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Electrify's Compact Accessories
Download v1.0.1.6 (43.2 KB)


Heya! This mod adds simple class accessories that acompany you throught the game starting at the beginning of the game and ending at Moonlord.

this is still in development, and cross class accessories is still in the works!

Changes are seen ingame with the Celestial Update item
I am officially contactable! new discord server as homepage!

Localizer Package
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Nycro's Nohit Efficiency Mod
Download v1.0.6 (35.8 KB)


Enables the configuration of various things in game that make nohitting go a little more smoothly
Also adds automatic max HP and mana items
Works in multiplayer (probably)

Note that if you're using Calamity's Armaggedon, you'll have to set despawn things to "On Hit" rather than "On Death," as the death hook is not fired when killed by Armaggedon.

Currently supported features:
- You can choose to despawn bosses, hostile NPCs (not including bosses), friendly NPCs, hostile projectiles, friendly projectiles, and dusts on death or on hit
- Allows the disabling of rain, events/invasions, and fallen stars
- You can choose to automatically destroy pickup hearts, mana stars, coins, and all other grounded items
- Players can override their respawn HP
- Players can clear the in game chat automatically on respawn, with a configurable delay
- Players can immdeiately stop boss music on respawn
- Players can reset the in game lighting on respawn
- Allows the display of fight stats in chat (attempt number, fight length, boss health at the end of the attempt, and slowdown percentage) on respawn
- Allows the ability to display the session attempt number above the player's head, also with a configurable timer
- Adds the Max Life Crystal, Max Life Fruit, and Max Mana Crystal, which each automatically use the max number of their respective bases

Localizer Package
3 days ago tModLoader v0.11.8.5 Edit | Delete
Spaz's Extra Recipes: Quality Over Quantity
Download v1.3.1.1 (49.3 KB)


This mod intends to add recipes for items that are lacking them. It adds new items to craft items with, and some recipes using vanilla items.
It also adds one new NPC to sell you ores so you don't have to spend all day mining.


Added 13 new Miner names
Added 10 new Miner quotes
Fixed a typo in a Miner quote
Miner now sells Cobalt, Palladium, Mythril, Orichalcum, Adamantite, Titanium, and Chlorophyte Ores
Fixed the order of ores in the Miner's shop
Miner damage now scales throughout the game
Miner now sells Luminite???
Added Miner walking animation
Changed name of mod
Changed Lunar Glass rarity
Fixed Miner shop glitch

Replaced Metallic Shard with Lead Shard and Iron Shard
Resprited Stardust, Lunar Glass, and Jungle Cluster
Edited description
Updated to new version of tModLoader
Added Enchanted Sword and Magic Quiver recipes
Added Bug Net recipe
Added Rod Of Discord recipe
Added Shuriken and Throwing Knife recipes
Added Fast Clock, Megaphone, Metal Detector, Nazar, and Radar recipes
Added Cobalt Shield, Muramasa, Blue Moon, and Aqua Scepter recipes
Added Gold Chest recipes
Added Mandible Blade recipe
Added Miner NPC
Fixed typo in the changelog

Changed the name of the mod
Resprited the Metallic Shard
Resprited the Tundra Clump
Remade the mod icon
Resprited the Jungle Clump
Renamed Jungle Clump to Jungle Cluster
Removed Planned Features section from the description
Added GitHub Authorization
Added icon
Updated description to 1.2
Updated to the Steam version of tModLoader
Removed the icon because it was bugged

Renamed Jungle Materials to Jungle Clump
Renamed Metallic Materials to Metallic Shard
Added Changelog to description
Added Planned Features to description
Changed Jungle Clump tooltip to "From the depths of the Jungle, Used to make several items"
Added in Tundra Cluster
Added recipe for Ice Boomerang
Added an icon
Added Sickle
Added recipe for Ice Sickle, Ice Blade, Ice Mirror, and Magic Mirror
Fixed a bug that prevented the description from showing
Fixed a bug that prevented the description from showing (Bug did not fix)
Fixed a bug that prevented the description from showing (Bug did not fix)

Added Metallic Materials

Added Jungle Materials

(Accidently Skiped)

Included Stardust and Lunar Glass

Localizer Package
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Scuffed Terraria
Download v1.7 (251.1 KB)


Scuffed Terraria is a pretty shit mod.
It really is.
Please don't download this.
You can't go back.

