment to Force of Midgard
-Removed Demon Blood Badge from Demon Blood Enchantment
-Removed Malignant Enchantment
-Fixed Living Wood Enchantment minion not despawning
-Fixed Blooming Enchantment still having its old effect
-Fixed Cyber Punk Enchantment main effect not functioning
-Fixed Terrarium Enchantment main effect not functioning

-Added Config Toggle for Snow Ruffian Wings

-Fixed incompatability between Souls and DLC
-EchDeath speed tweaks
-EchDeath p2 gains bigger hitbox for players

Localizer Package
9 months ago tModLoader v0.11.8.5 Edit | Delete
Webmilio's Commons Library
Download v0.1.16.4 (432.8 KB)


Webmilio's Commons Library adds a couple of things I use in all of my mods. You can extract the DLL from the Mod.

Things this adds:
- Better Networking (in my opinion, at least).
- Managers (manual or singletons that handle classes that could be seen as static, but need inheritance)
- Loaders (manual or singletons that handle loading all found classes within the Terraria assembly, including mods)
- Identity Manager (WIP): a way to get Steam ID from the user (if the user is using Steam)
- A bunch of extensions
- Keyboard Manager: get the state of any keys (NotPressed, JustPressed, Pressed, JustReleased), regardless of Mod Hotkey.
- Custom Achievements: you can add custom achievements in a less complex way than without the library.
- Effects: screenshake (multiplayer compatible), easy shaders

Other Utilities:
- Class which allows you to quickly create a tile-placing item once extended.

Credits (Team Members)
- Scalie: ideas for
* Custom Achievements
* StandardTileItem
- Blockaroz3349:
* Easy shader code cause I suck at doing them
- "Stupid person with good ideas" who sometimes came up with good ideas but also stupid ones

Special Thanks
- Kazzymodus: being a gamer and hand-holding me with shaders until I understood them.

If you want an example mod that uses this better networking, check out the JoJo mod by HellGoesOn on or and search for ModPlayerNetworkPacket.

Localizer Package
one year ago tModLoader v0.11.8 Edit | Delete
More Chest Loot
Download v0.6 (24 KB)

Graydee& Schmo

More Chest Loot adds more loot to random chests for you to find. Currently adds 14 items to random chests throughout your world to find!

Forum page:

Localizer Package
4 years ago tModLoader v0.10.1 Edit | Delete
Low-Health Beep
Download v1.0 (46 KB)


Causes the game to play a beeping sound when you reach low health.
Also plays a more panicked sound when at extremely low health.
A small notification will appear below your player when you're at dangerously low HP levels.

Time between beeps, beep volume, ui, and hp triggers are all configurable via the configuration file.


* Mod release

Localizer Package
4 years ago tModLoader v0.10.0.2 Edit | Delete
Where's My Items
Download v0.5.1 (32.9 KB)

jopojelly, alienmist325

Adds a method to locate items in chests easily. Press the hotkey and then start typing to find items in chests.

Make sure to assign the hotkey in the keybindings menu.

To use, simply press the hotkey and start typing a search term. Chests, Banks (Piggy Bank, Safe, Defenders Forge), and Magic Storage Hearts containing items matching the search term will display a quick peek at up to 3 results.

Press tab to restore from history the last search term.

Localizer Package
4 years ago tModLoader v0.10.1.5 Edit | Delete
Download v1.2.1 (65.6 KB)


Antisocial allows all social accessory slots to be used as normal accessory slots. It's super cheaty, obviously.

A config allows for social armor to also be used, as well as limiting the number of affected social accessory slots.

When using HerosMod, the "Modify Antisocial Config" can be used to limit who can change the config settings.

Localizer Package
2 years ago tModLoader v0.11.6.2 Edit | Delete
Base Mod
Download v2.0.0.0 (552.7 KB)


A mod to be used as a base, providing cleaner code and easier manipulation of the game.

Localizer Package
one year ago tModLoader v0.11.7.8 Edit | Delete
The Antiaris
Download v0.1.0.11 (3.3 MB)

Zadum4ivii, Sprywisp, Go…

What is Antiaris?
Antiaris is a new project from part of team which made Tremor Mod. The difference is that content in Antiaris is more interesting, balanced and unique, unlike in Tremor, basically "Quality > Quantity".
Our team is trying to make the game bigger and make the player feel more interested in game.

What does this mod add to the game?
● 423 Items
● 24 Mobs
● 1 Town NPC
● 2 Bosses
● 6 New structures
● 2 New mounts
● 2 Music tracks
● Support of Boss Checklist mod by Jopojelly

● Re-Logic - for creating Terraria
● tModLoader team - for developing tModLoader
● Zoomo - for allowing us to use his sprites & ideas
● Sergo - for allowing us to use his sprites & ideas
● Bla2e - for making armor animation sheets
● TMRC - for allowing us to use his sprites
● Bry-ccentric - for allowing us to use his "More Shadowflame Items" idea & sprites
● Snickerbobble - for allowing us to use his "Hidden Hearts" idea & sprites
● Phobostar - for making animation for Zadum4ivii's armor set
● Mintbut - for spriting and animating CookieSam's set and spriting chess accessories"> What is Antiaris?
Antiaris is a new project from part of team which made Tremor Mod. The difference is that content in Antiaris is more interesting, balanced and unique, unlike in Tremor, basically "Quality > Quantity".
Our team is trying to make the game bigger and make the player feel more interested in game.

What does this mod add to the game?
● 423 Items
● 24 Mobs
● 1 Town NPC
● 2 Bosses
● 6 New structures
● 2 New mounts
● 2 Music tracks
● Support of Boss Checklist mod by Jopojelly

● Re-Logic - for creating Terraria
● tModLoader team - for developing tModLoader
● Zoomo - for allowing us to use his sprites & ideas
● Sergo - for allowing us to use his sprites & ideas
● Bla2e - for making armor animation sheets
● TMRC - for allowing us to use his sprites
● Bry-ccentric - for allowing us to use his "More Shadowflame Items" idea & sprites
● Snickerbobble - for allowing us to use his "Hidden Hearts" idea & sprites
● Phobostar - for making animation for Zadum4ivii's armor set
● Mintbut - for spriting and animating CookieSam's set and spriting chess accessories

Localizer Package
4 years ago tModLoader v0.10.1.5 Edit | Delete
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