This mod adds 1 npc, the propaganda minister with which you can exchange social credit for weapons.
This mod also adds 4 enemies and a variety of completely overpowered weapons.
This is my first mod so pls don't expect anything great from it!


Added new weapons that can be exchanged with John Xina.
Progression based shop.
Spent way to long on a summoning weapon.
Reworked textures of eternal flame.
Contemplated life.

Added a new summoning weapon
Tweaked npc shop and custom currency prices.
Made some items purchasable through the social credit store.
Balanced damage somewhat.
Lost sanity again
Mod is actually starting to look pretty good.
Sorry for reusing minion ai, i have other stuff to do.
Farming downloads, hit 1k yay.

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3 days ago tModLoader v0.11.8.5 Edit | Delete
The Galactic Mod: Early Access
Download v0.3.0.4 (8.5 MB)

Spazmatism7 and The Team

The Galactic Mod is a small content mod I've been working on for a while.
It adds over 50 modded items to enjoy, including; weapons, tools, hooks, and potions. It also adds 3 bosses and a new slime enemy.
I have been working on this mod for a little while now. I hope you all enjoy it.
I couldn't have done it without my loyal development team. They are all wonderful people and deserve credit.

The Team:
Spazmatism7 (me): Lead Developer, Programmer, Sprite Artist
(Peb)ble: Lead Sprite Artist
Talus: Programmer
Retinazer7: Sprite Artist

The following people aren't devs, but did help in some way. They deserve a round of applause.

Special Thanks:
noah_B: For most of the Hellfire Dragon code (Former Dev)

Found on Homepage

Known Bugs:
Brightcore Staff bug: The Brightcore Staff is used in the wrong way
Brightcore Gauntlet bug: The Gauntlet doesn't shoot every time

Localizer Package
3 days ago tModLoader v0.11.8.5 Edit | Delete
kitkeiz's hell [ archived, read description ]
Download v1.2.1.1 (49.2 KB)


''archived, but why???''

i made another mod coming out soon, it's called Edge of the Line, it's the same mod but with more content, a different name,
and a bit more serious.

this mod will no longer be maintained.

[ also i didn't want my name it the title anymore ]

having this mod and edge of the line would be quite foolish since they have the same items, so pick one


- kitkeiz

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3 days ago tModLoader v0.11.8.5 Edit | Delete
Project-T Addon: Viewershop
Download v1.2.7 (89.3 KB)


Project-T Addon: Viewershop

With Viewershop, you can let your Twitch-Viewers in on the gamplay!
Viewershop allows your Viewers to spend their Project-T Coins on Items, Buffs, or NPCs!

Items will be spawned directly on the player
NPCs will be spawned about 2/3 of the screen above the player with a random offset to the left/right
Buffs will be bought and applied "per second"

The Price of Items/NPCs is automatically generated and Items and NPCs from other mods are automatically buyable too!

Buffs currently have to be manually added (but most vanilla buffs have been manually added by me already)

Configurable Commands this Mod adds:
!buy (NPC/Item/Buff) (Amount/seconds) - Buy stuff
!purchaselist - send a link in chat to a URL (defaults to a Vanilla Pricelist witout modded items)

It's highly configurable too!
you don't want people to buy Items because it would be too easy? disable them
you want people to only be able to buy a few specific NPCs/Items? also doable
you just want buffs to be buyable? sure thing
and far more!

you can change the prices of all Items/NPCs/Buffs here:
%User%\Dokuments\My Games\Terraria\ModLoader\TProject\Shop
I'll try to add a nicer way to edit prices in the future

This Is made as an example for an Addon to Project-T, my Twitch-connection library Mod.

Localizer Package
3 days ago tModLoader v0.11.8.5 Edit | Delete
Project-T Addon: Coingenerator
Download v1.0.7 (45.2 KB)


Project-T Addon: Coingenerator

This Mod brings the ability to give out Project-T Coins to your Twitch-Viewers through various means!

- Viewers can Earn coins by watching
- Viewers can get coins by Donating Bits
- Viewers can get coins by Subscribing

These can be used to buy Stuff from my other addon:
Project-T Addon: Viewershop

Localizer Package
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Historical Guns
Download v1.1.2 (6.8 MB)

Big Nickel

Historical Guns is a mod that adds many different guns from throughout history from several eras...
These include
.World War 1 and 2
.Modern Day

Each gun has an exciting unique counterpart that have special features that make them worth hunting for

If Rocket LMGs and Firework Rifles are your thing, download this mod!

Localizer Package
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Chat Source
Download v1.0.3.2 (17.2 KB)


For those who need to know which mod writes stuff to the chat!

Shows the source of messages in the chat. Clientside, toggleable via config

"Your world has been blessed with Cobalt!"
Player got 10 tier 1 Reversivity coins and now has 70 in total."

"Your world has been blessed with Cobalt!"
"[AlchemistNPC] Player got 10 tier 1 Reversivity coins and now has 70 in total."

- Some stuff like ore spawn announcements in multiplayer will show no mod associated because those messages are serversided
- "[Terraria]" prefix for vanilla messages is by default disabled
- Toggle "Display Name" and "Internal Name" of a mod via config

Localizer Package
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Crate NPC
Download v1.0.2 (17.8 KB)


Crate NPC Creates a town NPC that sells you every type of crates for their selling value. Nothing required to spawn. Simple

1.0.0 Update:
- Added Crate Seller NPC

Localizer Package
3 days ago tModLoader v0.11.8.5 Edit | Delete
Project-T - Twitch Library for Terraria
Download v0.5.9 (228.4 KB)


Project-T is a public Twitch Library for all to use.

It handles a connection to Twitch and catches events such as Messages, Whispers, Bits, Subscriptions etc. and lets modders hook into these to create Fun Gameplay elements.

To find Addons for this for this Mod to give it functionality, either:
Search for Project-T in the Mod Browser
Come to our Discord (

Possible examples:
- Spawn 1 Zombie/Slime/whatever for every bit someone sends through the chat
- Activate a random Teleportation effect for every new subscriber
- Activate a home Teleportation for every reocurring subscriber
- Let your Chat vote every X minutes on some fun events

The possibilities are endless.

Project-T itself does not bring these Features. Project-T brings:
- A stable connection to your Twitch-Chat
- An inbuilt Currency system for your Viewers to amass coins and for other mods to use
- Hooks for Events that other mods can listen to
- an easy way to send Messages to your Twitch chat for other mods
- Viewernames, IDs and Coins are saved Locally and don't get lost if you close the game

This library can be used in Multiplayer and Singleplayer.

The basemod adds the folowing Commands:
!bal - check your coin-balance
!givecoins *Name* *Amount* - (Streamer only) Give a specific Viewer Coins
!info - Link to the Support Discord

Localizer Package
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Download v0.1.0.2 (45.5 KB)

Nalyd T.

A mod which I made in a day.

Gives most NPCs a treasure bag
Works on modded NPCs too

You can yell at me in the Aequus server for bugs and stuff (linked in homepage)
This mod does not load in Multiplayer.

Localizer Package
4 days ago tModLoader v0.11.8.5 Edit | Delete
AFK's PETS and more
Download v9.9.9.47 (39.2 MB)

AFK, Blossom, Satori the…

AFK's Pets and More mod currently adds:

-300+ pets
-20+ mounts
-100+ weapons
-15+ furniture
-3+ town npcs
-3+ travelling npcs
-4+ biome npcs
-8+ bosses
-9+ mini boss
-15+ new secret prefix
-1 difficulty mode
-3+ minigame npcs
-Few mechanics such as Changing your town npc name as your wish (Check Hypno's Pendulum),searching and then opening page of wiki in ingame(Check Book of Knowledge)(needs internet connection and it opens the result page in your default browser and also it support few other mods),returning any flying boss into your pet (Check mirror of mirages for more information)
and about 1040+ items in total.
-Rogue damage type from Calamity mod compability (Can be adjusted from afkpets mod configurations)

A lot of stuff in this mod is a reference to
other games/fandoms/shows/etc such as:
Touhou Project, Pokemon, Mario, Yume Nikki
and many more. One of the new town npcs is
called Boss Hunter Merchant, he sells quiet
a few items if certain requirements are met,
he also says some stuff about your current
pet and the most important thing to know
about him is that he tells you a lot of
important informations how to get/craft
some of the items so don't skip his
dialogues. If you have any questions about
this mod then you can ask them on TCF or
More Pets discord server. Also credit of this
nice description goes to Satori the Mind Reader.
Thank you so much.

Localizer Package
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The Story of Red Cloud Revamped
Download v0.8.2.1 (9.5 MB)

Zeodexic, Vibrent, Chrom…

The Story of Red Cloud's Dark Souls mod, transferred to tModLoader and filled with new features. Currently in beta!

The Story of Red Cloud is a massive Dark Souls-inspired adventure map built inside the world of Terraria. Your journey will span 17 dungeons spread across an expansive and inter-connected world, encompassing an estimated 15 to 30+ hr experience that will offer so much to do that many players enjoy more than one playthrough.

If you would like to play the map, pick the "Install Custom Map" button once you reach the world creation options.

*17 dungeons spread across a large open world filled with villages, forests, mountains, lakes, temples, deserts, and hidden paths
*33 bosses (11 vanilla plus 22 mod bosses).
*100+ new NPCS including 8 friendly NPCs.
*Custom Soundtrack with 32 songs (Dark Souls and Zelda fans will love it).
*Over 600 new mod items, weapons, and armors, both original and remixed from two dozen of the best classic mods from the community
*Many hours of secret post-game content.
*Dark Souls game mechanics.
*A unique story.
*A strong emphasis on visual immersion and a logical connection between areas similar to Dark Soul's world layout.
*Map created entirely from scratch using Tedit, down to individual tree placements and hill curves.

This is a beta release meant for testing. It does not represent the final version of the mod.
This release includes (approximately) all of the items, enemies and bosses from the original mod, in as close to their original state as possible. There are also some NPCs and several new additions.

Please share you feedback and suggestions under #any-suggestions or #bug-reports. Post map related feedback to #map-suggestions-bugs.

Localizer Package
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The Amulet Of Many Minions
Download v0.13.0.2 (1.7 MB)

billybobmcbo, SkyanUltra…

The Amulet of Many Minions is designed to add variety to the vanilla summoner progression while staying at least somewhat
in line with vanilla balance. It adds a new, directly controllable minion type called the Squire,
over 30 new minions, and several armor sets and accessories for both Squires and minions.

=== Version History ==
v0.13.0.2 - Bugfixes
- Multiplayer loading fix
- Add missing recipes
v0.13.0 - Combat Pets!
- Available for every vanilla pet, crafted from vanilla pet items at a demon altar
- Cost 1 minion slot per pet
- Powered up by new weapon class called "Combat Pet Emblem"
- Craftable from many ore tiers
- All combat pets scale with best emblem in inventory
v0.12.2 - Summoners Association Support!
- (Very long overdue) proper integration with Summoner's Association
- Requires S. A. v0.4.7 to work fully
- Fix a bug that allowed the Slime Train to deal massive damage with a
certain combination of config settings
- Attempt to fix a multiplayer cross-mod compatibility bug
v0.11.0 - Squire Specials!
- Each squire now has a cooldown-based special, activated by right click
- Specials are unique for each squire, try them all!
- Add several config options for mod content balance
- Buff or nerf minion damage and AI for a more customized experience
~~ See the Wiki for older changelogs ~~

=== Credits ===
Developers: Billybobmcbo, direwolf420, Metallumere
Artists: SkyanUltra, frogpage
Ideas/Feedback: Spatula Lemmy and everyone on the mod discord

A cheat sheet for getting started is given below. A complete list mod content can be found from the homepage.

=== Pathfinding Rods ===
--- Pre Hardmode ---
Wooden - Sunflowers + wood @ Workbench
Granite - Granite Elemental Drops + Granite @ anywhere
--- Hardmode ---
Crystal - Granite Rod + Crystals + Souls of Light @ Anvil
Hallowed - Boss Souls + Hallowed Bars @ Mythril Anvil

=== Minions ===
--- Pre Hardmode ---
Flying Acorn - 6 Acorn, 12 Wood @ Workbench
Miner Slime - Mining Helmet + Minecart + Silver/Tungsten Bars @ Anvil
Corrupt/Crimson Cell - 12 Demonite/Crimtane Bars + 6 Shadow Scales/Tissue Samples @ Anvil
Starry Skysword - 8 Feathers, 3 Fallen Stars @ Sky Forge
Meteor Fist - 14 Meteor Bars @ Anvil
Balloon Buddy - Sold by Party Girl
--- Hardmode ---
Magic Mole - 5 Stars in a Bottle, 15 Pixie Dust, 10 Souls of Light @ Anvil
Star Surfer - Big Hallowed Mimic
Void Knife/Null Hatchet - Big Corrupt/Crimson Mimic
Goblin Gunner - Goblin Summoner (33%)
The Clarent - 12 Hallowed Bars, 10 Souls of Flight @ Mythril Anvil
Charred Chimera - Hell Armored Bones (2.5%)
Spirit Revolver - 12 Spectre Bars, 1 Illegal Gun Parts @ Mythril Anvil

=== Squires ===
--- Pre Hardmode ---
Mushroom Squire - 8 Mushrooms, 18 Wood @ Anvil
Sea Squire - 3 Starfish + 3 Sea Shells + 3 Coral + 1 Shark Fin @ Anvil
Shadow/Crimson Squire - 12 Demonite/Crimtane Bars + 6 Shadow Scales/Tissue Samples @ Anvil
Ancient Cobalt Squire - 12% drop from Man Eaters
Golden Rogue Squire - Shadow Chests
--- Hardmode ---
Soulbound Sword - 1 Shadewood Sword or Ebonwood Sword, 10 Souls of Night @ Anvil
Soulbound Bow - 1 Pearlwood Bow , 10 Souls of Light @ Anvil
Adamantite/Titanium Squire - 14 Adamantite/Titanium Bars @ Mythril Anvil
Soulbound Arsenal - 1 Soulbound Sword + 1 Soulbound Bow + 1 Broken Hero's Sword @ Mythril Anvil
Potted Pal - Plantera (25%)
Stardust Squire - 18 Stardust Fragments @ Mythril Anvil

=== Armor ===
--- Pre Hardmode ---
Mildew Set - Mushrooms + Daybloom + Wood @ Workbench
Royal Squire Set (Helmet + Chestplate) - King Slime
Arid Set - Antlion Mandibles + Sturdy Fossils + Ancient Cloth (Sold by Clothier)
Illusionist Armor - Bones + Shadow Scales/Tissue Samples

=== Accessories ===
--- Pre Hardmode ---
Squire Scope - Gold Bars + Lenses
Necro Pendant - Skeletron (50%)
--- Hardmode ---
Charm of Many Minions - 1 Light Shard + 8 Soul of Night @ Anvil
Charm of Mighty Minions - 1 Dark Shard + 8 Soul of Light @ Anvil
Techno Pendant - Necro Pendant + Avenger Emblem
Amulet of Many Minions - Charm of Many Minions + others (See the Guide for more info!)

Localizer Package
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Bloons mod
Download v0.1.10.0 (133.4 KB)


Bloons Mod: a mod that adds bloons stuff into terraria!

So far this mod adds:
14 natrually spawning enemies
8 enemies that need hero's mod or cheatsheet to be spawned
1 mini boss
16 items

thank you to ramafparty for btdx and all sprites in this mod

Added an new boss

I Remembered this mod existed, so I added the HTA.

Fixed a LOT of coding in the Demon Spirit bloon, Also removed Music

Fixed a bug with the Big Rubbery Carrier

Added the first M.O.A.B. class bloons!
Sadly they do not spawn natrually and need to be summoned using cheatsheet or hero's.

A huge Update:
added some nightmare exclusive bloons, and a boss, also added elite variants for all of them, also added a new enemy
I even added a bloon that is not in any bloons game: the elite patrol bloon: it shoots lasers and flies
6 weapons, 1 unobtainable
7 summoning items
3 materials

Uploaded onto the mod browser!, enemies now spawn naturally

Made enemies drop a lot less money

reworked sound

fixed attack values (they are no longer all 1)

The heavy update:
added 2 powerful new enemies

added an enemy and a splitter version

added 3 more enemies

tweaked splitters

The splitter update:
added 5 unique splitter enemies

Fixed glitch, added 3 more enemies

2 enemies, both glitchy

only 1 glitchy enemy...

Localizer Package
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Download v0.1.1.0 (7.3 MB)

Ecayse & Annown

Discord Link =
Mod adds plently of things, Discord is its own mini Wiki for the mod.

Spriting Credit goes to Annown

If you know anything about coding, feel free to pop in, we would like some experienced coders to help us out learning!

The Ultimate Mod for all sides of the Political Sprectrum. Expect a lot of memes and jokes.

***Enable Biome Generation in Configuration, Biome Gen currently in Early Testing

1 Town NPC
The Industry Biome
Many Armor Sets
Many new Accessories
Some new Potions
Tons of Different new Crafting recipes
Tons of New Weapons
A new form of currency
and more.

Localizer Package
4 days ago tModLoader v0.11.6.2 Edit | Delete
Download v0.1 (7.8 KB)


Unlimited Money is a mod that allows the crafting of platinum coins with dirt for those who don't want to farm money
1 Dirt=999 Platinums

Localizer Package
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Download v0.1 (44.9 KB)


canceled mod

Localizer Package
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